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Disttrict Employment Office Bilaspur (C.G.) Disttrict Employment ...

Disttrict Employment Office Bilaspur (C.G.) Disttrict Employment ...

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No of Sn Name of Employer Name of Post Vacanci es 6 7 Mangal Sponge And Steel Private Limited Post Bilha 495225 Bilaspur, 07752-259402 to 404 Fax 07752- 259401 259401 EEmail:- il, l555@ h i, Shri A. Durga Prasad (Branch Manager) 9893593531, Shri H.K. Parida (H.R. Manager) 9407741517 Hind Energy & Benefication Ltd. Sai-Parishar, Srikant Varma Marg Bilaspur (C.G.) Phon:- 07752-429681-87, Amit Kumar Sing (Manager) Mob:- 9993866611, Email:hecb@hindenergy, com info@hindenergy, com Web site:- Qualification Salary Female Remark s s s lqj{kk vf/kdkjh 1 Lukrd lsokuo`Rr ts-lh-vksvuqHko vkSj n{krk ds vuqlkj fMLisp @yksfMax lqijokbZtj 2 12 oh rhu o"kZ dk vuqHko vuqHko vkSj n{krk ds d vulkj vuqlkj Vªd Mªk;oj 2 10 oha gsoh osfgdy MªkbZfoax ykbZlsal 5000/lqj{kk xkMZ izf'k{kw 10 10 oha 3500(stipend) gsYij izf'k{kq 20 8 oh 3000(stipend) fMIyksek fM ykek bUthfu;j bthfu;j Vsuh Vªuh ¼esdsuhdy½ 1 ffMIyksek bUthfu;j f esdsuhdy 4000 (Stipend) fMIyksek@xzstq,V bUthfu;j Vsªuh ¼flfoy½ 1 fMIyksek@fMxzh ¼flfoy½ 4000 (Stipend) ys[kkdkj 1 ,e-dkWe@ch-dkWe ¼5 o"kZ vuqHko½ ;ksX;rkuqlkj ys[kk lgk;d 1 ,e-dkWe@ch-dkWe ¼2 o"kZ vuqHko½ ;ksX;rkuqlkj Vhij@gkbok vkijsVj 4 gSoh ykblsUl ;ksX;rkuqlkj ijps'k lgk;d 1 ,e-dkWe@ch-dkWe , @ ¼¼2 o"kZ vuqHko½ q ½ ;ksX;rkuqlkj q VkbZe dhij 1 xzstq,V] dEI;qVj ;ksX;rkuqlkj B.E./Deploma Civil Engg 2 B.E./Deploma Civil Engg - Yes Safty/Personnal Officer 1 MBA-HR/Diploma in Safty - Yes Mechanical 1 B.E./Deploma Mech.Eng As per qualification & Civil 2 B.E./Deploma in Civil Eng Experience As per qualification & Weigh Bridge 2 10+2/Bsc/Bcom Experience As per Supervisior-Rake 2 10+2/Bsc/Bcom As per Experience Store/Accountant 1 Bcom/Mcom As per Experience

No of Sn Name of Employer Name of Post Vacanci es 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 A JOB FOR YOU OD-4, First Floor, Super Market Agrasen Square, Link Road, BILASPUR 495001 (C.G.) Phon:-07752-412100, Email:-, Salim Khan (MD) 9893807070 M/s Paras Drip Irrigation Plot No,26 A& 37, Industrial Estate Rajnandgaon (C.G.) 491441 Tel-07744-225248, Fax:- 07744-404025, Email:-, Mr. Palak Patel (Patner) 9993244050,9425254201,Mr.Ishwar Bhai Patel (Director) 9425554201 RSWM LTD Kharigra, Gulabpur, Distt- Bhilwara Rajasthan T.C. Mishra (Training and recruitment Consultant) Mob:- 09414113611, 09680317927 Email:- Shri Rajat Mukharji, Finiance Manager LIC Office Bilaspur, Shri N R Bharatdwaj (Branch Manager) 9826121697, 9407658199, Phon:- 07752-261177, Email:- Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, 2nd Floor, V.R. Plaza, Link Road, Bilaspur (C.G.) Shri Subrato Bose (Branch Manager) 9685093769 (9685093769/07752429976) (Branch-I) BAJAJ ALLIANZ LIFE INSURANCE CO. LTD V.R. PALZA LINK ROAD BILASPUR (C.G.) Phon:- 9691782634, Email:-, Vishal Singh Kshatriya (Assistant Sales Manager) ASEL ENGLISH LEARNING LEARNING, Chhattisgarh Complax Opp. Chintu Restorent, Old Bus Stand Bilaspur, Phon:- 07752-414199, Shri Manoj Varma (Director), Mob:- 9869478800 BEC FERTILIZERS Unit of Bhilai Eng.Corpn.LTD.Sector "A" A Sirgitti Industrial Area Bilaspur Bilaspur, Phon:- 07752- 261180, Email:-,, Shri N.S. Raju (Vice President) 9425531517 , 9425531517 , Qualification Salary Female Remark HR,Office Executive 8 MBA, Bcom 6000 Yes Agriculture Engineer (Women) Lab Attendant 1 Office Attendant 1 2 BSc Agriculture, Auto Cad 8000-10000 Yes BSc Chemistry, Computer Diploma Graduate, Computer Diploma 4000-5000 Yes Machine Operator 200 Minimum 8th to 12th pass 5798-6110 4000 Yes LIC Agent 100 12th & above As per Yes Traniner Assistant Sales Manager and Sales MManager Insurance Consultant 25 10 Graduation 12000+ Yes 10th Rural Area, 12th Urbabn Area English Teacher 5 Graduate ITI Fitter(Apprentic) 2 ITI Fitter ITI Electrician (Apprentic) 1 ITI Electrician 3000+;ksX;rkuqlkj $ deh'ku$ bUlsafVo 50000-100000 Annual Stipend as per Act Stipend as per Act Yes Yes Yes Yes

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