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Final Program - American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and ...

Final Program - American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and ...

48 Synthes Spine is a

48 Synthes Spine is a leading international spinal device company, specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of technologies for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders . Synthes Spine features a comprehensive and diverse portfolio of products for fusion and non-fusion surgical techniques with the objective of providing the patient with the best possible outcome . Close collaboration with many surgeons, including the AO Foundation, allows Synthes Spine to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers and the patient . Website: www .synthes .com Cathleen lyle murray foundation dr. and mrs. William l. oppenheim EXHIBITORS Allard USA, Inc. Booth 309 For children with sitting instability and/or scissoring gait, you will want to see SWASH – the Sitting-Standing-And-Walking-Hip Orthosis . Kid- Dee-Lite – the smallest ankle joint available with plantar-dorsal adjustment of 40 degrees! Have you ever seen an AFO that weighs less than 8 ounces? Come see ToeOFF, our carbon composite dynamic response AFO . Website: www .allardusa .com Advanced Mechanical Technology, Inc. (AMTI) Booth 20 AMTI is a worldwide supplier of Biomechanics force measurement technology including: 2 standard Biomechanics Force Platforms with custom sizes available, BioSoft Software, the AccuSway Balance/Postural Sway system; and Orthopaedic implant simulators . Website: www .amti .biz aCknoWledgemenTs, continued & exHibiTors - loCaTed in exHibiT Hall a BC Provincial Paediatric Therapist Consultant Booth 3 5 The vision of the office of the BC Provincial Paediatric Therapist Consultant is to make BC the province of choice for paediatric therapists . Timely access to therapy services for children, the strengthening of publicly funded paediatric therapy programs, and supporting the delivery of comprehensive and effective therapy services in BC are all guiding principles for the Provincial Paediatric Therapist Consultant . The office is also a resource for paediatric therapists through the delivery of professional development and networking opportunities, and initiatives designed to improve therapist retention such as promoting manageable workloads and developing a provincial mentoring strategy . Website: www .therapybc .ca Blackwell Publishing Booth 300 Blackwell Publishing is the world’s leading society publisher, partnering with 665 medical, academic, and professional societies . Blackwell publishes more than 800 journals and has thousands of books in print . In 2007, Blackwell began selling Mac Keith Press books and distributing its journal, Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology . Blackwell Publishing officially merged with John Wiley & Sons, Inc .’s Scientific, Technical, and Medical business in February 2007 . Website: www .blackwellpublishing .com Cascade DAFO ® , Inc. Booth 209 Cascade DAFO ® , Inc ., provider of the original Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses (DAFO), is known for high quality and compliance . DAFOs are unique with the thin wrap-around design which is fabricated for intimate fit and flexibility . The variety of styles allow specific muscle groups that are well controlled by the patient to remain active, while giving an appropriate level of control or support to the muscles that require assistance . DAFOs are custom molded and feature personalized padding, straps, and playful trims . A wide variety of styles of braces are available with a range of functional options to meet every need . Website: www .dafo .com

exHibiTors - loCaTed in exHibiT Hall a, continued Easy Walking, Inc. Booth 200 Easy Walking Inc, a company dedicated to getting wheelchair bound patients back on their feet . Easy walking Inc . is the maker of the Up n’ Go a partial weight bearing mobility device . The Up n’ Go is a physical therapy tool that allows patients who are currently in wheelchairs to stand and walk . The Up n’ Go assists patients in transferring from sitting to standing and walking . In addition, the Up n’ Go frees patients’ hands allowing greater independence and an improved quality of life . Website: www .easy-walking .com Freedom Concepts Booth 205 According to Angela Jackson, Physical Therapist, NOMC Euro-Peds, “Riding Freedom Concepts bikes encourages the increase in range of motion, teaches reciprocal patterning of the lower extremities and improves motor planning skills that can carry over into many other functional activities in an individual’s life .” Working with medical professionals and families since 99 , Freedom Concepts custom-builds each mobility device for individuals with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, Angelman Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, and the visually impaired . Recently we have expanded our existing product line-up to include new devices that compliment and continue our goal of creating fun, therapy and most of all . . .Freedom! Website: www .freedomconcepts .com Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare Booth 208 Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is an independent, not-for-profit hospital located in Minnesota . Gillette is internationally renowned for a level of pediatric expertise that distinguishes us from many health care organizations . Since our founding by Dr . Arthur Gillette more than 00 years ago, we’ve been at the forefront of medical technology, treatment, education, and research for children with disabilities or complex medical needs . Our programs, emphasizing services for infants, toddlers, children, teens and their families, have now been extended to provide a lifetime of care . Our mission is to help those we serve realize greater well-being, independence and enjoyment in life . Website: www .gillettechildrens .org Jobskin Ltd Booth 2 3 Jobskin ltd, (formerly known as Gilbert & Mellish), is a manufacturing company based in Nottingham UK . The company has a history of providing high quality made to measure textiles for use in the rehabilitation industry . One such product is the SNUG Sensory Dynamic Orthosis (SDO) which is a made to measure lycra garment . The SDO has been shown to be effective in the treatment of many neurological conditions, especially Cerebral Palsy . Website: Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital Booth 2 Emanuel Children’s Hospital is a 55-bed facility that includes an 8bed PICU and a 45-bed Level III Neonatal ICU, as well as two large Acute Units . The hospital has a full team of board-certified pediatric sub-specialty professionals in both medical and surgical areas . Our active teaching programs include rotating pediatric and family practice residents and medical students taught by pediatric clinic attendings, inpatient hospitalists and sub-specialist attendings . The Emanuel Children’s Hospital is a member of NACHRI . The hospital is part of the Legacy Health System that includes 5 hospitals within the Portland metro area . Website: www .legacyhealth .org Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) Booth 220 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) is a leading international publisher of professional health information for physicians, nurses, specialized clinicians and students . LWW provides essential information for healthcare professionals in print and electronic formats . Also, representing Springer, Thieme, and McGraw-Hill . Website: www .lww .com Login Canada Booth 3 8 In the past fifteen years, Login Canada has become the premier book distributor of health sciences, scientific/technical, and trade books and electronic products . We currently stock over 60,000 titles from more than 500 publishers with access to over 4 4,990 titles in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, allied health, psychology, social sciences, computer sciences, and a broad range of other topics . Website: www .lb .ca 49

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