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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

damage from the tsunami.

damage from the tsunami. Some are unable to attend activities because the railroad has been washed away and there was no transportation. Some cannot come because their work place has been changed. Due to the natural disaster, activities were unable to resume until May of 2011. Commuon the Big Band has now become a place for members to come together, play music and support each other not only as musicians but also as friends. The current priority now is to sustain the activity, to keep the rehearsals constant, providing a place for the members to gather together to play music. Commuon Big Band participated in the Tricolore Music Festival in September 2010 that took place in Ishinomaki, where the tsunami washed away part of the town. Ishinomaki is also a town where some of the members with disability live. It means a lot more than just to participate in the festival. We are hoping it would help the town to be revitalized with music. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CONTACT INFORMATION: Contact Person: Yuji Igari, Founder and Director of Commuon Email: 54

SECTION: Music for Sustainable Community Development COUNTRY: Japan PROJECT: TO ENHANCE CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION THROUGH MUSIC: YOKOHAMA COMMUNITY MUSIC PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Yokohama, with a multicultural population of over three million people, is Japan's second largest city. In the Tsurumi District there are many who are foreign nationals. Yokohama is a city that believes creativity has the power to generate new urban dynamism and values as well as promote civic consciousness. In order to cope with globalization, numerous events have been held that celebrate cultural diversity and enrich cultural identity. The Community Development Department of the Tsurumi District of Yokohama, recognizing the need for ongoing and active participation by people to reach a deeper level of verbal and nonverbal communications, sponsored an ongoing project using music and music activities to enhance cross-cultural communications. In 2007 at the Ushioda Elementary School, three music therapists worked with two percussionists and introduced a community music therapy program for children who are foreign nationals. Seven children with foreign nationalities, three Japanese children and four adult citizens were involved in the program. The program used culturally relevant music and musical activities to enhance cross-cultural communication. The results of this pilot program of the Yokohama Community Development Department are very promising. This has led to the development of another Community Music Therapy program in 2009 addressing "Multicultural Symbiosis." CURRENT STATUS: Yokohama has been an innovator in developing and promoting Creative City initiatives in Japan. Yokohama‘s creative work led to an international conference entitled ―Creativity Moves the City‖ in 2009. Although the program at the Ushioda Elementary School has been completed, The Yokohama Arts Foundation is currently supporting a new community music therapy program at the Kanagawa Children‘s Medical Center at Minami District of Yokohama. This program focuses on music therapy for children who are orthopedically impaired. Music and musical activities are used for the reduction of stress from hospitalized children. CONTACT INFORMATION: Contact Person: Yuriko Takada Email: 55

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