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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Tacuafan Address: P.O. Box 7832 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00916-7832 Phone: (787) 627-0094 Contact Person: Víctor López Ramírez E-mail:, 38

SECTIONS: Music for Sustainable Community Development Music for Lifelong Learning NON-AUTONOMOUS TERRITORY: Puerto Rico PROJECT: MUSIC TO PROMOTE ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS: ECOMUSICLAJE DESCRIPTION: EcoMusiclaje is a not-for-profit organization operating under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The Spanish term ―EcoMusiclaje‖ is the fusion of three words: ecología, música and reciclaje (ecology, music and recycle). EcoMusiclaje is the art of making music with recycled materials from nature and every day items. The main goal of the music workshops is to promote awareness of eco-friendly practices through the teaching of music. For over thirty years EcoMusiclaje has worked in the field of music education with people of all ages and backgrounds. The program also includes people with autism, Down‘s syndrome and visual impairments. String, wind and percussion instruments are made with natural materials such as gourds, seed pods, coconut shells, bamboo, sea shells, bones, wood sticks, leather skins, and found objects such as plastic, glass, and metal. This type of instrument shows historically how the first humans made music. In this manner we have produced a very original and unique musical project. Other educational activities are focused on how to use music in science, Spanish, English, and history courses. One of the most important topics included in educational and community activities is the influence of Africa on the instruments and music of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Students from different geographical areas and economic backgrounds have benefited from workshops that have brought close to 30,000 students together from public and private schools, art schools, cultural centers, public libraries, government centers, and community based organizations. Workshops have served to awaken interest and motivation in participants to learn and to continue to learn and study music. Puerto Rico is a developing country with an unemployment rate of 16% as of August, 2011 and a poverty rate of 45% in 2009 ( People suffer from few economic opportunities which leads to a high rate of criminality. EcoMusiclaje has motivated youth from economically deprived communities to engage in successful musical careers away from crime and poverty. There is now a collection of over 250 musical instruments in the Museo Rodante EcoMusiclaje (EcoMusiclaje Museum on Wheels). Workshops and exhibitions are offered at various parks, among them, Jardín Botánico de Caguas, Puerto Rico (Botanical Garden of Caguas), Parque Ecológico Punto Verde de San Juan, Puerto Rico (Green Point Ecological Park) and Parque del Niño de Bayamón, Puerto Rico (Childrens Park of Bayamon). Training is offered for teachers and community leaders, tourists and the general public. For several years now there have been organized summer camps for different agencies that include music, recycling and the cultural aspects of music. CURRENT STATUS: Original textbooks are being used in the project that integrate elements of music therapy, art therapy and music instruction with science, mathematics, and social studies in order to elevate the academic level of the participants. These texts also are used to facilitate the learning of people 39

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