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Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

4.18 In respect

4.18 In respect of service contractor management, the ANAO reviewed: � DBCDE’s contract management capacity; � service contractor deeds and guidelines; � approval of subcontractors (installers); � after‐care warranty services under HAS; and � payments to service contractors. DBCDE’s contract management capacity 4.19 As part of the design of the Scheme, DBCDE envisaged that a dedicated contract management section within the HAS Branch would coordinate the delivery of HAS services into customers’ homes. As of June 2009, the contract management section was to comprise eight staff located in Sydney. DBCDE was required to anticipate future contract management capacity, should the program be extended—as occurred in the context of the 2011–12 Budget, concluding with the Regional Queensland rollout. 4.20 The HAS contract management section was relocated from Sydney to Canberra with the bulk of the HAS Branch in 2010. Until late‐2010, the relocated section comprised three staff, five fewer than first envisaged, while the scale of the Scheme increased, placing additional responsibility on the section. By late‐2010, and during the Regional Victoria rollout, a new draft contract management plan was being prepared. It was not until early‐2011, however, that contract management planning and operational documents were revised. This coincided with the staffing and skills profile of the contract management section being reviewed. 4.21 Following this review, HAS contract management resourcing was increased and included a dedicated business/data intelligence capability. 70 The increase in staff and the enhanced skills profile of the section has supported the use of improved business processes, data collection and analysis, and business and quality assurance approaches. As the Scheme expands to include metropolitan and remote areas, there would be merit in DBCDE regularly reviewing the capacity of the HAS contract management function to help ensure the effective delivery of key activities. 70 This business/data intelligence capability moved to the compliance and data management section in January 2012. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 90

Service contractor agreements and guidelines Scheme Delivery Arrangements 4.22 Once a potential customer is assessed as eligible for HAS, qualified installers make an appointment with the customer to deliver services into the home. Installers are subcontracted by service contractors. The service contractor remains responsible for service delivery and, subject to the satisfactory performance of installers and the services delivered, the service contractor receives payment from DBCDE. 4.23 The two main sources of guidance for service contractors are the deeds for each rollout, and the Digital Switchover Household Assistance: Service Contractor Practical Guide (Practical Guide). The deeds and Practical Guide outline the obligations around the several service items available under HAS. These range from: tuning and demonstrating existing equipment 71 ; to the supply and installation of STBs, external antennae and cabling; through to provision and installation of a satellite dish, converter, satellite STB and cabling. 4.24 The deeds and Practical Guide outline the rights and obligations of service contractors delivering HAS, including all ancillary requirements of Scheme delivery (for example, reporting requirements, liaison arrangements, subcontractor approval, warranties and audit). The documents provide practical guidance to service contractors and their subcontracted installers, who are from an industry that has limited experience in partnering with governments to deliver publicly‐funded services. Approval of subcontractors (installers) 4.25 As at 1 March 2012, 75 791 HAS services have been delivered in the first four rollout regions. The scale of the Scheme will increase as rollouts continue into metropolitan and remote areas, requiring a substantial skilled workforce. DBCDE initially approved 92 subcontracted installers for both service contractors at the commencement of the Regional Queensland rollout. The department subsequently approved an additional 95 subcontracted installers throughout the remainder of the rollout in Regional Queensland. As a consequence, the department requires appropriate subcontracted installer approval processes to ensure that Scheme risks are managed, that relevant 71 Customers may already have access to some, but not all, of the standard definition channels available in the customer’s area. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 91

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