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Welcome to the installation process of X-Opto demo version ... - Tekla

Welcome to the installation process of X-Opto demo version ... - Tekla

When finished you’ll

When finished you’ll see a dialog like this, click Next. Now you are almost through the SQL Server setup. One more thing remains, configuration of the Surface Area. Click on the link to “Surface Area Configuration tool”.

The start-up dialog of the SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration looks like this. Click on the link “Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections” Now, in the tree structure to the left select Database Engine / Service just to verify that the Startup type is Automatic and Service status is Running (no screenshot picture) . If not, make the appropriate changes. Next select Remote Connections in the tree structure and you’ll see the dialog as below. If you intend to let other workstations connect to this instance of SQL Server you need to change the connection mode to “Local and remote connections”. Otherwise leave it as is. If you changed the connection mode you’ll need to restart the service. You can do this by selecting the Database Engine / Service (in the tree structure) and stop the service and then restart it. Finally, in the tree structure select SQL Server Browser / Service to verify that Startup type is Automatic and Service status is Running. If not, make the appropriate changes.

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