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Training Guide for retail sales staff - Energy Labelling

Training Guide for retail sales staff - Energy Labelling

2.3 continued METHOD

2.3 continued METHOD CONTENT RESOURCES Page 6 The problem we now face is that human actions, particularly the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, and land clearing are increasing the concentrations of greenhouse gases, in particular CO 2, in the earth’s atmosphere. This is known as the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect. ANSWER This increase is in the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is causing what scientists call GLOBAL WARMING. STATE / READ What do Greenhouse Gases have to do with Appliance Sales Staff? Carbon Dioxide (CO 2) is the major greenhouse gas produced from burning coal to produce electricity. CO 2 is also produced when gas is burnt to run gas appliances. STATE / READ Electricity and gas are used to run household appliances. By producing electricity to run household appliances and using gas appliances we are increasing greenhouse gas emissions. ANSWER In fact Australian households contribute almost 20% of our national greenhouse gas emissions. STATE / READ If appliance consumers purchased only high star rated and Galaxy Energy Award winning appliances then electricity and gas usage would be less, resulting in fewer greenhouse gases (CO 2) being released into the atmosphere. By recommending only high star rated and Galaxy Energy Award winning appliances, sales staff can make a huge difference in reducing electricity and gas use and therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Energy also costs money, so by recommending energy efficient products you are also helping your customer to save money on their gas and electricity bills. W/B 4 W/B 5

2.4 HOUSEHOLD ENERGY CONSUMPTION METHOD CONTENT RESOURCES 5 minutes HOUSEHOLD ENERGY CONSUMPTION Electrical Appliances The total energy consumption of the average all ‘electric’ home is around 9,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. By consuming electricity the average household produces around 9 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. EXERCISE Household Energy Use & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Break into groups of 3 – 4. Match the following electrical appliances with the correct percentages in both of the charts on page 6. ANSWER Cooking – Energy use 4% and Emissions 5% Electrical Appliances – Energy use 30% and Emissions 53% Space Cooling – Energy use 1% and Emissions 2% Space Heating – Energy use 38% and Emissions 12% Water Heating – Energy use 27% and Emissions 28% Gas Appliances STATE / READ Gas appliances in our homes contribute to the greenhouse gas problem, however not as significantly as electrical appliances. Natural gas is the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels and generally produces the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of all the major fuels currently available for Australian requirements. However, there are some electrical appliances, such as high efficiency air conditioners for heating, and heat pump and electric boosted solar water heaters, which have comparable greenhouse gas emissions to gas appliances. Water Heating STATE / READ Take some time to have a look at the charts in figure 4 showing the greenhouse gas emissions for various hot water systems. W/B 6 W/B 7 W/B 7 Page 7

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