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RSU-503 Redundancy Switch Unit Installation ... - Comtech EF Data

RSU-503 Redundancy Switch Unit Installation ... - Comtech EF Data


Glossary RSU-503 Redundancy Switch Unit RD Receive Data RF Radio Frequency RFT Radio Frequency Terminal RMA Return Material Authorization RSU Redundancy Switch Unit RTN Return RTS Ready to Send RX Receive SP Specification SUM Summary SW Switch TD Transmit Data TWT Traveling Wave Tube TX Transmit UL Uplink V Volts W Watts WG Waveguide g–2 Rev. 8

RSU-503 Redundancy Switch Unit Index Addressing, 2–24, A–7 Auto/Manual Modes, 3–4 Communications Link, 3–2 Device Address, B–3 End Character, B–4 External Cables, 2–22, A–6 GND (ERDE), 2–21 Included Parts, 2–2 Internal Connections, 4–5 Internal Indicators, 4–2 Internal Switches, 4–1 —A— —C— —D— —E— —G— —I— —L— LED and Switch Locations, 4–2 LNA Plate to Waveguide Switch, 2–19 LNA Waveguide Switch Pinout (J10), A–5 I Index —M— M&C (J4, J8), 2–17 M&C Input/Output Signals (J17), 4–8 M&C Operational Control, 3–2 M&C Switch CMD and Indicators (J18), 4–7 Message Structure, B–2 Monitor & Control (J16), 2–20 Power, 1–2, 1–4, 3–1, 4–3, 4–7 RFT Commands/Responses, B–5 RX/IF Input (J2, J6), 2–16 RX/IF Output (J13), 2–19 RX/IF Output (J15), 2–19 —P— —R— —S— Serial Interfaces (J19, J20, J21), 4–6 Servicing with Power On, 4–3 Start Character, B–3 Status Commands/Responses, B–7 Switch Indicators, 3–3 Switch Redundancy Commands/Responses, B–5 Tools Required, 2–6 Troubleshooting, 4–1, 4–4 TX/IF Input (J12), 2–19 TX/IF Input (J14), 2–19 —T— Rev. 8 i–1

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