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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: Since the viability of the ANIM in Afghanistan has been established, Monash Asia, Monash University, Australia has initiated a research project to investigate the effect of ANIM and music education in Afghanistan. It is also expected that this project will attract other scholars to participate in documenting the nature of the revitalisation of music in Afghanistan. Furthermore, there is a plan to fund doctoral and masters scholarships from the Afghanistan and Australian governments to recruit talented Afghans to undertake dissertations on the above named topics as well as documenting: The condition of orphans in Kabul and the role of music in their healing process The origins of the revitalised Music Institute in Kabul and whether and how this provides a model for institution building in a post-conflict situation The obstacles to providing music education for the teachers of music and how these might be overcome The nature of the music curriculum that has been developed and how it accommodates the social and cultural complexity of Afghanistan Politics and music - warlords, the Taliban and other perspectives on music in modern Afghanistan ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Project website: e&id=55&Itemid=58 This initiative has been recognized and awarded by the International Music Council: Awards Received: -David Chow Humanitarian Award -Government of Afghanistan Education Award by the Ministry of Education e&id=87&Itemid=77 -Special Commendation of the Ministry of Culture and Information of Afghanistan. CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Afghanistan National Institute of Music Phone: +93 (0)796542952 or +613 42198 1246 Contact Person: Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, Founder and Director E-mail: 46

SECTION: Music for Sustainable Community Development COUNTRY: China PROJECT: CHILDREN’S CHOIR FOR PRESERVING THE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF ETHNIC MINORITIES: QUINTESSENSO CULTURAL WORK (QCW) DESCRIPTION: Quintessenso Cultural Work (QCW) was founded in 2007. QCW believes that it is essential to preserve the history and the cultural heritage of the Chinese ethnic minorities living in the grasslands, forests and highlands of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. During the past four years, two children‘s choirs were formed, named Quintessenso Hulun Buir Children‘s Choir, and Quintessenso Kashgar Children‘s Art Troupe. The Quintessenso Hulun Buir Children‘s Choir was formed in the eastern part of China‘s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The choir consists of children from the Mongolian tribes, along with children from the Oroqen, Ewenki and Daghur ethnic minorities. It is China‘s first ethnic minority children‘s choir. The Choir currently has about forty children, ranging in age from five to thirteen. Two-thirds of the children come from the steppes, forest areas and farming villages of the region. The thirtysome songs, primarily children‘s songs and folk ballads passed down through generations, are sung in the five native languages and dialects. Since its inception, the choir has performed over 40 concerts, under the theme ―Hulun Buir Fantasy,‖ in the cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Hohhot, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taipei. The choir has been warmly received and enchanted audience from all walks of life including professional critics. With the success of Quintessenso Hulun Buir Children‘s Choir, the Quintessenso Kashgar Children‘s Troupe was formed in Kashgar, Xinjiang, in China‘s western frontier. The children in this group come from Tajik, Uzbek, Kirgiz, and Uyghur ethnicities. During the 2008 Szechuan earthquake, one of the choirs songs, ―Wulaleji‖, was chosen by Phoenix TV as the theme song for mind soothing and regaining inner strength, and was played on TV for more than 500 times. CURRENT STATUS: Quintessenso Cultural Work has become an example of excellent musical education in China. It‘s songs have been selected by the government as one of the compulsory musical courses to be taught in primary schools of the Inner Mongolia Region of China. QCW is mainly located in Beijing, with branch offices, in Hulun Buir of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Kashgar of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. In 2010, the Choir‘s brand new musical ―My H.O.M.E. – Hulun Buir Fantasy‖ premiered at the Shanghai Expo of music. Also in 2010, Quintessenso Children‘s Choir and the China Philharmonic Orchestra gave a joint concert on New Year‘s Eve. They then presented a series of grand performances that fused Western classic instruments with Mongolian nomadic traditional tunes. Both the Quintessenso Hulun Buir Childrens Choir and the Quintessenso Kashgar Children‘s Troupes are registered nonprofit organizations. Wucai Children‘s Foundation was established for the purpose of supporting the culture and education work of the children from the ethnic minorities living in China. QCW is partly supported by the government of Inner Mongolia 47

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