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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

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with disabilities. Other techniques and methods are offered to teachers interested in teaching the traditional music of Puerto Rico and the folklore of all the Americas. EcoMusiclaje held a public installation with eco-friendly instruments at the Caguas Botanical Garden, an eco-friendly park of the City of Caguas. The program began on August 12, 2011 and ended on October 30, 2011. Also, the project is currently planning its 2012 Summer Camp (June 2012). The summer camp will serve children from four to twelve years old. EcoMusiclaje is also developing a new book entitled Music-Art Therapy. They would like to eventually develop a huge ecological musical park surrounded by the mountains of Puerto Rico. The children of the Community of Piñones participated in the production of a compact disc entitled ―Primitivismo‖ (Primitivism). For the production of this album all the instruments used were made with natural or recycled material. Activities are financed through fee for services including workshops, conferences, lectures, book sales and summer camp. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: EcoMusiclaje over the years has documented its work qualitatively through videos and letters. The Punto Verde Organization studied the EcoMusiclaje project for one semester. After evaluating the students who participated, it was found that their academic achievement improved greatly. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Videos: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: EcoMusiclaje Address: Urb Carolina Alta N. Landrau F-25 Carolina P.R. 00987 Phone: (939) 246-8715 or (787) 376-8713 E-mail address: Contact Persons: Raúl Berrios Sánchez; Email: Waleska López Jiménez; Email: 40

SECTION: Music for Sustainable Community Development NON-AUTONOMOUS TERRITORY: Puerto Rico PROJECT: PROMOTING CULTURAL INTEGRATION: ARTESANTURCE: DE BARRIO OBRERO A LA 15 DESCRIPTION: The initiative arteSanturce: De Barrio Obrero a la 15 is an effort to promote, preserve and integrate the musical and artistic development of one of the most historic and prestigious cultural districts of Puerto Rico. The Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico having found itself in a new location in Santurce, decided to undertake this project as it realized that its new location provided an opportunity to refocus attention on the role that music plays in society and the way that society shapes future musicians. The Conservatory together with a committed group of art-driven organizations, came together as partners who believe in social development through the integration of the arts. It is composed of a theater company, several dance groups, two museums, a cultural center, three theaters and exhibition halls, the college of architecture, the national institute of culture and two institutions of higher education. The project also promotes the economic health of Puerto Rico as a cultural tourism destination by making music the center of a new creative economy. arteSanturce was established as a means of developing and encouraging musical enterprises in the region. This is a conscious effort to seed a new creative economy through incentives and educational opportunities for established musicians and artists in Santurce. This is being accomplished through the development of workshops, music academies, instrument repair and construction companies, and recording studios to support the growth of urban musical genres. arteSanturce, in collaboration with the Development Bank of PR, created a stimulative mechanism in which loans are offered at favorable terms to promote initiatives for the creative economy. Another goal is to integrate the local school system with Arts Education thereby transforming the educational environment. It is an unprecedented effort that integrates prestigious cultural institutions and the community. It will impact 8,500 students in 29 Santurce schools, while providing creative opportunities for a new generation of children. The following examples are being sponsored by this alliance: Musical heritage has been preserved in this area through an event called The Belen, a rite honoring the contributions of historic figures through singing and music on the dates that commemorate their passing. Recordings were made by Belen musicians last year to help promote greater cultural awareness to new audiences. Every month an event is coordinated called Santurceando with the arteSanturce Alliance that involves different venues including music, art, dance, architecture, theater, cuisine and music spaces. El Nuevo Sonidero, a new initiative, is a multidisciplinary approach to music creation from the Conservatory of Music which fosters new musical fusions and collaboration between traditional and contemporary genres. This promotes the utilization of novel platforms for performance and presentation of materials. VibraSanturce is a Multidisciplinary Art Festival. 41

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