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Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

4.66 The QA performance

4.66 The QA performance targets are measured against a combination of live on‐site audits 85 and post‐installation audits (randomly selected technical, customer service and safety audits) of all subcontracted installers by the service contractor. The audit requirements comprised: two per cent of post‐installation audits, and three per cent of customer satisfaction/OH&S phone audits. DBCDE provided both service contractors with a template to be used to ensure consistency in reporting. The service contractor QA Self Check Report includes information on: the total number of customers audited against the total number of installations for the month; and a breakdown of the service types. Reporting QA data 4.67 The service contractors have provided monthly QA reports to DBCDE since the Regional Victoria rollout. At the completion of each switchover region, service contractors also provide an overall report of QA activities and issues identified. For example, in relation to the closure report for Regional Victoria, one service contractor’s report highlighted that it had completed 402 QA visits since the commencement of the Scheme in Victoria. Additionally, there were a further 180 post‐installation QA activities scheduled over the month of June 2011. The service contractor also conducted further QA activities on 100 per cent of its subcontractors’ installations, which involved reviewing completed documentation and quality assurance photos submitted by the subcontracted installers. 86 4.68 The deeds also require service contractors to collect and retain information on each installer, such as certifications, as the service contractors can be required by the department to deliver subcontractor documentation for QA or review. DBCDE has undertaken random QA reviews of subcontractors for Regional South Australia and Broken Hill, Regional Victoria and Regional Queensland. The department generally informs the service contractors of the 85 Live on-site audits are those undertaken by a technician who inspects the subcontracted installer’s work as it is being undertaken. 86 Both service contractors have made the provision of photographic evidence of installations a requirement for each subcontractor for each HAS installation. Subcontractors take photos of the work undertaken, including installation of the STB, any cabling work, antenna installation and a photo of the customers using the quick reference guide, and a photo of the customer’s remote control. These photos are time and date stamped and are attached to all installation forms that are sent to the service contractor. This requirement provides another level of assurance that the subcontractors/installers are invoicing for works completed. These photos also provide assistance to call centre operators when speaking to customers in relation to after-care or warranty issues. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 104

Scheme Delivery Arrangements QA review of their subcontracted installers and requests: signed confidentiality and privacy deeds; AIES approval, including the level of endorsement, expiry date and endorsement number; and evidence that training has been completed and passed, including OH&S requirements. 87 4.69 In addition, from May 2011, DBCDE has also sought confirmation from each service contractor of compliance with AS/NZS 62087.2.1:2008 88 , and compliance with minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) requirements for digital television STBs. DBCDE’s External Quality Assurance Program 4.70 The QA arrangements for HAS were further strengthened, when DBCDE approved funding for the establishment of the External Quality Assurance Program (EQAP) in November 2011. EQAP provides an independent assessment of the quality of installations completed under HAS by verifying that installations comply with HAS deeds, laws and applicable industry standards, such as those concerning the handling of asbestos. HAS EQAP was based on the lessons learned from the trial external quality assurance program under SSS. 4.71 DBCDE engaged a consultant to develop and manage EQAP inspections of installations under both HAS and SSS in remote and Regional Queensland. DBCDE initially planned for external inspections to be completed retrospectively in Regional Victoria and in Regional and remote Queensland. However, the scope of the project was subsequently reduced and Victoria was removed. 89 A total of $2 million has been approved for inspections to be undertaken in remote and Regional Queensland. 87 While the department’s random QA reviews identified missing or incomplete documentation retained by service contractors, for example documentation to demonstrate that external OH&S training had been completed, police check documentation was provided for all subcontracted installers (in accordance with the Regional Queensland deed). In each case where the department identified missing or incomplete documentation, the service contractor was contacted and was required to address the issue. 88 This standard relates to the expansion of AS/NZS 4665—testing power supplies to the Minimum Energy Performance Standard, to include the listing of audio video and related equipment, including digital STBs. 89 The scope of EQAP was reduced because it was considered that post-installation inspections approximately six months after the switchover date would be likely to increase the risk of confusion among HAS customers and adversely impact installer resources. Ultimately, the department concluded that performing EQAP in regional Victoria would not be a sufficiently efficient or effective use of public funds. Accordingly, both the scope and budget were reduced through the removal of Regional Victoria inspections. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 105

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