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Final Program - American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and ...

Final Program - American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and ...

54 united

54 united Cerebral Palsy scientific Poster award 2006 – Adrianne Harvey, PT – “The Functional Mobility Scale (FMS): Responsiveness to Change” 2005 – Anna Mackey, MSc, PT – “Botulinum toxin A in the Upper Limb of Children with Cerebral Palsy – Assessment of Outcomes by 3-D Upper Limb Kinematic Analysis” 2004 – Jacques L D’Astous, MD, Poster #33 – “Transfer of the Posterior Tibial Tendon: A Biomechanical Comparison of Rerouting Methods” 2003 – Peter Sullivan, MD, Poster #9 – “A 12 Month Prospective Study of Gastrostomy Feeding in Disabled Children” 2002 – M . Marie Kim, MD, Poster #2 – “Attentional Problems in Children who were Extremely Low birthweight: Do They Change Over Time?” 2000 – Diane L Damiano, PhD, PT, Poster # 2 – “Relationships Among Impairments, Motor Function, & Perceived Health Status in Spastic CP” 999 – Erick K Ong, BS, Poster # 7 – “Energy Cost of Locomotion in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Measured with a Portable Metabolic Cart” 996 – Jayesh Kothari – “Serum Neuron Specific Enolase in Preterm Infants at Risk for Developing Intraventricular Hemorrhage.” 995 – Paul T . Cheng, BS – “A Practical Method for Measuring Functional Status of Children with Cerebral Palsy in an Outpatient Setting.” 993 – Peter Chauvel – “The Upsuit: A Radically Different Approach to Management of Tone and Posture in Children with Cerebral Palsy” 989 – James Miedaner, PT, MS – “A Comparison of Sitting Positions and Equipment: Their Effect on Trunk Extension for Children with Cerebral Palsy” 988 – David Berbrayer, Peter Ashby – “Is Reciprocal Inhibition Disordered in Cerebral Palsy?” mac keith Press Promising Career award (formally young investigator award) 2006 – Sandra Fucile, OT, MSc – “Vacuum-free Bottle Facillitate Preterm Infants Sucking Skills” 2005 – Christopher Morris, MSc – “Utility of the the Activities Scale for Kids for Children with Cerebral Palsy” 2004 – Unni G Narayanan, MD – “Caregiver Priorities & Child Health Index of Life with Disabilities (CPCHILD): The Initial Development & Validation of a Disease-Specific Measure of Health Status and Wellbeing of Children with Severe Disabilities due to CP” 2003 – Behroze Vachha, MD, PhD – “Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language Skills in Children with Myelomeningocele and Shunted Hydrocephalus” 2002 – Catherine Limperopoulos, PhD – “Functional Limitations in Young Children with Congenital Heart Defects Following Cardia Surgery” 2000 – Christine M . Houlihan, MD – “Bodily Pain & Health Related Quality of Life in Children with CP” 999 – Heloisa S Pereira, MD – “Performance of Uni & Bimanual Hand Tasks in Children with DCD & DCD Plus Attention Problems” aaCPdm annual meeTing aWard reCiPienTs rosTer sage award (multi-media audio/visual) 2006 – Karen Dodd, PhD – “Strength Training for Young People With Cerebral Palsy” 2005 – Henry G . Chambers, MD – “Focus on Cerebral Palsy” 2004 – Lois SAilver Fiala, MA – “Removing Barriers to Mammography for Women with Physical Disabilities” AND Carey Matsuba, MD, CM “Help Your Child See—Promoting the Visual Development of Young Children with Ocular Visual Impairment” 2003 – Gay L Girolami, PT – “Is My Baby Okay? A Film for Parents on Early Detection of Motor Differences” Pathways Awareness Foundation, Chicago, IL 2002 – Holly Wilson, PT – “Mobilization & Strengthening of the Infant Club Foot” 200 – Lois Fiala (awarded at 56th AM) – “Cortical Visual Impairment in Young Children” 2000 – Dianne J . Russell, MSc – “Gross Motor Function Measure” 998 – Linda Witte, OTR – “Spina Bifida: The Beginning of a New Journey” 997 – “When Billy Broke His Head … and Other Tales of Wonder” 996 – Diane Thomas, BscOT; Anne Reiner, BSR, “Cortical Visual Impairment in Young Children” 995 – Judith Levy, MSW – “Reaching Out to Teens: The Rewards of Therapeutic Foster Care” 993 – Jim Gage – “Normal Walking: An Overview of Gait, Based on Gait Analysis” 992 – Donna Daily, MD; Aloyce Shaw; Donna Scheidegger; Latissa Allen . “Choice, Not Chance” 99 – Michael Msall, MD; Kathleen DiGaudio, MS; Judith Schwiegerling, BS – “Down Syndrome: Optimizing Health and Development” 990 – Christina R . Coia, M .Ed; Andrea Green; Teresa Maebori – “Something Magical” 989 – Judith Levy, MSW – “What About Me” 988 – Arthur M . Timms, BSc, PhD – “Modern Times” 987 – Franklin V Peale, MD – “All by Myself” 986 – Rebecca Zechman, R .N .C .; Kathy McCormac, RN; David Tapper, MD; Jennifer Watkins, RN; Alfred M . Ross, BA – “Pediatric Adaptive Technologies, Part I – Basic Care and Feeding of the Child with a Gastronomy Tube” 985 – Marcia W . Swanson, RPT; Jane Leech – “Cerebral Palsy: Independence for the Child in the Classroom” 983 – R P Erhardt, MS; D . Pullan – “Normal Hand Developments, Birth to 15 Months” 982 – James A . Blackman, MD – “Assessment of Neuromotor Dysfunction in Infancy”

aaCPdm annual meeTing aWard reCiPienTs rosTer, continued gayle g. arnold award for best scientific Paper (formerly Children’s Hospital award) 2006 – Jeanne Charles, PhD & Andrew Gordon, PhD – “Efficiency of Hand- Arm Intensive Bimanual Training (HABIT) on Upper Extremity Movement in Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy” 2005 – Ann-Christin Eliasson, PhD, OT – “The Manual Ability Classification System (MACS) for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Scale Development and Evidence of Validity and Reliability” 2004 – Martin Staudt, MD – “(Re-)organization in Congential Hemiparesis Acquired at Different Gestational Ages” 2003 – Peter Rosenbaum, MD – “Prognosis for Gross Motor Function in Cerebral Palsy” 2002 – Christine Houlihan, MD (from 200 , meeting cancelled) – “Bodily Pain & Health Related Quality of Life in Children with CP” – 3 free papers from AM02 were nominated for the 2003 Award 2000 – Cathleen Buckon, MS, OT – “The Effect of Ankle Foot Orthosis Configurations on Technical & Functional Measures in Children with Spastic Hemiplegia” – free papers from AM00 were nominated for the 200 Award 999 – Lisa Samson-Fang, MD – “Identification of Malnutrition in Children with CP: Poor Performance of NCHS Weight for Height Percentiles” – 8 free papers from AM99 were nominated for the 2000 Award 998 – John F . McLaughlin, MD – “Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy: Efficacy & Safety in an Investigator Masked Randomized Clinical Trial” – 3 free papers from AM98 were nominated for the 999 Award 997 – Paul Steinbok; Ann Reiner; Bob Armstrong – “Clinical Trial To Compare Selective Posterior Rhizotomy Plus Physiotherapy” 996 – Ross Hays, MD; K . Bjornson; John Mantovani, MD – “Value of Electrophysiological Monitoring in Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy” 995 – Ian Corry, FRCS – “Botulinum Toxin A in the Hemiplegic Upper Limb” 993 – Aidan B . Cosgrove, M .B . – “Botulinum Toxin A Presents the Development of Contractures in the Hereditary Spastic Mouse” 992 – Gayle G . Arnold, MD – “Pattern Recognition in Spastic Diplegia” 99 – R . Price; K . Bjornson; J .F .Lehmann; J . F . McLaughlin – “Quantitative Measure of Spasticity in Children with Cerebral Palsy” 990 – Jane K . Sweeney, PhD – “Physiological and Behavioral Effects of Neurological Assessment in Preterm and Fullterm Neonates” 989 – Mark Hoffer, MD; Jacquelin Perry, MD; Maxine Lehman, OTR; Greg Mellonian, MD – “Post Operative Function of Tendon Transfers in Cerebral Palsy Using a Dynamic Electromyogram” 987 – George A . Thompson, Jr – “Treatment of Spasticity via Transcranial Stimulation in Patients with Cerebral Palsy and Severe Mental Retardation” 986 – Marilee C . Allen, MD; Arnold Capute, MD – “Apgar Score as Predictor or Outcome in Premature Infants” 985 – Ruth Koheil, B .Sc . – “Biofeedback Techniques and Behavior Modification in the Conservative Remediation of Drooling in Children with Cerebral Palsy” 984 – Loretta K . Lough, MA; David H . Nielsen, LPT, PhD – “Ambulation and myelomeningocele: Parapodium vs. parapodium with ORLAU Swivel Modifications” 983 – Thomas F . King, Jr . MD – “The Results of Split Posterior Tibial Tendon Transfer in Children with Cerebral Palsy” 982 – R . Lawrence Kroovand, MD – “The Artificial Sphincter: New Developments in the Restoration of Urinary Continence” 980 – Dorrie Rapp, PhD – “Therapeutic Applications of Micro-Processor Based Aids with Retarded Multihandicapped Children” 978 – Joyce Campbell; Robert Waters; James Ball; Helen Hislop – “The Energetics of Walking in Cerebral Palsy” 977 – Bruce Schoenberg, MD – “The Spectrum of Cerebrovascular Disease in Infants and Children” 976 – Frank McManus, M .B . – “Cerebral Palsy – Evidence of Failure?” 975 – Patricia O’Malley – “Perceptual Motor Dysfunction in the Child with Hemiplegia” mac keith basic science lecture 2006 – Evan Snyder, MD – “Stem Cells: Developmental Principals Should Guide Interventions in Neurological Disease” 2005 – Stephen A . Beck, MD, PhD – “Pathogenesis of Spastic Diplegia” 2004 – Richard L . Lieber, PhD – “Structural and Functional Changes in Muscle Due to Spasticity” 2003 – Charles A . Nelson, PhD (Title N/A) 2002 – John McDonald – “CNS Repair: What is Do-able” 2000 – Eric Hoffman, PhD – “Duchenne’s and Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy: What We Have Learned and How this Will Help Patients” 999 – Michael Guralnick, PhD – “Efficacy of Early Intervention: What’s Known and What’s Next” 998 – Jeffrey Murray – “Scientific and Ethical Issues Generated by the Human Genome Project with an Emphasis on Developmental Medicine” 996 – Harry Orr, PhD – “Model of Ataxia in SCA1 Transgenic Mice” 995 – Philippe Evrard – “Migrational Disorders: Causes of CP and Learning Disorders” No Mac Keith Lectures prior to 995 listed Presidential guest speakers 2006 – T . Berry Brazeltan – “Touchpoints: An Approach to Families” 2005 – James R . Gage, MD – “Biomechanics of Gait” 2004 – David B . Shurtleff, MD – “History and Current Management and Prevention of Neural Tube Defects” 2003 – Martha Piper, PhD (Title N/A) 2002 – James A Barkovich, MD – “Cerebral Palsy: How Imaging Can Help” 2002 – Eric B Keverne, SD – “Genomic Imprinting, Brain Evolution, and Behavior” 2000 – Mercer Rang, MD (Title N/A) 999 – Michael Guralnick, PhD (Title N/A) 55

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