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Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

4.72 Under EQAP, three

4.72 Under EQAP, three types of HAS inspections are proposed: � desk‐top review of service contractors OH&S management systems; � two per cent (490) live, on‐site OH&S inspections; and � three per cent (675) post installation technical inspections. 4.73 The desk‐top review of service contractors OH&S management systems provides assurance that service contractors have OH&S systems that have been certified under the current Australian and New Zealand Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management (AS/NZS4801 Safety Management Systems), and the systems are being used to manage OH&S issues. 4.74 The live on‐site inspections involve the review of appropriate OH&S training and equipment and help to ensure that subcontractors adhere to OH&S requirements throughout the installation work. These inspections are selected on the basis of HAS risks. The selection also takes into account intelligence from other contract management activities on potential areas of underperformance by service contractors. The post‐installation technical inspections provides the department with assurance that equipment has been installed by subcontracted installers in compliance with industry standards. Table 4.3 shows the number of EQAP inspections completed as at April 2012. 90 Table 4.3 EQAP desktop reviews and inspections completed for HAS ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 106 EQAP inspections OH&S desktop reviews Live on-site inspections Post-installation technical inspections Estimated number 2 490 675 Actual number 2 169 565 Note: The actual number of live on-site inspections is considerably lower than anticipated due to a range of factors, such as cancellation and changes to the installation schedule, geographical distance between scheduled installations and weather conditions preventing inspectors attending some scheduled inspections. Source: ANAO from DBCDE information. 4.75 As at April 2012, the desk‐top reviews of service contractors’ OH&S management systems have been completed. No significant issues were found, 90 DBCDE recently informed the ANAO that all EQAP inspections were completed in May 2012 with a final report to DBCDE expected in late-June 2012.

Scheme Delivery Arrangements with the service contractors accepting and implementing recommendations arising from the reviews. Of the 169 live on‐site inspections that have been completed, five issues were found which initially resulted in the temporary suspension of three subcontracted installers. These issues were identified within the first two weeks of the EQAP inspections commencing, and there have been no further OH&S issues identified that warrant escalation to the service contractors or the department. A total of 565 post‐installation inspections have been completed under EQAP. Key findings related to antennae signal strength and the quality of the installation. All findings were escalated to service contractors for remediation actions. 4.76 The department has identified a number of lessons learned from the Regional Queensland EQAP activities, which can be used to enhance the EQAP for subsequent rollouts. These include: referencing Work Health and Safety (WHS) to incorporate the new WHS regime; sourcing of installation data from DBCDE to ensure consistent data for selection of EQAP targeted inspections; introduction of ‘unannounced’ live on‐site WHS inspections to create a level of deterrence; expanding the scope of live on‐site inspections to include information on the MER measurements used and checks that installed equipment is working appropriately; and reporting templates to escalate cases from the inspections. Conclusion 4.77 DBCDE has progressively strengthened QA arrangements for the Scheme. The development of a new QA framework and the requirements on the service contractors to submit, and have approved, a Quality Assurance Plan, which forms the basis for monitoring, evaluating and reporting on service contractors’ implementation procedures and inspection methods, assists the department to better monitor compliance with the deeds. The establishment of EQAP, to provide independent assurance to DBCDE regarding the quality of installations under HAS also better positions the department to: monitor service contractor compliance with OH&S requirements; and provide the department with assurance that equipment has been installed in compliance with industry standards. Complaints management 4.78 As DBCDE, DHS and service contractors are responsible for different elements of HAS, it is important for DBCDE to ensure that all organisations involved have a clear understanding of their responsibilities when addressing ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 107

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