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Forest Restoration in Landscapes

Forest Restoration in Landscapes

98 S. Mansourian and N.

98 S. Mansourian and N. Dudley programme for New Caledonia. While this may seem a long time to invest in building a partnership, the fruits of such an effort are now being felt as the programme is taking off. The programme carries much more weight in the eyes of all stakeholders because of the partnership. 2.4. Malaysia: The Challenge of Identifying Priority Species for Restoration While restoration along the Kinabatangan river was identified as a priority in order to reconnect patches of forest for biodiversity, the selection of appropriate species was not clearly done. For this reason a demonstration site has been set up where different species and tech- niques (from simply fencing to weeding or active planting) are being tested and monitored in order to identify the approach that is best suited to local conditions and which can then be propagated along the corridor. References Allnutt, T., Mansourian, S., and Erdmann, T. 2004. Setting preliminary biological and ecological restoration targets for the landscape of Fandriana- Marolambo in Madagascar’s moist forest ecoregion. WWF internal paper. WWF, Gland, Switzerland. Mansourian, S. 2004. Challenges and opportunities for WWF’s Forest Landscape Restoration programme. WWF internal paper. WWF, Gland, Switzerland.

Section VI A Suite of Planning Tools

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