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Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

ANAO Audit Report No.55

ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 134 Q quality assurance (QA) DHS, QA activity by, 101, 102 external quality assurance program (EQAP), 105, 106, 107 service contractor, QA activity by, 103 R Request for Tender (RFT), 69 S Satellite Subsidy Scheme (SSS), 34, 56, 60, 96, 103, 105 service contractors (HAS head‐contractors) approval of subcontractors, 94 guidelines, 91, 99, 130 subcontractor police checks, 95 set‐top box (STB), 36, 41, 48, 50, 73, 75, 97, 112 talking STB, 76, 96 Skybridge Australia Pty Ltd, 40 T tender evaluation plan, 70, 71 tender evaluation report, 73, 75, 76, 78, 79, 81 V View Access Satellite Television (VAST), 35, 60

Series Titles ANAO Audit Report No.1 2011–12 The Australian Defence Forceʹs Mechanisms for Learning from Operational Activities Department of Defence ANAO Audit Report No.2 2011–12 Confidentiality in Government Contracts: Senate Order for Departmental and Agency Contracts (Calendar Year 2010 Compliance) ANAO Audit Report No.3 2011–12 Therapeutic Goods Regulation: Complementary Medicines Department of Health and Ageing ANAO Audit Report No.4 2011–12 Indigenous Employment in Government Service Delivery ANAO Audit Report No.5 2011–12 Development and Implementation of Key Performance Indicators to Support the Outcomes and Programs Framework ANAO Audit Report No.6 2011–12 Fair Work Education and Information Program Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations ANAO Audit Report No.7 2011–12 Establishment, Implementation and Administration of the Infrastructure Employment Projects Stream of the Jobs Fund Department of Infrastructure and Transport ANAO Audit Report No.8 2011–12 The National Blood Authorityʹs Management of the National Blood Supply National Blood Authority ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 135

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