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Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

5. Scheme Performance

5. Scheme Performance and Reporting This chapter examines DBCDE’s scheme performance and reporting arrangements for HAS. Introduction 5.1 Establishing a sound performance monitoring and reporting framework enables agencies to assess the progress of schemes against objectives, learn from and improve scheme delivery over time and inform management decision‐making. 5.2 In accordance with the Australian Government’s Outcomes and Programs Reporting Framework, each public sector agency must assess and report to the Parliament the progress and performance of programs for which it has responsibility. The ANAO examined DBCDE’s performance, monitoring and reporting arrangements for HAS. 5.3 In relation to HAS, DBCDE’s 2012–13 PBS identified the following outcome: ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 110 Outcome 1: Develop a vibrant, sustainable and internationally competitive broadband, broadcasting and communications sector, through policy development, advice and program delivery, which promotes the digital economy for all Australians. 91 5.4 In support of this Outcome, DBCDE has established three programs. HAS contributes to Program 1.3: 1.3 Broadcasting and Digital Television Program objective: Ensure the smooth switchover to digital only television by the end of 2013. Support access to high quality, innovative and diverse broadcasting services that deliver content consistent with Australia’s diverse community expectations. 91 DBCDE PBS 2012–13, p. 19.

Scheme performance and Reporting 5.5 The delivery of Program 1.3 is linked to the activities of DHS, with HAS to be delivered ‘in close cooperation with DHS, which plays a key role in the delivery of the Digital Switchover Household Assistance Scheme’. 92 Measuring performance 5.6 Both qualitative and quantitative program‐level key performance indicators (KPIs) should be included in an agency’s PBS as measures against which program and agency performance can be assessed. The HAS‐specific KPIs initially focused on the broader digital switchover initiative, reflecting the size and scale of the Scheme at that time. As the Scheme has matured, and HAS installations commenced, performance indicators changed from descriptive, qualitative measures—emphasising the purpose of the Scheme—to a quantitative target: the number of HAS installations delivered to households. The quantitative key performance indicator provides further insights into Scheme progress. 93 5.7 As the largest component of DST’s overall digital switchover program, there would be merit in DBCDE developing and reporting against a balanced set of performance measures and targets for HAS, including both qualitative and quantitative measures. These measures should allow an assessment, over time, of the extent to which HAS is achieving the objectives set by government, better inform management decisions and support greater accountability to stakeholders. Scheme performance 5.8 Information about the performance and outcomes of HAS achieved to date demonstrates the scaling‐up of the Scheme, and the need for DBCDE to plan for future growth as the larger metropolitan rollouts commence. The ANAO examined the costs associated with the Scheme and the services delivered, as well as take‐up rates. 92 ibid., p. 31. 93 Appendix 5 outlines HAS-specific KPIs as included in DBCDE’s PBS since 2008–09. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 111

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