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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTION: Music for Sustainable Community Development COUNTRY: Italy PROJECT: MUSIC FOR WELL-BEING WITH DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES: BAMBINI AL CENTRO DESCRIPTION: Well beyond fostering children‘s musical skills, the Bambini al Centro project aims at supporting and accompanying their overall developmental process. Since 1999, the project has operated in the suburbs of the north-east area of Rome, Italy, a problematic area of the city. Bambini al Centro is a complex system of services that aim at promoting the well-being of children ages zero to twelve. The project provides support for their parents in practical, educational, emotional and relational aspects. There are weekly meetings with groups of children who, because of social or economical difficulties, are at-risk. With regard to at-risk children, the project Bambini al Centro can be seen as an effective way to create functional groups aimed at the integration of each member through the active and creative use of the arts. The distinctive feature of the Centre is the experience of making music in groups as a means of enhancing meaningful interpersonal relationships among children and adults. The Centre offers different kinds of activities, including a playroom (with adult guidance), visual arts programmes and a wide range of music activities in groups. The project also includes a psychologist, who has the function of coordinating and supervising the action of the staff of the Centre with regard to the inclusion of at-risk and disabled children within the groups. CURRENT STATUS: The project ―Bambini al Centro‖ is supported by public funding. Since 1999, the project has been adapting its activities in order to better meet the needs of the population being served. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Italian) Publications: Bristol (2008). Bambini al Centro: Music as a means to promote wellbeing. Birth and configuration of an experience. International Journal of Community Music, 1, (3), pp. 311-318. CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: CDM onlus – Centro Didattico Musicale Address: via delle Egadi, 42 – 00158 Rome, Italy Phone: +39.335.5651444; Fax +39.06.87199435 Contact person: Valentina Iadeluca Email: 62

SECTIONS: Music for Sustainable Community Development Music for Lifelong Learning COUNTRY: Spain PROJECT: PROMOTING SOCIAL INCLUSION FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED CHILDREN THROUGH CHORAL SINGING: THE ALLEGRO CHOIR DESCRIPTION: The Allegro Choir was originally created at a school for blind and amblyopic children in Valencia, Spain, so that students could take part in the religious and recreational activities. In 1982, the program evolved according to the norms established by the Spanish National Organization for the Blind (ONCE), which aimed at encouraging the creation of musical ensembles for people with visual disabilities. Since then, the choir has included people without disabilities to facilitate the social and cultural integration of visually impaired people. The Allegro Choir is involved with a different project every year. Each project includes two weekly 2-hour rehearsals and eleven concerts in different towns. There is a two week stay in a boarding school where, besides intensive rehearsals, cultural and recreational activities take place: activities relating to bodily movement, body expression and developing non-verbal skills. The Allegro Choir also participates in festivals, meetings, exchanges and making recordings. In its three decades of existence, Coral Allegro has performed concerts all over Spain and in several European countries. The many highlights include the concert at the European Parliament, its performance in Barcelona with the famous tenors Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo, and the concert in homage to the victims 2004 terrorist attack in Madrid. CURRENT STATUS: Presently, the average age of the members of the group is twenty-five. What started as a children‘s choir has grown to become a group with mixed voices. The choir continues to work with the same amount of motivation it had at its start and most of its members are still involved. Since the beginning of 2010 the Allegro Choir has completed its fifth compact disc, entitled ―Allegro de Cine‖ and has premiered the show ―Once tardes de cine‖ in Cantabria and Valencia, Spain. The choir has taken part in the XII ONCE Biennale of Musical Groups in Santander, Spain, and the program Hearts in Harmony, organized by Europa Cantat and presented in Budapest. The Choir has also offered a concert in the Barcelona Auditori. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: ONCE (Coral Allegro) Address: Gran Vía Ramón y Cajal, 13, Valencia / Spain Contact Persons: Christian García: (+34) 61805233 /; Email: Julio Hurtado Llopis: (+34) 609 575 890 (+34) 963 983 180 /; Email: 63

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