BCM Journal, South Central England Edition 2023

BCM Winchester and Oxford - 2023 Journal. Properties, case studies, client projects and information about BCM offices and staff in Oxfordshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

BCM Winchester and Oxford - 2023 Journal.
Properties, case studies, client projects and information about BCM offices and staff in Oxfordshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


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<strong>2023</strong><br />


Providing personal and commercial insurance solutions since 1867.<br />

Working on a farm by farm basis, no matter the size.<br />

Contents<br />

4 OUR TEAM<br />

5 WELCOME AND <strong>BCM</strong> INTRODUCTION<br />



11 LETTINGS<br />


19 ON RECORD(S)<br />



28 <strong>BCM</strong> SPONSORSHIP<br />

29 FARMLAND<br />





54 SKY PARK FARM<br />




01256 398500<br />

Admin@robinsrow.com<br />

enquiries@robinsrow.com<br />

Robins Row Ltd,<br />

Lodge Farm, North Warnborough,<br />

Hampshire, RG29 1HA<br />

www.robinsrow.co.uk<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 3

OUR TEAM<br />


BSC (HONS)<br />

Managing Partner<br />

Rural Consultancy<br />


(HONS) MRICS<br />

Partner<br />

Rural Consultancy<br />



Partner<br />

Rural Consultancy<br />

& Agency<br />



ACIAT<br />

Partner, Design &<br />

Planning<br />

Welcome<br />



FAAV<br />

Partner<br />

Rural Consultancy<br />

& Agency<br />


BA (HONS) P&D<br />

MA RTPI<br />

Partner<br />

Design & Planning<br />



Founder Partner<br />

Rural Consultancy<br />


Partner, Design &<br />

Planning<br />

We are delighted to introduce the <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong>: a snapshot of our services, success<br />

stories, properties and case studies together with some of our news and views. We are<br />

an independent partnership specialising in rural property. Formed in 2001, we are based<br />

over three offices: Winchester, Isle of Wight and Oxfordshire.<br />

Our expertise lies in the management, design, development, consultancy, sales, lettings<br />

and valuation of all types of rural property. We act for a broad range of clients with an<br />

equally diverse range of property types and sizes.<br />

Our team of qualified surveyors, designers, planners and valuers can help you buy,<br />

sell, rent, renovate, plan and build, manage and value your rural property, business,<br />

farm or estate.<br />



FAAV<br />

Associate Partner, Rural<br />

Consultancy<br />


A ssocRICS<br />

Associate Partner, Rural<br />

Consultancy, Design and<br />

Planning, Agency<br />



Senior Associate,<br />

Residential Sales and<br />

Lettings<br />


MRICS<br />

Senior Associate, Rural<br />

Consultancy<br />

Please do contact us for any rural property advice.<br />


OXFORD<br />




FAAV<br />

Senior Associate<br />



FAAV, FALA<br />

Associate, Rural<br />

Consultancy<br />




Chartered Planning Consultant<br />


BSC (HONS)<br />


Rural Surveyor<br />

The Old Dairy<br />

Winchester Hill<br />

Sutton Scotney<br />

Winchester<br />

Hampshire<br />

SO21 3NZ<br />

Call: 01962 763 900<br />

Email: info@bcm.co.uk<br />

Sunrise Hill Yard<br />

East Ilsley<br />

Newbury<br />

Berkshire<br />

RG20 7LY<br />

Call: 01865 817 105<br />

Email: oxford@bcm.co.uk<br />

Red Barn<br />

Cheeks Farm<br />

Merstone Lane<br />

Merstone<br />

Isle of Wight<br />

PO30 3DE<br />

Call: 01983 828 800<br />

Email: iow@bcm.co.uk<br />


SMITH<br />

Rural Agent<br />


MARLA<br />

Lettings Agent<br />




Architectural Assistant<br />

Part 2<br />


BSC (HONS)<br />

Graduate Rural Surveyor<br />

COVER: Contributed<br />

JOURNAL DESIGN & EDITING: yoyographics.com<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> is a trading name of <strong>BCM</strong> Bays Curry McCowen LLP a Limited Liability Partnership<br />

registered in <strong>England</strong> and Wales No: OC318704. Registered Office: The Old Dairy,<br />

Winchester Hill, Sutton Scotney, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 3NZ, UK<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> is also a trading name of <strong>BCM</strong> (IOW) LLP a Limited Liability Partnership registered in<br />

<strong>England</strong> and Wales No: OC367152. Registered Office: The Old Dairy, Winchester Hill, Sutton<br />

Scotney, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 3NZ, UK<br />

4 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 5

Rural Notes<br />

Many column inches are being devoted to farming and the rural<br />

world at present, with issues such as water quality, food security<br />

and the environment generally all topping the list. In addition,<br />

Clarkson’s Farm, in its own inimitable way, shines a light on<br />

the plethora of issues facing farmers and landowners in today’s<br />

world which can only be a good thing for rural businesses.<br />

Mr Clarkson’s frustration at the hands of West<br />

Oxfordshire District Council will resonate<br />

with many. His eminently sensible rural<br />

diversification plans have been met with the quicksand<br />

of local democracy that laughs in the face of wider<br />

initiatives trying to help grow the rural economy. That is<br />

not to say all local planning authorities behave like this<br />

(there are some notable exceptions) but sadly many do.<br />

The reality of Basic Payment reductions is starting<br />

to bite. <strong>BCM</strong> have, for some time now, been advising<br />

clients on how to mitigate this loss of income and how<br />

to amend their business strategy to take advantage of<br />

opportunities now presenting themselves.<br />

Without a replacement income and significantly rising<br />

costs, farming is becoming an increasingly risky business.<br />

The Basic Payment was a safety net that formed a<br />

substantial part of the rent for FBT’s and landowner<br />

returns from contract farming agreements. With that<br />

safety net being removed, many agreements now need<br />

revisiting.<br />

The publishing of the Government Environment<br />

Improvement Plan on 31 January <strong>2023</strong> and further<br />

confirmation of the future Countryside Stewardship<br />

Scheme, brought forward new opportunities. Taking<br />

the place of Local Nature Recovery, Countryside<br />

Stewardship offers both revenue and capital income<br />

streams, with payments increased substantially from<br />

previous years. Countryside Stewardship “plus” is now<br />

also an option, working together with neighbouring<br />

farmers to achieve environmental enhancement.<br />

Furthermore, the Sustainable Farming Incentive offers<br />

several Standards which may be stacked on top of<br />

Countryside Stewardship options, such as hedgerow<br />

and nutrient management. The Farming Investment<br />

Fund incorporates the new round of The Farming<br />

Equipment and Technology Fund, allowing for further<br />

capital payments for items such as livestock weighing<br />

equipment, GPS equipment and direct drills.<br />

Coupled with these initiatives is the fast-emerging brave<br />

new world of natural capital services. This is building<br />

apace as developers are required to offset nitrates and<br />

phosphates and deal with biodiversity net gain (BNG)<br />

as part of planning applications. BNG aims to leave the<br />

environment at least ten percent better off than before<br />

a development scheme, via either habitat creation or<br />

enhancement. These agreements often last for decades<br />

and therefore long-term implications such as inheritance<br />

must be carefully considered.<br />

What is developing is a whole new capital market in<br />

land, trading its ability to offset and mitigate the harm<br />

done by new developments and thereby chiming with the<br />

country’s environmental objectives. Developers seek to<br />

offset their requirements by getting landowners to agree<br />

to manage land in new, more environmentally friendly<br />

ways, often through signing up to Section 106 planning<br />

agreements and emerging conservation covenants to<br />

achieve these objectives. With agreements running from<br />

30 – 120 years, landowners considering entering such<br />

offset schemes need to be fully aware of what these longterm<br />

obligations mean for them and their successors,<br />

especially their income and tax planning.<br />

To many, these agreements are in effect selling the land.<br />

The value of the land once it has been entered in to<br />

one of these schemes is limited and many of the future<br />

drivers for land value, including possible development<br />

for alternative uses, increased income from farming or<br />

sporting and amenity uses, are effectively withdrawn<br />

from the land in question.<br />

Some agreements involve capital and ongoing<br />

management works by the landowner. As always, the<br />

agreement terms and how they work practically, need<br />

careful consideration, particularly when looking at longterm<br />

income streams and the true value they represent.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> have various natural capital schemes set up for<br />

clients and we are looking at many more. There are<br />

certainly circumstances where they are very beneficial,<br />

but we also have clients where schemes are not aligned<br />

with their key objectives.<br />

The timing of decisions on such matters is being pushed<br />

by developers, keen for landowners to take their offer of<br />

better deals now than those in the future. This brings<br />

the classic dilemma to the fore of either going with the<br />

principle of “early bird gets the worm” or “pioneers get<br />

arrows in their backs”. The real answer must be that each<br />

opportunity needs full consideration in the knowledge of<br />

similar deals that are being done and the full impact of<br />

what these agreements will mean on a case-by-case basis.<br />

Where there are existing farm tenancies or contract<br />

farming arrangements in place, these stewardship and<br />

natural capital income streams need further review and<br />

discussion. Remove the BPS and some of these existing<br />

structures may not work at all, so alternative terms need<br />

to be considered.<br />

These are challenging but exciting times and there are<br />

opportunities for all. To make the most of them though,<br />

landowners need to act now and start reviewing what is<br />

on offer.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 7

Market<br />

Overview<br />

Market Overview<br />

With average house prices rising year<br />

on year, it is good to see a more cautious<br />

start to <strong>2023</strong> with the market looking<br />

set to stabilise and both vendors and<br />

purchasers taking a more measured and<br />

sensible approach.<br />

As we reflect on the previous year, it is fair<br />

to say that 2022 was another exceptional<br />

year for the country and village house<br />

market in the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Central</strong> Region.<br />

What was interesting last year was how<br />

the buying trends seemed to change,<br />

going from the ‘Escape to the Country’<br />

of 2020-2021 to more traditional<br />

reasons such as access to London, good<br />

schools and lifestyle opportunities. All<br />

of which have always underpinned the<br />

rural market.<br />

Hampshire<br />

Written by Tom<br />

Woods ARLA, Head<br />

of Sales and Lettings,<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> Winchester<br />

We were privileged to sell a wide variety<br />

of wonderful properties in 2022. What<br />

was particularly noticeable was the<br />

number of buyers willing to cast the<br />

net further afield to find their perfect<br />

house. While traditional commuter<br />

villages remain as competitive as always,<br />

the dramatic increase in popularity of<br />

flexible working has meant more buyers<br />

were prepared to look at properties<br />

previously deemed too remote. The<br />

upside of this has meant buyers often<br />

got more property for their money in<br />

some of southern <strong>England</strong>’s most idyllic<br />

settings.<br />

The caveat though, as always, is the<br />

availability of effective broadband<br />

speeds to allow remote working. While<br />

rural locations have previously been<br />

last on the list for superfast fibre rollout,<br />

this is slowly starting to cover a wider<br />

area and the increasing popularity of<br />

satellite systems like Starlink, make most<br />

properties now more than suitable for<br />

home working.<br />

An oversupply of housing is rarely an<br />

issue in our region and last year was<br />

no exception. Supply across all price<br />

brackets and property types continued<br />

to be challenging, meaning highly<br />

competitive markets for buyers. This<br />

certainly tested buyers resolve but those<br />

who were patient, considerate and<br />

organised were eventually rewarded.<br />

Of course, this meant favourable<br />

circumstances for sellers but let’s not<br />

forget, sellers are usually trying to buy<br />

a new house at the same time, so most<br />

are not immune from the challenges of<br />

a competitive market. One of the key<br />

components to the success of all property<br />

transactions, for both buyer and seller, is<br />

being organised from the outset.<br />

The sale process can take time and<br />

one of the most effective ways we have<br />

found of helping things move forward is<br />

the use of a ‘data room’ – a portal for<br />

buyers and sellers and their respective<br />

solicitors to access documents from an<br />

early stage of the sale process. This is<br />

particularly helpful with more detailed<br />

or complicated transactions. They<br />

worked well with our land and farm<br />

sales last year, where large plans, BPS<br />

entitlement details and tenancy details<br />

were all uploaded well in advance of<br />

launching to the market. Equally, they<br />

worked brilliantly with our development<br />

site sales where extensive planning<br />

documents, drawings, consultants<br />

reports and of course contracts were all<br />

uploaded.<br />

The use of ‘data rooms’ is something<br />

everyone should consider when selling<br />

any type of property. It significantly<br />

speeds up the transaction process and far<br />

reduces the opportunity for either buyer<br />

or seller to find reason to change their<br />

mind as the process moves forward.<br />

Looking ahead, the cost of living crises<br />

and increasing mortgage costs have<br />

slowed the market slightly and while the<br />

next 12 months will be difficult to predict,<br />

this part of the world is likely to remain<br />

competitive with continued demand and<br />

restricted supply. Going forward, we<br />

believe sales will be more of a challenge<br />

and the price growth we have seen in the<br />

past three years will slow up. As always,<br />

the ‘Best in Class’ houses that are sensibly<br />

priced and well presented to the market<br />

will always be in demand.<br />

Oxfordshire<br />

Written by Tom<br />

Bishop<br />

BSc (Hons) MRICS<br />

FAAV,<br />

Associate Partner,<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> Oxford<br />

The continued growth in the Oxfordshire<br />

property market has been reflected by<br />

the exciting growth in <strong>BCM</strong> Oxford<br />

itself, with fantastic new office facilities<br />

close to the A34 and an ever-expanding<br />

team of high calibre personnel.<br />

The past 12 months have seen the<br />

themes from 2021 continuing, including<br />

restricted supply and strong demand<br />

for property, land and investment<br />

opportunities in the rural sector.<br />

The prime Estate and Farms market<br />

has seen a considerable boom reaching<br />

prices similar to those seen at the market<br />

peak in 2014. These trophy assets have<br />

also been increasingly snapped up by<br />

foreign investors who have benefitted<br />

from recent currency fluctuations and<br />

the weak pound.<br />

Whilst the usual benefits such as tax<br />

incentives still apply to agricultural<br />

assets, they have been joined by new<br />

opportunities such as ecosystem services<br />

and natural capital solutions. We have<br />

therefore continued to see interest from<br />

existing investors as new kinds of buyers<br />

have entered the market.<br />

The drop in agricultural subsidies<br />

and lack of clarity of the new<br />

Environmental Land Management<br />

Scheme has not seemed to deter buyers<br />

at this stage. However, the rise in<br />

interest rates has perhaps curbed some<br />

expansion plans of farmers wishing to<br />

purchase neighbouring blocks of land.<br />

Notwithstanding this, there are still<br />

considerable numbers of cash buyers<br />

looking for farmland as an investment<br />

opportunity.<br />

Looking beyond <strong>2023</strong>, we may see<br />

smaller, less economically viable holdings<br />

forced to come to the market once the<br />

full effect of the reduction in direct<br />

subsidies is felt. Continued pressure<br />

from inflation and interest rate rises, as<br />

well as the direct increase in input costs,<br />

could all start to create supply in the<br />

land market as some businesses start to<br />

feel the impact. Despite the possibility<br />

of increased supply, we still anticipate<br />

continued growth in the market, fuelled<br />

in part by the increased level of interest<br />

in land from newer kinds of buyer.<br />

Isle of Wight<br />

Written by Thomas<br />

Dawson AssocRICS,<br />

Associate Partner,<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> Isle of Wight.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong>’s Isle of Wight office saw a surge<br />

in market activity in 2022 with strong<br />

demand from a range of buyers. More<br />

than 60% were relocating from the<br />

mainland with a predominance of cash<br />

funded purchasers. While location<br />

remained key, the shortage of available<br />

houses meant buyers widened their<br />

search to include the Island.<br />

At the top end of the market, the island<br />

still represents good value for money for<br />

mainland buyers. The change in working<br />

patterns and a recognition of the Island<br />

lifestyle have strengthened the market<br />

in the post-covid era. Houses with land<br />

and/or income earning potential, such<br />

as holiday lets, remain popular. The<br />

Photo: Visit Isle of Wight<br />

Island’s much improved broadband<br />

services have also helped buyers to<br />

commit.<br />

Farm and land have also seen a<br />

strengthening market into <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Financial turbulence in the UK’s equity<br />

markets has pushed some towards this<br />

‘safe haven’ asset and growing demand<br />

from environmental investors for land<br />

has tightened the market further. <strong>BCM</strong><br />

predicts further strength into 2024.<br />

Development sites of all scales continue<br />

to sell well but those with well-considered<br />

planning permissions and discharged<br />

conditions find the best values.<br />

Overall, <strong>BCM</strong> sees the island market<br />

‘returning to normal’ as we run into<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. There is plenty of strength in<br />

the market for well-presented property<br />

and no shortage of buyers for the right<br />

package.<br />

If you are thinking of selling your<br />

country home this year and would like<br />

to know the value of your property or<br />

require any other advice please do not<br />

hesitate to contact us.<br />

Tom Woods – Hampshire<br />

e twoods@bcm.co.uk t 01962 763900<br />

Tom Bishop – Oxfordshire<br />

e tbishop@bcm.co.uk t 01865 817105<br />

Tom Dawson – Isle of Wight<br />

e tdawson@bcm.co.uk t 01983 828800<br />

8 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 9

Lettings<br />

Suzannah London,<br />

Jane Atelier,<br />

Saloni, Temperley,<br />

Emmy shoes,<br />

Vivien Sheriff,<br />

DVF, Cefinn,<br />

Hayley Menzies,<br />

Charlotte Sparre<br />

& many more<br />

Effortless Style<br />

for those<br />

Special Events<br />

35 West Street, Alresford,Hampshire SO24 9AB<br />

Telephone: 01962 733277 sales@modarosa.co.uk<br />

www.modarosa.co.uk<br />

Our lettings team at <strong>BCM</strong> specialise in the rental of<br />

country houses and cottages for our clients, varying<br />

in price from £800 right up to £10,000 per calendar<br />

month. Our expertise, combined with our rural consultancy as<br />

well as our planning and architecture teams, means we are able<br />

to advise clients on any scenarios they may come across, which,<br />

in the ever-changing world of property lettings, is invaluable.<br />

We offer our clients a range of services, from simply marketing<br />

a property and finding a tenant for them, through to full<br />

management whereby we manage the property year-round<br />

including re-letting when tenants vacate, and also dealing<br />

with ongoing issues including maintenance and repair, rent<br />

collection and reporting to clients.<br />

We also carry out other services including management of rural<br />

residential property portfolios, rural estate dwelling appraisals,<br />

reviewing the terms of existing farm and estate let cottages and<br />

advising on strategies to optimise income, review of rents for<br />

protected and registered tenants and appraisals for individual<br />

rentals, among other things.<br />

Along with our planning and architecture team we are able to<br />

advise on configuration of development projects to optimise<br />

let-ability and income. We can also look into ways to adapt<br />

properties to be more energy efficient, an area of great<br />

importance not only from a legal perspective, but also as tenants<br />

become more aware of the cost of living and being ‘greener’.<br />

The rental market in the UK is heavily regulated and legislation<br />

is constantly changing. This is a key area of our work, keeping<br />

abreast of legislative changes as they happen and advising our<br />

clients accordingly with what they may need to do to comply<br />

with the law and helping them to implement those changes.<br />

We believe it is vitally important to have an agent that is able to<br />

give the best advice to clients, not only to maximise the return<br />

from their rental property, but also to make sure it complies<br />

with the law and is in the best shape possible for future changes.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 11

Silvesters<br />

Farmhouse<br />

LET<br />

AGREED<br />

The Dower<br />

House<br />

LET<br />

AGREED<br />


An impressive Jacobean property set in a picturesque and sought-after village. This historical property boasts<br />

original features, extensive character with substantial and flexible living accommodation. This grade II * listed<br />

property dates back to the 16th Century and has benefitted from minor restoration in the 17th, 18th and 19th<br />

centuries further increasing the character of this striking house.<br />


8 Bedrooms. A substantial and idyllic 5,000 sq.ft family home, with the addition of a one<br />

bedroom annexe, situated in beautiful gardens on the private estate of Longwood.<br />

12 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 13

Honeyman's<br />

Farmhouse<br />

LET<br />

AGREED<br />

<strong>South</strong> Lynch<br />

Farm House<br />

LET<br />

AGREED<br />


A unique opportunity has arisen to let this Grade II listed detached family house located in a stunning rural setting.<br />


A beautiful, detached single cottage, situated on a country estate with far reaching rural views.<br />

14 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 15

Wildflower<br />

Turf Ltd<br />

Go Wild<br />

Meadowscape Pro is a PEAT<br />

FREE enhanced pre-seeded<br />

growing medium for professional<br />

wildflower meadow establishment.<br />

• Limited site preparation required<br />

• Exceptional levels of seed germination<br />

• Easy creation of low maintenance<br />

biodiverse environment<br />

Having started out as a traditional cereal<br />

grower in the 1980s, the Hewetson-<br />

Brown family began growing grass<br />

turf, becoming renowned for their high quality<br />

produce. On the back of this success, in 2003,<br />

James Hewetson-Brown pioneered the concept<br />

of Wildflower Turf®, becoming the country’s first<br />

soilless wildflower turf growing company.<br />

Such has been the demand in the years since, in<br />

a time where consideration for environmental<br />

issues is increasingly important, James and his wife<br />

Claire have developed the business substantially,<br />

becoming industry experts and the UK’s leading<br />

wildflower turf supplier.<br />

Established and grown in lengths, the mat of<br />

wildflowers is supplied in rolls for efficient and<br />

simple installation on site, adhering to their own<br />

environmental policy to limit any production<br />

impacts on the wider environment. Being a pioneer<br />

in the field, James and his team have designed<br />

agricultural machinery to be able to efficiently lift<br />

and roll the lengths of turf. James, Claire and their<br />

team now provide Meadowscape Pro (a soil-free<br />

wildflower growing medium) and wildflower seed,<br />

along with supplying a wide range of companies,<br />

hospitals and private clients with bespoke mixes,<br />

to suit site-specific requirements.<br />

The company advises clients on the design and<br />

composition of species in bespoke mixes, providing<br />

instant impact solutions that promote biodiversity,<br />

providing critical solutions on a case by case<br />

basis. With initiatives such as Biodiversity Net<br />

Gain and the Green Infrastructure Framework at<br />

the forefront of planning legislation, Wildflower<br />

Turf Ltd also offers various training courses to<br />

educate others on best practice for establishing<br />

and maintaining successful species-rich wildflower<br />

meadows.<br />

With very specific requirements needed to expand<br />

production capabilities, in 2021 <strong>BCM</strong> were tasked<br />

with advising on the purchase of a new site.<br />

Following the successful acquisition of Forge Farm<br />

in Shropshire in early 2022, the production now<br />

extends across three different sites around the UK,<br />

Wildflower Turf Ltd are going from strength to<br />

strength.<br />

A fabulous and tenacious example of innovation<br />

and diversification in farming, <strong>BCM</strong> are delighted<br />

to assist James and Claire Hewetson Brown on<br />

property issues relating to both their traditional<br />

arable farming enterprise and for Wildflower Turf<br />

Ltd.<br />

Should you wish to learn more about Wildflower<br />

Turf Ltd, or need advice with a site project,<br />

please visit www.wilflowerturf.co.uk for more<br />

information.<br />

Tel: 01256 771222 Email: wildflower@wildflowerturf.co.uk<br />

@wildfl owerturf<br />

www.linkedin.com/company/wildfl ower-turf-ltd<br />

www.facebook.com/wildfl owerturf1<br />

16 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong>

SOLD<br />

Norn’s Copse<br />


An attractive block of woodland located in the Candover valley of predominantly<br />

mixed species deciduous trees extending to approximately 67.95 acres (27.50 hectares).<br />

On Record(s)<br />

Rainfall data and thoughts by Ed Pettit-Mills<br />

18 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

It has been the wettest/<br />

driest/hottest year on record,<br />

again, and we (or is it just I?)<br />

remain constantly fascinated by our<br />

weather. One of the many privileges<br />

of farming and land ownership is the<br />

connection to the past and the historical<br />

records, both written and spoken,<br />

that this affords the landowner with<br />

stories and records (data in the modern<br />

parlance) being passed from generation<br />

to generation. Many of our managed<br />

farms and estates have a treasure trove of<br />

data going back multiple generations and<br />

I recently had my interests satisfied by a<br />

bank of daily rainfall data going back 88<br />

years in Bishops Sutton (near Alresford).<br />

This almost endless stream (almost a<br />

downpour) of fascinating facts produced<br />

by this set of records will no doubt<br />

amaze guests and friends into the early<br />

hours and hopefully I can enthral the<br />

reader with some edited highlights; and<br />

hopefully instil an interest in data and<br />

information that is vital for short term<br />

decision making and equally fascinating<br />

in the long term.<br />

An Average Year<br />

My automatic reaction to this Aladdin’s<br />

cave of numbers was to look for the<br />

outliers and then to assess if these<br />

corresponded with recent memory or the<br />

folk law of years gone by.<br />

But to make sense of it all, it obviously<br />

helps to be able to know the “average”<br />

year – of which there are remarkably<br />

few of course! It seems that this little<br />

part of Hampshire got approximately<br />

33.5 inches (851mm) of annual rain over<br />

the last 88 years. This compares with<br />

the Met Office's average of 31.7 inches<br />

(806mm) for <strong>South</strong> East <strong>England</strong>.<br />

Wettest Year<br />

Being no longer young nor experienced<br />

enough to be considered middle aged,<br />

my own memories struggled to look<br />

beyond 2012 (45.11 inches / 1,146mm)<br />

but perhaps slightly surprisingly 2014<br />

producing a Noah challenging 52.67<br />

inches / 1,338mm (the most in 88 years).<br />

A vague memory of drowning at boarding<br />

school in the late 90’s/early 2000s draws<br />

my attention along the spreadsheet and<br />

low and behold 2000 (49.93 inches /<br />

1,268mm) does prove to be another very<br />

soggy one.<br />

1951 (48.30 inches / 1,227mm) must<br />

have been damp but it is interesting that<br />

4 of the 5 wettest years have been since<br />

the turn of the millennium.<br />

Driest Year<br />

1976 of course, look no further……. Or is<br />

it? My Uncle previously wrote articles on<br />

the weather for the Hampshire Chronicle<br />

and has proudly told me in the past that<br />

1976 was in fact an average rainfall year.<br />

He is of course (as always) proved correct<br />

by the data with 30.47 inches / 774mm<br />

(only 3 inches below the current average<br />

– it was dryer then) falling (admittedly<br />

mostly in the final quarter of the year).<br />

The driest year was in fact in 1973 with<br />

an arid 23.97 inches (609mm) followed<br />

closely by 1938 (despite the gathering<br />

storm clouds of war) with 25.04 inches<br />

(636mm).<br />

So What About 2022?<br />

Only 20.65 inches (525mm) had fallen<br />

by the end of October but despite<br />

this and a lengthy hosepipe ban, 2022<br />

provided to be another “average” year,<br />

with 33.83 inches (859mm) falling. This<br />

demonstrated that, even in a changing<br />

climate and what felt like a dry year, the<br />

rainfall does seem to catch up*.<br />

Changing climate<br />

Obviously rainfall is only part of the<br />

climate picture and its rapidly changing<br />

nature is a matter of huge concern.<br />

It is interesting how the Bishops<br />

Sutton records do corroborate this<br />

by demonstrating a greater variation<br />

from the average over the last 20 years.<br />

However, hopefully these records have<br />

interested you in some small way and so<br />

let us all salute our forebears and thank<br />

the current record keepers that enable us<br />

to go on these data-based flights of fancy<br />

as well as making vital decisions day to<br />

day.<br />

*no long-range forecasts or climate<br />

models have been consulted in the<br />

production of this ill-informed opinion.<br />

epettitmills@bcm.co.uk<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 19

Manor Farmhouse<br />

SOLD<br />


A beautiful, Grade II listed 4-bedroom farmhouse with separate1-bedroom annexe with a stunning<br />

walled garden, paddocks, outbuildings and located within a popular village. In all about 1.6 acres.<br />

20 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 21

Would you<br />

recommend<br />

your wealth<br />

manager?<br />

Our clients do<br />

We asked our clients whether they were willing<br />

and likely to recommend us. Overwhelmingly,<br />

they said yes.¹<br />

Contact us to see how a personalised approach<br />

to wealth management can help you.<br />

01962 418 182<br />

Follow us on:<br />

info@jmfinn.com<br />

www.jmfinn.com<br />

¹ An independent survey of 1,653<br />

discretionary clients conducted<br />

in 2021 resulted in a Net<br />

Promoter Score (NPS) of 71%.<br />

The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well<br />

as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested.<br />

Small Parcels,<br />

Big Prices.<br />

We have had a busy year selling some of the most beautiful little corners of the Isle of<br />

Wight and Hampshire. From paddocks and parcels with amenity and equestrian use<br />

to tranquil pastures for offsetting.<br />

What is a Small Parcel?<br />

When we look back across<br />

our sales book over the last<br />

12 months there is huge variety in our<br />

small parcel sales. From 0.5 acre garden<br />

extensions to 15 acres of pasture with<br />

ponds and copses. It is impossible to<br />

strictly define what we mean by small<br />

parcels but somewhat like an elephant<br />

(albeit not in size)we feel you know one<br />

when you see one.<br />

Trends<br />

Whilst pinning a firm definition on a<br />

paddock is difficult, one consistency we<br />

have noticed over the last 12-24 months<br />

is a significant hardening in values,<br />

by as much as 25% in many cases and<br />

with prices achieving above their guides<br />

most of the time where the fields are<br />

located on the edge of the most soughtafter<br />

villages – without any planning<br />

advantage.<br />

The Traditional Market<br />

The traditional buyers of small parcels<br />

of land tend to be local or adjoining<br />

owners wanting more space to increase<br />

the amenity of their existing property<br />

and/or those of an equestrian bent<br />

wanting to keep a horse or two closer to<br />

home. Whilst these remain the core of<br />

the market we have seen some interesting<br />

new types of buyers emerge.<br />

Dog Owners, Glampers and<br />

Offsetters<br />

As we know, Covid lockdowns saw an<br />

increase in dog ownership and perhaps<br />

surprisingly, this has led to strong demand<br />

from dog owners wanting somewhere to<br />

exercise their beloved hound.<br />

In addition to these, we are seeing<br />

increasing interest from people with<br />

strong environmental and conservation<br />

instincts. These could be individuals<br />

looking to improve the biodiversity of a<br />

parcel of land for their own satisfaction<br />

or businesses looking to offset carbon,<br />

nitrogen or biodiversity harm caused<br />

elsewhere.<br />

Finally, whilst the glamping industry has<br />

started to slow down and people head<br />

abroad for their holidays again, buyers<br />

are still looking for smaller parcels of<br />

land. They either wish to run a small<br />

glamping business or just own a piece<br />

of land in a quiet and peaceful corner<br />

that they can enjoy with their friends<br />

and family. Interestingly for these<br />

buyers, it doesn’t need to be just down<br />

the road from home.<br />

These new parties have combined with<br />

our traditional buyers and this has led<br />

to a significant increase in enquiries<br />

into small parcels of land whenever and<br />

wherever we have launched them.<br />

They don't make it anymore!<br />

The perfect paddock will of course<br />

appeal to all, being on the edge of a<br />

village, well fenced and with water, whilst<br />

also having some environmental interest<br />

or potential. Even if your paddock<br />

only ticks some of these boxes (which<br />

it inevitably will) we remain confident<br />

that the market for small parcels is as<br />

strong as ever with competition coming<br />

from an increasingly diverse range of<br />

buyers and scarcity inevitably driving<br />

up prices.<br />

JM Finn is a trading name of J.M. Finn & Co. Ltd which is registered in <strong>England</strong> with number 05772581.<br />

Registered address: 25 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7AH. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 23

Alresford Show<br />

The Alresford Show has been<br />

a fixture of the Hampshire<br />

farming communities’ calendar<br />

since the first show in 1909, with an<br />

enviable reputation as one of the finest<br />

agricultural shows of its size in the<br />

country. Organised and operated by<br />

the Alresford and District Agricultural<br />

Society (established in 1908) the show is<br />

run entirely by volunteers and the profits<br />

are donated to local charities and good<br />

causes.<br />

The show demonstrates all the best<br />

aspects of life in the countryside -<br />

livestock, local artisan food and drink,<br />

country crafts and pursuits and of course<br />

the Grand Parade, with the overriding<br />

intention to educate people in the local<br />

area about farming and where their food<br />

comes from.<br />

Having been slightly nomadic in its<br />

early years, moving from site to site in<br />

and around Alresford, in 1960 the show<br />

finally put down some firm foundations<br />

in the beautiful Tichborne Park, where<br />

biblical events (plague / weather) not<br />

withstanding, it has been held annually<br />

ever since.<br />

2022 was blessed with fine weather<br />

and supported by a record attendance,<br />

demonstrating that despite a rapidly<br />

changing world there is still a huge desire<br />

to understand more about agriculture.<br />

Connection with <strong>BCM</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> have always believed that<br />

supporting the show is fundamentally<br />

important. The show being one of the<br />

very few opportunities the agricultural<br />

sector has to connect directly with the<br />

general public. Demonstrating what<br />

we do, how we do it and showcasing<br />

that Hampshire has some of the most<br />

interesting and innovative businesses<br />

operating in the rural sector. <strong>BCM</strong>,<br />

together with the inextricably linked<br />

forerunning business of James Harris,<br />

have been ever present at the show since<br />

the inaugural event in 1909. We have<br />

seen it develop from its early years to<br />

the wonderful event we all enjoy today<br />

and will continue to support it into the<br />

future. We are also hugely supportive of<br />

their good works with the Society giving<br />

£30,000 to local charities in 2022.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong>’s Stand<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> has worked hard over the years<br />

to make everyone feel comfortable and<br />

welcome on our stand. It is the perfect<br />

opportunity to say thank you to our<br />

clients and friends for supporting us over<br />

the previous year. That can be in the<br />

form of pouring a well-earned drink for<br />

a farmer who has (hopefully!) finished the<br />

harvest or offering some much-needed<br />

sustenance to footsore show goers or<br />

providing a safe space for those returning<br />

from a summer in Ibiza in need of a<br />

relaxed party vibe.<br />

Livestock Lines<br />

As well as our main stand <strong>BCM</strong> has<br />

always supported the livestock lines and<br />

it is there that you will likely find Henry<br />

McCowen MC’ing like the Notorious<br />

BIG, providing expert commentary<br />

and assisting with the prize-giving. The<br />

livestock lines have always felt the purest<br />

agricultural element of the show and it<br />

is hugely appreciated that the exhibitors<br />

continue to attend in such numbers and<br />

with such high quality animals. <strong>BCM</strong><br />

recognise the huge commitment made<br />

by the livestock exhibitors and are also<br />

pleased to sponsor the “Stockman’s<br />

Breakfast” which ensures they receive a<br />

good start to a busy day on us.<br />

Future<br />

The show goes from strength to strength<br />

and as a new generation move into<br />

the area and attend the show we will<br />

continue to help the Society inform,<br />

educate and entertain with the best of<br />

what agriculture and the area has to offer.<br />

Whilst the show is steeped in history<br />

and tradition it continues to evolve and<br />

showcase the best of Hampshire and its<br />

agricultural heritage.<br />

24 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 25

Vann Farm<br />

SOLD<br />


Idyllic rural location. Farmhouse with fantastic potential. Agricultural buildings<br />

suitable for alternative uses (STP). Pasture & woodland. 37 acres.<br />

26 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 27

Sponsorship and<br />

Charity Events<br />

Farmland<br />

The market appears to remain robust, despite rising costs.<br />

2022 was a year of extraordinary inflation – from<br />

rising electricity and food costs to the size of the<br />

whoppers told in parliament and the runs chased<br />

by the <strong>England</strong> cricket team in the 4th innings of a<br />

Test. The numbers grew almost daily, and the price of<br />

farmland was no exception to this inflation. We would<br />

like to share some of our successes through the year and<br />

consider where the market might be headed as we look<br />

forward to <strong>2023</strong> and beyond.<br />

Players in the Market<br />

Traditionally the farmland market has been dominated<br />

by three broad types of purchases – farmers, investors<br />

and lifestyle buyers. All three have competed with<br />

one another historically and depending on economic<br />

conditions and individual circumstances, one or other<br />

has enjoyed the upper hand. Recently all three buyers<br />

have been bullish for separate reasons, but they have now<br />

been joined by a new type of buyer – the natural capital<br />

“off-setter”. These buyers vary from Corporations<br />

seeking net zero nirvana to keen eyed developers trying<br />

to navigate an ever-increasing number of obstacles in<br />

the planning process. These factors have combined to<br />

fight against some strong macroeconomic headwinds to<br />

ensure farmland prices have kept pace with, and often<br />

exceeded, inflation, especially in Hampshire and the<br />

wider south-eastern region.<br />

2022 Sales<br />

At the end of 2021 <strong>BCM</strong> were instructed to sell two<br />

farms, whilst not unusual itself, it was unusual they<br />

happened to be two neighbouring farms being sold<br />

by different people and for different reasons. Located<br />

near Bentworth, Hall Farm (275 acres) and Wivelrod<br />

Farm (144 acres) were offered independently of each<br />

other and with the option of a single purchase. After<br />

considerable interest, both farms went to a single buyer<br />

who has subsequently created a good-sized commercial<br />

holding. Offering farms in this way required careful<br />

handling with both vendors being represented by two<br />

different partners and being kept fully appraised at all<br />

stages to ensure the best result.<br />

Spring 2022 saw <strong>BCM</strong> being instructed to sell Ludmore<br />

Farm (278 acres) on behalf of receivers, thankfully<br />

a rare occurrence in the rural sector. After an intense<br />

marketing period with the farm being offered in eight<br />

lots, the sale was concluded by an online auction. The<br />

auction attracted huge interest with 45 approved bidders<br />

and a total of 427 bids being placed! All the lots were<br />

sold either at, or in excess of, the guide price.<br />

Current Instructions<br />

Following on from those successes, we now have<br />

two fabulous new blocks of land available. The first<br />

comprises 160 acres at Fontmell Parva in Dorset. Being<br />

partially Grade 1 and 2 land and subject to a 10-year<br />

FBT, this represents a very rare opportunity to purchase<br />

an extremely productive investment.<br />

In addition, we have just launched Elm Farm, a 350 acre<br />

block of bare land on the Isle of Wight. With some<br />

of the land having recently grown high value vegetable<br />

crops, its proximity to water catchments with high nitrate<br />

levels and the potential for developing new agricultural<br />

buildings (STPP) it represents a clear opportunity for<br />

farmer, investor and natural capital buyer alike, and will<br />

no doubt attract interest from across the country.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> are proud to sponsor a<br />

variety of charity events around<br />

Hampshire and the surrounding<br />

counties.<br />

Our recent sponsorship highlights<br />

include the Land Rover Run which<br />

raised an impressive £18,200 for<br />

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air<br />

Ambulance, the successful Hampshire<br />

Medical Fund’s Classic Car Rally and<br />

the Test Valley Charity Clay shoot<br />

which raises funds for Cancer Research<br />

and other local charities.<br />

We also support The Alresford Show,<br />

The Romsey Show, the Lobster Shoot,<br />

the Bighton, East Stratton and Wonston<br />

village fetes, Fareham and Hampshire<br />

Farmer’s Club Farm Walk along with<br />

Basingstoke & District Agricultural<br />

Society and Winchester Growmore<br />

Club annual ploughing matches.<br />

The <strong>BCM</strong> sponsored Easton Women’s<br />

10 Cricket Club team hold the County<br />

Championship trophy and are hoping<br />

to successfully defend it in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

We are always proud to be sponsorship<br />

contributors, but the real heroes are the<br />

teams of organisers, volunteers and coordinators<br />

who work so hard to arrange<br />

all the events in the first instance.<br />

If you feel that <strong>BCM</strong> could assist your<br />

charity event, please get in touch with<br />

our partnership manager, Mel Taylor:<br />

mtaylor@bcm.co.uk<br />

28 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 29

Land at Wivelrod<br />

SOLD<br />


Productive arable farm outside the <strong>South</strong> Downs National Park, extending to 143.84 acres between the beautiful<br />

Hampshire villages of Medstead and Beech. Bare land for sale as a whole or in three lots. Potential for delivering<br />

environmental benefits.<br />

30 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 31

Land at <strong>South</strong> Morton<br />

SOLD<br />


A block of productive commercial farmland in <strong>South</strong> Oxfordshire. 616.59 acres (249.52 hectares).<br />

Freehold with vacant possession granted in September 2022<br />

32 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 33

Land at Hall Farm<br />

SOLD<br />


An arable farm situated in the glorious Hampshire countryside,just outside the <strong>South</strong> Downs National Park. The farm<br />

includes Grade 3 arable land, a small area of pasture, ancient woodland and modern grain storage facilities along with a<br />

small family shoot. 270 acres. Available as a whole or in lots.<br />

34 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 35

Coates and Seely<br />

In 2008 two old friends, Nicholas Coates and Christian Seely, embarked on a quest to make a sparkling wine to rival the best in the world.<br />

They were drawn to the ancient<br />

downlands of Hampshire where<br />

the chalk soils and south-facing<br />

slopes presented the perfect terroir.<br />

A mile to the south of the Hampshire<br />

vineyards, the clear chalk stream of<br />

the River Test flows along the valley<br />

floor, passing through the historic<br />

paper-making villages of Overton and<br />

Whitchurch. Three miles to the north<br />

lies the high chalk ridge of Watership<br />

Down, one of the highest points in<br />

Hampshire, that iron-age man first used<br />

as a vantage point.<br />

They planted vines and began their<br />

craft to make their sparkling wines<br />

which are now listed in royal palaces,<br />

Michelin-starred restaurants and iconic<br />

houses around the world. Gold medals<br />

and trophies have been achieved in<br />

leading national and international wine<br />

competitions.<br />

In 2019 their 2009 Blanc de Blancs ‘La<br />

Perfide’ won the International IWSC<br />

Trophy for Best Bottle Fermented<br />

Sparkling Wine and they are still the only<br />

English wine to be listed at the George V<br />

hotel in Paris.<br />

They restrict productive capacity and<br />

focus on quality using traditional winemaking<br />

craftsmanship with the latest<br />

technology such as the only concrete<br />

fermentation eggs in <strong>England</strong>.<br />

They also employ the skills of French<br />

craftsmen who make wines of distinction,<br />

that are properly and fully aged, both on<br />

lees and on cork, using rigorous fruit<br />

selection.<br />

Their non-vintage wines make extensive<br />

use of reserve wines from previous<br />

years and are lees-aged for between 24<br />

and 36 months. This gives them depth<br />

and complexity.<br />

The vintage wines – ‘La Perfide’ – are<br />

made from grapes from a single year<br />

and are lees-aged for a minimum of<br />

4-5 years, with further bottle-ageing,<br />

on cork, post-disgorgement. Vintages<br />

are only made in years when the fruits<br />

are exceptional, and for this reason they<br />

have only made vintage wines in 6 of<br />

their 13 harvests to date.<br />

www.coatesandseely.com<br />

instagram.com/coatesandseely<br />

Photos: contributed<br />

36 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 37




Workshop space that’s big enough for 40 and<br />

robust enough to do what you want<br />

Comfortable breakout rooms that get you talking<br />

about what really maaers<br />

20 bedrooms with the ability to accommodate more<br />

nearby<br />

Food you can look forward to that keeps your mind<br />

and body in shape<br />

A team to help create your experience<br />

Visible and invisible service to suit<br />

Walking and running routes with optional guide<br />

Award-winning winery and vineyard for tours and<br />

tastings<br />

Egbury<br />

Farmhouse<br />


An attractive Grade II listed 5 bedroom farmhouse with an additional one bedroom cottage, set in a<br />

peaceful, rural location in its own land. 3 acres.<br />

SOLD<br />

Talk to us about your next business retreat<br />

stay@thegrangehampshire.co.uk | 01962 779 668<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 39

Featherstone’s<br />

English Flower Co.<br />

Right Plant, Right Place<br />

Flower Farm & Florist<br />

Featherstone’s English Flower Co. is a sustainable flower farm and<br />

florist, growing a wonderful range of seasonal British flowers and<br />

foliage on a three acre site in the rolling Hampshire hills, using<br />

environmentally friendly farming practices.<br />

A breath-taking fifteenth century tithe barn is the backdrop for<br />

our full floristry service, events and workshops. We use<br />

natural,compostable and reusable methods to create beautiful<br />

arrangements with an organic style.<br />

www.featherstoneflowers.co.uk<br />

@featherstoneflowers<br />

info@featherstoneflowers.co.uk<br />

Bouquets | Events | Weddings | Funerals | Pick Your Own | Workshops | Flower Club | Subscriptions | Buckets of Blooms<br />


<strong>BCM</strong> are fortunate to manage the beautiful Nine Mile Water Farm near Stockbridge in Hampshire.<br />

A<br />

stunning fifteenth century barn on one of the<br />

farmsteads captured our imagination when first<br />

shown the Estate and we made it our mission to<br />

find a suitable use for the building.<br />

Given the Grade I listing and agricultural use of<br />

the barn, some alternative thinking was required. When<br />

Jess Roberts and Katie Stone got in touch, looking<br />

for premises to start their own sustainable flower farm,<br />

it was a perfect match. The Tithe Barn and part of<br />

an arable field at Berry Court Farm have been<br />

transformed into a thriving flower farm with 3 acres of<br />

bulbs, annuals, perennials and shrubs laid out in nearly<br />

3.5km of flower beds.<br />

The 15th Century Barn is a beautiful example of a<br />

tithe barn with flint walls and incredible high ceilings<br />

and tiles that local historians say were ordered in 1460.<br />

Using the building for a flower farm has allowed a<br />

previously underutilised building to be brought to life<br />

as part of a farming enterprise, albeit a slightly different<br />

kind of agriculture from the traditional storing of rents<br />

and tithes - one tenth of the farms produce was required<br />

to be given to the local church - the original purpose of<br />

the barn.<br />

Using the 28-day planning rule, Jess and Katie run<br />

workshops, a Christmas Market and the Featherstone’s<br />

Flower Club, allowing the public access to the stunning<br />

location and to benefit from their incredible knowledge<br />

of sustainable growing techniques and floriculture.<br />

Featherstone’s English Flower Co. have recently<br />

celebrated their one-year anniversary at Berry Court<br />

Farm and go from strength to strength. Using their<br />

combined expertise, farmer Jess, and florist Katie, supply<br />

a range of local hotels, businesses and private clients<br />

with stunning floral displays used for many purposes<br />

including weddings across Hampshire and beyond.<br />

They pride themselves in using natural, compostable or<br />

reusable floristry techniques to create imaginative and<br />

beautiful arrangements.<br />

For more information on Featherstone’s English Flower<br />

Co. or to sign up for one of their events please visit -<br />

www.featherstoneflowers.co.uk.<br />

40 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 41 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong>

£3,850,000<br />

Gosport Farm<br />

FOR<br />

SALE<br />


An attractive Grade II listed, Queen Anne farmhouse with an excellent courtyard of traditional and modern<br />

farm buildings, being offered to the market for the first time since 1931. Lot 1 – 19.44 acres, Lot 2 – 113<br />

acres. In all about 132.44 acres. EPC rating F, Council tax band H<br />

Lot 1 – 19.44 acres Lot 2 – 113 acres. In all about<br />

132.44 acres. EPC rating F, Council tax band H<br />

42 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 43

Moth Farm<br />

SOLD<br />


Freehold Industrial Estate located in the Candover Valley. The Estate extends<br />

to 3.1 hectares (7.71 acres). Total passing rent is £192,816 per annum.<br />

44 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 45

£32,000 per annum (plus VAT)<br />

West Barn<br />


TO LET<br />

Attractive barn conversion with parking. Flexible space with a number of smaller offices, meetings room, larger<br />

open plan area and a mezzanine deck. There is a kitchenette and WC facilities within the main office and a full<br />

kitchen in the basement. Approximately 2,670 sq ft (248 sq m).<br />

£200,000 per annum (plus VAT)<br />

Manor Farm<br />


TO LET<br />

Buildings 3 & 4 are two former cattle sheds located within a large concrete yard sited on a former dairy farm. The Buildings<br />

have full planning permission to be used as commercial storage space (B8 use class) and will be newly converted for the<br />

ingoing tenant. Three phase power and power floated concrete floor. Ample parking and yard space. 33,174 square feet,<br />

available as a whole or in 4 lots.<br />

46 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 47

The Office at<br />

Manor Farm<br />

LET<br />

AGREED<br />

Commercial<br />

Update<br />


A traditional farm building converted into a rural office. Beautifully presented<br />

space with 4 dedicated parking spaces. Approximately 925 sq ft (85.93 sq m)<br />

The popularity of rural commercial space<br />

continues as it offers locations away from the<br />

main congestion of town and city traffic. The<br />

sites are usually private and offer excellent parking<br />

for staff and visitors. Working in an environment<br />

surrounded by beautiful countryside can be beneficial<br />

to staff and the improvement in modern technology<br />

means working away from city centres does not have<br />

to impact on your connectivity. The cost of letting<br />

space in a rural environment offers more flexibility<br />

and affordability for small and medium businesses.<br />

Owners of agricultural buildings should consider<br />

that these can often provide an excellent opportunity<br />

for conversion into commercial space, creating<br />

further income. <strong>BCM</strong> can advise on the commercial<br />

development potential where often a permitted<br />

development right can be employed. Class R is the<br />

permitted development right which allows agricultural<br />

buildings to be converted to commercial enterprise.<br />

For existing Landlords, the ever changing legal<br />

requirements need to be adhered to and it should be<br />

noted that current EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)<br />

rules are changing; in April <strong>2023</strong> all commercial space<br />

using more than minimal power must have these<br />

certificates in place and be rated E or above. By 2025<br />

all these spaces must have an EPC rated C or above.<br />

If you currently have commercial leases in place it is<br />

also crucial to maintain the agreements so that you do<br />

not inadvertently offer your tenants security of tenure.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> can offer you a review of your<br />

commercial property to ensure that you are<br />

safeguarded against any potential infringements.<br />

48 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 49

Office Units<br />

at Aziz Court<br />

LET<br />

AGREED<br />

Office 3,<br />

Burcot Farm<br />

LET<br />

AGREED<br />



A complex of traditional farm buildings have been converted into beautifully presented<br />

office space benefiting from excellent road and rail connections with on site parking.<br />

Approximately 4,700 sq ft (436 sq m)<br />

Unit 3 offers one large working area with lots of natural light. WC and kitchen<br />

facilities. Wonderful rural location, ample parking and excellent road access.<br />

Approximately 636 sq ft (59.09 sq m)<br />

50 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 51

Bell House<br />

LET<br />

AGREED<br />


A substantial 8 bedroom house with ancillary accommodation, set within 8 acres of gardens<br />

and grounds. Surrounded by open countryside enjoying a peaceful, private setting. Swimming<br />

pool and tennis court, stabling and paddocks and a range of outbuildings.<br />

Isle of Wight<br />

Mountain Bike<br />

Photos: contributed<br />

52 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

The Isle of Wight Mountain<br />

Bike Centre was set up after the<br />

NatWest Island Games in 2011.<br />

In September 2017 it came under new<br />

management and is run by two friends on<br />

a family farm. Sam Hodgson and Matt<br />

Townsend have built all the trails here.<br />

Based at Cheverton, with woodland,<br />

open fields and amazing views, it now<br />

provides the Isle of Wight with a place<br />

where people can go to ride purposebuilt<br />

mountain bike trails.<br />

According to Sam “It was never about<br />

just making something for pros – our<br />

goal has always been to get riders of all<br />

ages and genders progressing together.”<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> have been helping them to realise<br />

their plans and, helpfully, they were<br />

awarded a British Cycling and Sport<br />

<strong>England</strong> grant which they’ll be using to<br />

build lots of new descent lines over the<br />

coming year, with grades from blue to<br />

black, as well as adding linking sections to<br />

connect the existing trails scattered across<br />

the farm. <strong>BCM</strong> were instructed by the<br />

clients to gain full planning permission.<br />

This was not an easy task – the scheme<br />

had several challenges including having<br />

to consult with a number of third parties<br />

throughout the planning process such as<br />

Ecologists, Arborists, Public Rights Of<br />

Way experts, Archaeologists, Engineers,<br />

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty<br />

and Historic <strong>England</strong>.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> were duly granted<br />

planning consent on<br />

behalf of the client on<br />

28th March 2022.”<br />

The Centre isn’t like<br />

your typical bike park.<br />

Not least because it’s<br />

built on a working<br />

livestock and arable<br />

farm that Sam’s parents<br />

still run, and secondly<br />

because the layout is<br />

different. The rolling<br />

nature of the island’s<br />

landscape means there<br />

isn’t one big obvious hill to build on, so<br />

instead Sam and Matt have criss-crossed<br />

the 730-acre farmland with many shorter<br />

descents, which soon, with the link-up<br />

trails they’re making, will all be rideable<br />

in big loops. It appears so far that the<br />

cows and bikes can coexist perfectly too<br />

because Sam and Matt are creating their<br />



MAKING<br />









biking paradise on the steep-sided, wooded<br />

valleys of the farm that aren’t suitable for<br />

pasture anyway.<br />

They have a cafe which serves burgers<br />

made from beef reared on the farm, a<br />

shop and they also offer<br />

bike hire too. With<br />

Sam’s knowledge of flow<br />

and what makes a good<br />

jump, combined with<br />

Matt’s building skill and<br />

planning vision, we can<br />

only see this farmland<br />

bike park going from<br />

strength to strength. It’s<br />

every kid’s dream to make<br />

something like this in<br />

their parents’ backyard,<br />

and it’s awesome to<br />

see these two making it<br />

happen – although not<br />

without some serious<br />

graft and dedication. Future plans include a<br />

pumptrack, dirt jumps and skills area. The<br />

Centre reopened on 18th February <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Cheverton Farm, PO30 3JE<br />

www.isleofwightmountainbikecentre.com<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 53

Sky Park Farm<br />

A family enterprise with herds of deer, an adventure playground, farm trail, farm shop and deli<br />

as well as delicious local food at The Grazing Rooms.<br />

In 2019, planning consent was obtained at an existing<br />

deer farm for a proposed tourism facility for both<br />

recreational and educational purposes. It included a<br />

farm shop, butchers and a café. <strong>BCM</strong> were engaged to<br />

prepare the building regulations and working drawings<br />

for the project. The clear vision from the client was to<br />

create a family friendly attraction which opened up<br />

the rural setting to visitors, whilst also being run as a<br />

working farm. Harting is famed for its historic deer<br />

parks and this was the inspiration for Sky Park Farm<br />

which is a family-owned farm devoted to deer.<br />

As a tourism and commercial operation, this was a<br />

complex project that needed careful thought to prepare<br />

a design that complied with the statutory regulations,<br />

whilst meeting the requirements of the client. <strong>BCM</strong><br />

were subsequently involved in preparing a formal tender<br />

submission and engaging with local building contractors<br />

to provide competitive quotations for the construction<br />

work. Our in-house team of designers worked alongside<br />

specialist consultants, ensuring that the project would<br />

run smoothly when the construction started on site.<br />

Sky Park Farm is well thought-out and offers visitors<br />

access to a rural experience, from the feeding of the<br />

animals to sampling locally produced food. <strong>BCM</strong>’s task<br />

was to ensure that the facility could run as both a working<br />

farm and serve the needs of their retail customers. <strong>BCM</strong><br />

worked with the family and various consultants to meet<br />

these goals. Sky Park Farm has now been run successfully<br />

for the past few years and is well established in the <strong>South</strong><br />

Downs National Park with an excellent reputation.<br />

This is the type of complex case, in a rural location,<br />

that the <strong>BCM</strong> team thrive on. If you have any rural<br />

development requirements and would like to talk to our<br />

experts, we would be delighted to share our experience,<br />

knowledge and advice.<br />

www.skyparkfarm.com<br />

A family enterprise with herds of deer, an adventure<br />

playground, farm trail, farm shop and deli as well<br />

as delicious local food at The Grazing Rooms.<br />

54 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong>

Honey<br />

Cottage<br />

SOLD<br />

33 Laverstoke<br />

Lane<br />

SOLD<br />



A generous Grade II listed 4-bedroom family home in this popular<br />

Hampshire village. Home office, large garden and garage.<br />

A delightful, 2-bedroom period end of terrace home in a sought-after village setting.<br />

56 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 57

Guide £3,450,000<br />

Billingham Manor<br />

FOR<br />

SALE<br />


A unique and historic estate situated in the hamlet of Billingham to include a Grade II* listed Manor House, separate<br />

detached cottage, traditional and modern farm buildings. 130 acres (52 ha) of arable, pasture and woodland. Main<br />

house EPC rating n/a, council tax band G. Manor cottage EPC rating E, council tax band E.<br />

58 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 59


<strong>BCM</strong> Oxford<br />


Air Source Heat Pump Installations Boiler Replacement General Plumbing Repairs<br />

Bathroom Installations Servicing and Repair Tiling Full Plumbing and Heating Installations<br />



The <strong>BCM</strong> Oxford office has had<br />

an exciting start to <strong>2023</strong> moving<br />

to new, larger premises in the<br />

downland village of East Ilsley. Those<br />

of you with an eye for geography will<br />

note that we are now just inside West<br />

Berkshire, although of course up until<br />

1974 Berkshire extended all the way<br />

up to Oxford itself. The Boundaries<br />

Commission removed the 'leg' from<br />

the Berkshire boot and with it annexed<br />

the Berkshire Downs and the Vale of<br />

the White Horse (which provided the<br />

county's emblem), allocating them into<br />

Oxfordshire.<br />

Tom Bishop (Associate Partner) and his<br />

growing team continue to expand their<br />

business around Oxfordshire and the<br />

neighbouring counties. The new office<br />

provides the ideal rural environment for<br />

the team with easy access from the A34<br />

which puts us in a great geographical<br />

position to continue servicing our<br />

existing Oxfordshire clients and also<br />

to broaden our client base in the<br />

surrounding counties.” adds Tom.<br />

As can be the case with commercial<br />

units in rural locations, installing highspeed<br />

internet connectivity can be<br />

difficult and expensive. Initially, local<br />

suppliers were unable to provide suitable<br />

broadband at the new premises but<br />

after researching alternative options, we<br />

have now successfully installed Starlink’s<br />

innovative high-speed internet service,<br />

provided by orbiting satellites.<br />


www.ecsplumbing.co.uk<br />

Tom and his team continue to offer<br />

the full range of <strong>BCM</strong> services<br />

including estate and farm management,<br />

valuations, architecture and planning,<br />

sales and purchases as well as residential<br />

and commercial letting advice to clients<br />

and professionals in the area.<br />

The new office address is:<br />

<strong>BCM</strong>, Sunrise Hill Yard, East Ilsley, Newbury RG20 7LY<br />

01865 817 105<br />

Email: oxford@bcm.co.uk<br />


Breach Plain House<br />

SOLD<br />


An exceptional country house with gardens, orchard, swimming pool, tennis courts, triple<br />

garage with offfice above and an out building with planning permission for a two bedroom<br />

garden cottage. 2.4 acres (0.97 hectares)<br />

62 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong><br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 63

Equestrian<br />

Land & Stables<br />

SOLD<br />


Equestrian land and stables extending to approximately 3.87 acres (1.56 hectares)<br />

Bringing prestige interiors<br />

to life with light<br />

Lighting transforms a space and can<br />

affect our mood and whole sense of well<br />

being.<br />

We work with private clients, interior<br />

designers and developers to help them<br />

achieve the wow factor and maximise the<br />

value of their investment.<br />


Stables, manège and land extending to approximately 9.98 acres (4.04 hectares).<br />

For further information and a copy of our<br />

digital brochure listing our services and<br />

fees please contact Suzy Dallas on<br />

07747698357, email suzy@suzydallas.com<br />

or visit www.suzydallas.com<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 65


Kilgour & Co<br />

Architecture & Design<br />

Our architecture team can manage the design, planning and<br />

construction process for private houses, listed building<br />

restorations, barn conversions, farm diversifications and<br />

commercial schemes<br />

Kilgour & Co. are Wantage based<br />

rural property and equestrian<br />

specialists who work with the<br />

owners of estates, racing and equestrian<br />

related property. They source, organise,<br />

and coordinate everything needed<br />

to manage a client’s property and<br />

bloodstock assets.<br />

of buildings within the landscape to the<br />

impact of external lighting (dark skies).<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> and Kilgour & Co have worked<br />

together providing expert planning,<br />

architecture and equine advice to clients<br />

to deliver well-designed schemes, while<br />

still ensuring compliance with planning<br />

policies.<br />

<strong>BCM</strong> have helped Kilgour & Co. and<br />

their clients with a number of projects in<br />

the Lambourn and West Berkshire area<br />

which range from new racehorse training<br />

complexes through to a state of the art<br />

equine hospital. The rural environment<br />

has its own set of strict planning policies<br />

and our advice and local expertise has<br />

helped these developments from concept<br />

to completion.<br />

While East Berkshire is well known for its<br />

links with horse racing and other equine<br />

activities, the North Wessex Downs Area<br />

of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)<br />

has stricter controls on new development<br />

in the countryside. Equine developments<br />

obviously need to be located in open<br />

countryside which presents specific,<br />

specialist issues ranging from the setting<br />

When needed, we use trusted<br />

consultants such as drainage specialists<br />

and landscape architects to ensure<br />

that projects deliver the necessary<br />

levels of protection, enhancement and<br />

biodiversity of the AONB landscape.<br />

This is often challenging but our clear<br />

and concise advice, along with detailed<br />

supporting information to address the<br />

requirements of planning officers, is<br />

essential for a successful outcome. <strong>BCM</strong><br />

undertakes the discharge of planning<br />

conditions, building control applications<br />

and the preparation of detailed working<br />

documentation for these schemes.<br />

For further information on Equine<br />

related development, contact <strong>BCM</strong><br />

Winchester.<br />

01962 763900 www.bcm.co.uk info@bcm.co.uk<br />

66 <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> <strong>BCM</strong> <strong>Journal</strong> 67

www.bcm.co.uk<br />


Coast & Country | bilesandco.co.uk 68

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