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Landbird Population and Habitat Objective ... - Partners in Flight

Landbird Population and Habitat Objective ... - Partners in Flight

Pacific-Slope Flycatcher

Pacific-Slope Flycatcher Population Objectives Legend Population Objectives Double Population Increase Population 50% Maintain Population 0 150 300 450 600 Kilometers Miles 0 130 260 390 520 Data Sources: USGS North American Breeding Bird Survey Trend Information to Associate with Smoothed Grid 1966-2003 USGS Physionomic Strata, 2004 Alaska E British Columbia Washington Oregon California Draft Preliminary Population Objectives

Regional/Local “Preliminary” Population Objectives: Conifer Focal Species in W. WA �� Double – Orange-crowned Orange crowned Warbler �� Increase 50% – Pacific-slope Pacific slope Flycatcher – Varied Thrush �� Maintain – Winter Wren – Hermit Warbler – Swainson’s Swainson Thrush

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