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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

BrillaSantuIurce is a

BrillaSantuIurce is a Christmas Arts Parade led by a multiple organizations that kicks off the holidays in Santurce. This display of music, dance and school bands promotes memories of the old time Ponce de León Avenue. CURRENT STATUS: Currently projects of arteSanturce are being implemented by the local School District. The initiative is supported by a combination of government, corporations and foundations including: Coribantes Theatre, the University of the Sacred Heart, the Luis A. Ferré Fine Arts Centre, Mauro dance school, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture: theaters Francisco Arriví and Victoria Espinosa, the Puerto Rico‘s Architect Association and College of Architects, the Corporation of Musical Arts, Children‘s Choir of San Juan, the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, Ballet Concert of Puerto Rico, San Juan Ballets, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico, the dance company Andanza, the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, and Casa Aboy. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Websites: http://www. Videos: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: arteSanturce: De Barrio Obrero a la 15 Address: 951 Ave. Ponce de León San Juan, PR 00907-3373 Phone: 787-751-0160 ext. 239 and Fax: 787-766-1216 Contact Persons: Project Director: Antonio González-Walker Ph.D. Email: Assistant: Denissa S. Morales Barrios, Assistant Email: 42

SECTIONS: Music for Sustainable Community Development Music for Lifelong Learning COUNTRY: Afghanistan PROJECT: PRESERVING AND RETURNING THE MUSICAL HERITAGE OF AFGHANISTAN: AFGHAN CHILDREN’S SONGBOOK PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Afghan Children‘s Songbook Project began in 2002 with a songbook of traditional Afghan children‘s songs that had been collected in Afghanistan in the late 60‘s. Keenly aware that Afghanistan had suffered almost two decades of war and the systematic eradication of all music, there was a fear that these children‘s songs would be lost forever. Now, nine years later, with the involvement of an Afghan-owned graphic design and printing company, a newly designed songbook, CD/cassette tape and Teacher‘s Guide have been produced based on the original collection. When the Taliban banned all music from Afghan culture, the hardest hit were the women and children. Women were no longer allowed to sing to their children and children could not sing in schools or during playtime. The impact of returning these songs to Afghan children and their families cannot be underestimated. For many Afghans, hearing these songs again brings them to tears. Essential to the project is the fact that each child receives their own book. With the songbook children are able to sing their traditional songs and at the same time are motivated to follow the words in the books, thereby enhancing their literacy skills. The songbook not only honors the diverse ethnic music of Afghanistan but also broadens and deepens an Afghan child‘s educational experience through the use of music. Most children in Afghanistan are taught only by a rote method of learning. The Teacher‘s Guide provides lesson ideas that enhance basic literacy skills. In this way, the songbook provides another method for teaching basic reading and writing skills. The songbooks are highly valued by educators, heads of schools and heads of villages. The main objectives of this project are: To preserve and return traditional Afghan children‘s songs to young children across Afghanistan, distributing them to elementary schools and orphanages where they can be integrated into the education curriculum To preserve and honor the rich musical heritage of Afghanistan To use the songbook as a musical tool to enhance basic literacy skills for young Afghan children To enhance basic literacy skills of Afghan women, many of whom have suffered from years of oppression, by using music in education CURRENT STATUS: Currently, 30,000 songbooks have been distributed across Afghanistan in approximately ten Provinces. It is the policy of the Songbook Project for every child in a school to receive their own songbook and every teacher to receive a Teacher‘s Guide. Students are generally taught reading and writing by rote without any pens or pencils. With the most recent printing of 5,000 songbooks, included in each songbook package are a blank notebook and 2 pencils. This additional material allows the children to build on their reading and writing skills with guidance 43

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