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Green economies around the world? - Sustainable Europe ...

Green economies around the world? - Sustainable Europe ...

Monika Dittrich Stefan

Monika Dittrich Stefan Giljum Stephan Lutter Christine Polzin Green economies around the world ? Implications of resource use for development and the environment This study was supported by 10 Factor T en Ins titute 2

First published in Vienna, Austria, 2012 by Monika Dittrich Stefan Giljum, Stephan Lutter and Christine Polzin Independent Scientist Sustainable Europe Research Institute ( SERI ) Contact: Contact: Burgstrasse 24 Garnisongasse 7/17 69121 Heidelberg 1090 Vienna Germany Austria This report should be referenced as follows: Monika Dittrich, Stefan Giljum, Stephan Lutter, Christine Polzin: Green economies around the world ? Implications of resource use for development and the environment. Vienna. 2012. ISBN978-3-200-02640-7 Copyright © Monika Dittrich and Stefan Giljum, 2012. Text and figures from this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part and in any form for educational or nonprofit purposes without special permission from the copyright holder, provided acknowledgement of the source is made. The authors would appreciate receiving a copy of any publication that uses this publication as a source. Contributions and Acknowledgements We thank Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek, Fritz Hinterberger, Barbara Lugschitz and Sigrid Grünberger for their inputs to this publication. Boris Braun ( University of Cologne ) and Helmut Schütz ( Wuppertal Institute ) for their detailed and helpful reviews throughout the report. Jaakko Kooroshy ( Chatham House ), Charles Gore ( UNCTAD ), Jens Günther ( UBA ), Ariadna Rodrigo and Michael Warhurst ( Friends of the Earth ) for helpful comments, Jaya Mohan for english proof reading as well as Thomas Patz, Sebastian Lobo, Antonio Jose Escobar Rodriguez and Christian Kerschner for various support work. We furthermore thank all supporting Institutions named on the previous page as well as UNCTAD for their contribution in particular with regard to the research on African countries. The contribution of GIZ was part of the project “Enhancing low-carbon development by greening the economy” with the support of the Federatl Ministry for the Environment ( BMU ) through the International Climate Initiative ( IC ) . The contribution of HBS was on behalf of European Union. This Document has been produced within the EU Project EcoFair Trade Dialogue. The Document is produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of M. Dittrich, S. Giljum, S. Lutter and C. Polzin and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union. Contents 3 4 1 5 Material flows and green economies 2 Global material use: patterns and trends 3 Material use and development 4 Material use and the environment Conclusions and outlook Annex 8 16 34 52 64 72

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