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Final Program - American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and ...

Final Program - American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and ...

20 11:29-11:36

20 11:29-11:36 A6-Education with Employer Support Improves Practitioners Evidence Based Practice Knowledge and Behaviours - Iona E. Novak, MSc; Sarah J. McIntyre, MPS 11:37-11:44 A7-Long Term Effect of Standardized Functional Therapy versus Botulinum Toxin-A and Standardized Functional Therapy on Manual Isometric Force Generation in Children with Congenital Spastic Hemiplegia - Eugene Rameckers, MRes; Lucianne Speth, MD; Bouwien Smits-Engelsman, PhD; Hans Vles, PhD, MD; Jaak Duysens, PhD Discussion: 11:45-12:00 free PaPers b: develoPmenTal PediaTriCs Location: Ballroom C Moderator: Sarah Winters, MD 10:30-10:38 B1-Prevalence of Metabolic Acidosis Following Enteroplasty in Myelomeningocele - Richard C. Adams, MD; Warren Snodgrass, MD; Behroze Vachha, MD, PhD 10:39-10:47 B2-Factors Associated with Bullying of Students with Special Needs - Kevin T. Borrup, MPA, JD; Barbara Draheim, MSN, RN, CS, PNP 10:48-10:55 B3-Increased Neurodevelopmental Delays in Preterm Multiples with Birth Weight Less Than 1500g - Jennifer A. Michalec, MD; Charles Rittenberg, MD; Myla Ebeling; Michelle M. Macias, MD; Thomas C. Hulsey, MSPH ScD; Lakshmi D. Katikaneni, MD 10:56-11:03 B4-School-readiness and Functional Disability after Prematurity and Respiratory Distress Syndrome - Athena I. Patrianakos, MD; Michael E. Msall, MD; Jeremy D. Marks, PhD, MD; Dezheng Huo, PhD; Michael D. Schreiber, MD Discussion: 11:04-11:16 11:17-11:24 B5-Predicting Abnormal Motor Outcome in Very Preterm Infants at 12 months: The Role of Qualitative MRI and General Movements Assessments - Alicia J. Spittle, BPhysio, MSc; Lex W. Doyle, MD, FRACP; Terrie E. Inder, MBChB, MD; Roslyn N. Boyd, BSc, MSc, PhD 11:25-11:32 B6-Efficacy of Applied Behavioural Intervention for Preschool Children with Autism to Improve Cognitive, Behavioural and Language Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis - Michèle Naomi Spreckley; Roslyn Boyd, PhD, MSc, PT 11:33-11:40 B7-Cognitive Profile in Young Icelandic Children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) - Solveig Sigurdardottir, MD; Eva Gunnarsdottir; Audur Eiriksdottir; Marrit Meintema; Unnur Arnadottir; Torstein Vik, MD 11:41-11:48 B8-The Causes of Progressive Intellectual and Neurological Deterioration (PIND) in UK Children. Findings of a Prospective National Study after Almost 10 Years of Surveillance - Christopher M. Vertity, FRCPCH Discussion: 11:49-12:00 free PaPers C: orTHoPaediCs Location: Ballroom B Moderator: Robert Kay, MD Program HigHligHTs, continued 10:30-10:38 C1-Proximal Femoral Geometry in Cerebral Palsy: A Population-based Cross-sectional Study - Jonathan Gideon Robin, MBBS (Hons); Paulo Selber, MD; Richard Baker, PhD; Fiona Dobson, PhD; Kerr Graham, MD 10:39-10:47 C2-Muscle Length in Severe Crouch Gait - Peter M. Wong, M Physio; Jillian M. Rodda, PhD; Paulo Selber, MD; Kerr Graham, MD; Richard Baker, PhD 10:48-10:55 C3-Dislocated Hip Joint Pain in Children with Severe Cerebral Palsy - Marek Jozwiak, MD, PhD; Piotr Harasymczuk, MD; Aleksander Koch, MD 10:56-11:03 C4-Rates of Utilization of Gait Analysis for Surgical Decision Making for Ambulatory Cerebral Palsy in North America - Unni G. Narayanan, MBBS, FRCSC, (MSc); Shannon Weir, BSc, (MSc); Alan Morris, BASc, MASc, PhD; Sue Redekop, BASc, MSc

Program HigHligHTs, continued Discussion: 11:04-11:16 11:17-11:24 C5-Tendons Collagen Turnover-related Genes in Cerebral Palsy - Nicoletta Gagliano, MD; Francesco Pelillo, MD; Verusca Gasparroni; Odoardo Picciolini, MD; Magda Gioia, MD; Nicola Portinaro, MD 11:25-11:32 C6-Distal Femoral Extension Osteotomy and Patellar Advancement in the Treatment of Crouch Gait: A Review of Complications - Tom F. Novacheck, MD; Jean L. Stout, PT, MS; James R. Gage, MD; Michael Schwartz, PhD 11:33-11:40 C7-The Effect of Hamstring Stretching on Hip Displacement in Cerebral Palsy - YuYing Chen, MSc; CH Chang, MD; CJ Wang, MD 11:41-11:48 C8-Single Event Multilevel Surgery in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy: A Randomized Controlled Trial - Jonathan Gideon Robin, MBBS (Hons); Pamela Thomason, M PT; Alana Peters, AAppSc(HMS); Richard Baker, PhD; Karen Dodd, PhD; Kerr Graham, MD; Paulo Selber, MD; Rory Wolfe, PhD Discussion: 11:49-12:00 12:00 - 1:30 PM Business Meeting Lunch Members-only lu nch and business meeting will be held in Ballroom A . The agenda can be found on page 0 . 1:30 - 3:00 PM Free Paper Session D, E & F free PaPers d: THeraPy Location: Ballroom A Moderator: Andrew Morgan, MD 1:30-1:38 D1-Outcome Tool Score Changes with Changes in GMFCS Level - Donna J. Oeffinger, PhD; Anita Bagley, PhD; George Gorton; Sarah Rogers, MPH; Chester M. Tylkowski, MD 1:39-1:47 D2-Measuring Self-concept in Children with Cerebral Palsy - Greta von der Luft, BS, MS, MEd, PhD; Betty De Boer, PhD, MPE 1:48-1:55 D3-Quantitative Measurement of Spasticity: Reliability Data from a Novel Measurement Device - Alan Robert Morris, PhD; Darcy Lynn Fehlings, MD 1:56-2:03 D4-Clinically Relevant Changes in Outcome Tool Scores for Ambulatory Children with Cerebral Palsy - Anita M. Bagley, PhD; Donna Oeffinger, PhD; Sarah Rogers, MPH; George Gorton; Chester Tylkowski, MD, FARG Group Discussion: 2:04-2:16 2:17-2:24 D5-Responsiveness of Outcome Tools Used to Assess Individuals with CP - Donna J. Oeffinger, PhD; Anita Bagley, PhD; George Gorton; Sarah Rogers, MPH; Chester M. Tylkowski, MD 2:25-2:32 D6-Effects of Tire Type and Pressure on Energy Expenditure During Wheelchair Propulsion - Bonita J. Sawatzky, PhD 2:33-2:40 D7-Prediction of Mechanical Efficiency from Heart Rate during Stair-climbing in Children with Cerebral Palsy - Simona Bar-Haim, PhD, PT; Jacob Kaplanski, PhD; Belokopytov Mark, PhD; Netta Harries, BPt; Jack Loeppky, PhD 2:41-2:48 D8-Energy Efficiency of Walking in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD): Is There an Impact with Steroid Use - Susan Sienko Thomas, MA; Cathleen E. Buckon, MS; Alina Nicorici; Anita Bagley, PhD; Craig M. McDonald, MD; Michael D. Sussman, MD Discussion: 2:49-3:00 2

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