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Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

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2.19 As the rollouts progressed, additional policy position papers have been developed. The papers informed the development of the Scheme, including the request for tender (RFT) documentation, service level agreements and DHS’ IT development requirements. The policy position papers were approved subject to review every six months. The original 11 policy positions were not, however, reviewed until February 2011. In December 2011, DBCDE established new requirements that all HAS policy position papers were to be endorsed by the Deputy Secretary Broadcasting and Digital Switchover. Conclusion 2.20 As the broad policy objectives for HAS were established as part of the Government’s commitment to digital switchover and refined during subsequent Budget processes, DBCDE was responsible for refining the objectives and developing the detailed Scheme design. The planning, design and development of HAS was undertaken early in 2008, prior to final approval being given by government. This timeframe gave DBCDE the opportunity to undertake research, consult internationally and develop a sound proposal to support the achievement of the overall objective of the Scheme—to provide practical in‐home assistance to targeted Australian households. 2.21 DBCDE has jointly delivered HAS with DHS, with arrangements formalised through an MoU between the two departments. DBCDE has developed HAS guidelines in consultation with DHS, DVA and DBCDE’s internal legal group, as well as members of the CEG and the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office. In addition, DBCDE also developed a set of policy position papers to provide further guidance on specific aspects of the Scheme, including the Scheme’s eligibility criteria, and outlined strategies and potential scenarios that may arise throughout the implementation of HAS. Implementation planning 2.22 The Government’s decision to establish HAS required DBCDE to develop an implementation plan that included milestones and clear measures of success for the Scheme. 2.23 A draft implementation plan was developed to accompany the 2008 proposal to government for the Mildura/Sunraysia pilot. DBCDE informed the ANAO that the implementation plan was not finalised. While DBCDE did not finalise the HAS implementation plan, the department developed (in July 2009), at the DST level, a Project Definition—Household Assistance Scheme plan. The plan was designed as a working document, to be ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 52

Scheme Design and Implementation updated and refined throughout the implementation of HAS. It defined major aspects of the Scheme and formed the basis for the management of the Mildura/Sunraysia, Regional South Australia and Broken Hill, and Regional Victoria region rollouts, and outlined the: � objectives and success criteria; � recommended project approach, scope, deliverables and milestones; � project roles and responsibilities; � stakeholders; � constraints, dependencies and interfaces; � assumptions and risks; � communications approach; and � high‐level project schedule. 2.24 While the plan has been revised and updated on four occasions, the last revision occurred in April 2010. The department subsequently informed the ANAO that it had adopted separate plans for each region. There would be merit in the department further developing, and regularly reviewing and updating a program level plan to better manage the HAS rollouts to major metropolitan and remote areas over the next 18 months, and provide the basis for monitoring the performance of the Scheme. Milestone schedules 2.25 To monitor HAS implementation, project tracking and reporting spreadsheets were developed. These were to be used in conjunction with the Project Definition—Household Assistance Scheme plan. 45 A key departmental consideration in the development of the spreadsheets was to provide a single source for Scheme information. 2.26 There were various project tracking and reporting spreadsheets created by DBCDE in the period from July 2009 through to January 2011, with approximately 20 different versions developed. Operational documents relating to the administration of HAS, such as a project plan and a procedures 45 These spreadsheets were designed to capture project tracking information. The spreadsheets were divided into individual worksheets to inform: fortnightly and monthly reporting; the monitoring of project deliverables and milestones; assumptions; master document list; risk register; issues register; project contact list; contract financials; and lessons learned. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 53

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