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Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

3.27 The RFT documents

3.27 The RFT documents prepared for each switchover region contained sufficient information to inform the preparation of tenders by potential providers, and were released on AusTender and in the national media. DBCDE also demonstrated sound practice, in accordance with the CPGs, by ensuring a fair and transparent process for potential providers through issuing all addenda and amendment notifications on AusTender. Tender Evaluation and Probity Plans were developed for each switchover region and received formal endorsement from the tender evaluation committee and delegate. Tender assessment 3.28 The CPGs require agencies to assess and evaluate tenders in accordance with the RFT and the Tender Evaluation and Probity Plan, in particular the evaluation procedures and criteria. 57 The assessment and evaluation process for HAS was divided into four stages: initial screening; detailed technical evaluation; value for money assessment; and negotiations and debriefing. Stage 1—Initial screening 3.29 Stage 1 of the tender assessment and evaluation process, involved the identification of incomplete tenders or those tenders that did not comply with the minimum content and format requirements, and conditions for participation. Each member of the evaluation committee was responsible for determining whether tenders met the requirements. Any decision to exclude potentially non‐compliant tenders was first referred to the legal and probity officer. Table 3.1 outlines the tenders received for each region and those that met the requirements for each RFT. 57 As mentioned previously in paragraph 3.21, the Tender Evaluation and Probity Plans for the procurement of HAS-related services in each region outlined the: evaluation criteria and weightings applied to each criterion and sub-criterion; the evaluation methodology to be used; and the timeline for the evaluation process. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 72

Tender Selection and Deed Negotiation Table 3.1 Tenders received and passed initial screening in each region Tenders received Tenders that progressed Mildura/Sunraysia Pilot Source: DBCDE HAS Tender Evaluation Reports. Regional South Australia and Broken Hill Regional Victoria Regional Queensland 12 6 6 5 6 6 4 3 3.30 Common reasons for tenderers not meeting the requirements of the initial screening stage for each RFT, related to conditions of participation, in particular the failure to: � submit the tender prior to the closing date; � provide a certificate of compliance with the STB specifications; � tender for all services; � provide sufficient financial information; and/or � provide a completed declaration by the tenderer of Schedule 1— Declaration by the Tenderer. 58 3.31 For each RFT, DBCDE documented why tenders did not meet requirements and the tender evaluation reports completed by the evaluation committee also outlined the reasons for tenders assessed as non‐compliant. For Mildura/Sunraysia, Regional Victoria and Regional Queensland, the legal and probity adviser supported the evaluation committee’s decision to exclude tenders from further consideration. 59 3.32 An internal review undertaken by DBCDE for the Mildura/Sunraysia pilot RFT found that a number of tenderers that failed to complete their tenders to a satisfactory level were smaller organisations, which may have had limited experience preparing RFTs for government. Although the requirements 58 Schedule 1—Declaration by the Tenderer is a declaration by the person lodging the tender or is authorised by the tenderer to state that they have understood the RFT and draft service agreement and unreservedly agrees to accept all the terms and conditions of the draft service agreement except for matters detailed in Schedule 4. 59 All potential tenderers for Regional South Australia and Broken Hill progressed to Stage 2. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 73

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