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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

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Autonomous Region in China, and partly supported by various corporate sponsors, including banks, listed corporations, and private enterprises. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Blog: Weibo (Twitter in China): Video: (in Chinese) (in Chinese) CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Wucai Cultural & Arts Co., Ltd Address: Flat 602. A-8. Noble Quadrangle, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, 100008 Phone: (+86) 13911688886 and Fax: (+8610) 62450330 Contact Person: Miss Wang Yu Zhe, Choir Founder and Director E-mail: 48

SECTION: Music for Sustainable Community Development COUNTRY: China PROJECT: MAKING MUSIC WITH A TRADITIONAL CHINESE FOLK INSTRUMENT IN SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES: THE OCARINA PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Many students dream of knowing and owning a favorite musical instrument. However, when it comes to learning an instrument, many students have the same problem: the instrument is either too sophisticated to learn or too expensive to afford. Due to economic problems and lack of funding for school music education, many students in China cannot obtain a music education or have the chance to learn an instrument. Many people regard the ocarina flute as an important musical instrument. As a small musical instrument, it is well suited to group instruction. Its attractive sound, colorful appearance, affordable price, and lovely and varied shapes have earned many enthusiasts for the instrument. This project aims to enhance school music education, promote national culture and art, and find a better way to help students learn music. The ocarina flute is regarded as a Chinese folk instrument, and as such, folk music and traditional Chinese music have been used widely in this project. Currently there are three schools and three universities involved in this project: more than 10,000 students are learning the ocarina flute, and potentially there could be more than 150,000 students involved. CURRENT STATUS: An ocarina textbook, 2 CDs and one research paper have been published. Another two books are expected to be published by the end of this year. The Chinese Ocarina Art Committee has organized a 5-day national ocarina master class for music teachers and Ocarina is being taught in different parts of the country. Since March 2010, the ―Super-star Digital Library‖ (SDL) is videotaping a full semester‘s ocarina class at China University of Petroleum in Beijing. Free ocarina instruction will be available from the SDL Website after the movie is published. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (in Chinese) CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Chinese Ocarina Art Committee Address: China University of Petroleum in Beijing, School of Humanities & Social Sciences 18 Fuxue Rd., Changping District, Beijing 102249 Phone: (+86)158-1055 6970(cell), 10-8011 6429(office) Contact person: Dafu Lai Email: 49

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