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Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Table 4.1 HAS

Table 4.1 HAS invitations by DHS or DVA payment type as at April 2012 ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 88 Rollout Aged pension Mildura/ Sunraysia pilot Regional South Australia and Broken Hill Regional Victoria Regional Queensland Carer payment Disability support payment DVA aged pension DVA income Support Supplement DVA service pension Total 5 525 687 3 266 17 406 416 10 317 22 402 2 599 13 277 30 1 145 1 823 41 276 98 359 11 443 56 466 312 6 931 8 244 181 755 88 292 11 157 52 405 145 4 353 7 758 164 110 Total 214 578 25 886 125 414 504 12 835 18 241 397 458 Source: DBCDE and DHS data. 4.12 To assess eligibility, potential HAS recipients (or their nominees) can telephone a dedicated information line (1800 556 443). As of early April 2012, DHS call centres, have received 170 791 enquiries under the Scheme. DHS customer service operators located at DHS call centres follow assessment and eligibility workflow processes to determine whether a customer is eligible for assistance. 68 Where a person (or a couple) is found to be eligible, DHS records the information on their customer record and allocates the customer to a service contractor. 4.13 Potentially eligible customers are sent a reminder letter before switchover if they have not tested their eligibility (currently around 75 days after the initial invitation letter). 69 The opt‐in window for customers to test their eligibility closes approximately one month after switchover, giving potential customers an additional opportunity to access assistance following the switch‐off of analog signal. 68 DHS’ HAS assessment and eligibility workflow processes is explained at Appendix 3. 69 DBCDE commissioned DHS to send out a second reminder letter as part of a trial to increase awareness and take-up rates in the Regional Queensland rollout. This letter was outside of the scope of work agreed between DBCDE and DHS for previous rollouts. The second reminder letter trial cost approximately $195 000.

Scheme Delivery Arrangements 4.14 The ANAO attended a DHS call centre located at Tuggerah, NSW to observe the handling of incoming calls from potential HAS customers (or their nominees) to test their eligibility. The small number of calls reviewed by the ANAO indicated that, where there was any uncertainty around eligibility, further questions were asked to determine whether a customer was eligible for assistance. The categories of calls reviewed concerned customers located outside the area in which the switchover was underway, nominees calling to update customer address details, general queries relating to the extent of assistance available, including eligibility under the Scheme, and arranging for installers to attend customers’ homes. DBCDE oversight of DHS HAS activities 4.15 As previously noted, DHS’ involvement in HAS is governed by the MoU with DBCDE. Since early 2009, DBCDE and DHS have established arrangements to manage customer communication and engagement activities under HAS, including monthly governance meetings. These arrangements have continued and been strengthened as rollouts of the Scheme have progressed. Under these arrangements, committees and working groups involving officers from DBCDE and DHS were established, and tasked with monitoring and progressing Scheme priorities and initiatives under the MoU. Conclusion 4.16 DBCDE and DHS have worked collaboratively to establish effective arrangements to invite and encourage potential customers to test their eligibility for assistance under HAS. DHS has undertaken the assessment of potential customers in accordance with agreed arrangements established under the MoU and coordinates the workflow to service contractors. The departments have developed governance arrangements and established work groups and committees to effectively support customer communication and engagement activities. Service contractor management 4.17 DBCDE has outsourced the installation of HAS products and services to two service contractors for the first five rollouts. The effective delivery and success of the Scheme is dependent on DBCDE having in place appropriate mechanisms to effectively manage these outsourced arrangements. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 89

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