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Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household ...

� technical aspects

� technical aspects of the HD STB and antenna installation; � safety processes, installation practices and OH&S requirements, including a new section on working with asbestos 74 ; � inventory management; and � customer service. 4.36 One service contractor enlisted aged‐care professionals to develop a training package for their installers, including their internal customer service staff. Additional training specific to visual impairment and use of a ‘Talking STB’ was arranged through Vision Australia. 75 The regular review of training delivered by service contractors would better place DBCDE to gain a greater level of assurance that the training provided to installers is up‐to‐date and relevant, and would help to ensure contractor compliance with the requirements of the deeds. 4.37 In general, service contractors are meeting the requirements imposed under the deeds in respect of the approval of, and qualifications held by, subcontractors. While the use of unapproved subcontractors has occurred, it has been limited. The strengthened arrangements regarding the approval of installers will assist DBCDE to ensure that HAS services are only delivered by qualified and approved installers. After-care and warranty services under HAS 4.38 The circumstances of householders targeted for assistance by HAS means that they may have a higher dependency upon post‐installation care, technical support and warranty services to successfully switchover to viewing digital‐only television. 74 In September 2011 (during the Regional Queensland rollout) HAS and the department’s Satellite Subsidy Scheme (SSS) were temporarily suspended due to indications that a small number of installations under SSS had been completed in premises where asbestos-containing material was present or presumed. Under existing OH&S obligations in the HAS services deed, and consistent with requirements of Queensland legislation and regulators, HAS service contractors incorporated a safe work methodology specifically addressing the management of asbestos-containing materials. Revised training, manuals and procedures have been developed to support HAS installers who are required to work with asbestos-containing materials. 75 The ‘Talking STB’, which was developed and rolled out through a trial in Regional Victoria, was designed to improve access for customers who are blind or have vision impairment. These STBs have a mixed audio description and a ‘talking’ menu and electronic program capabilities. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 96

Scheme Delivery Arrangements 4.39 Under the terms of the deed, a service contractor must provide post‐installation services, including a warranty for HAS services delivered. Service contractors must: arrange for and/or provide an in‐home 12 month warranty for faulty parts, manufacture or workmanship relating to the set‐top box, cabling, antenna, installation and Satellite Services provided by the Service Contractor for each Customer … including a warranty on the STB, antenna, cabling and/or satellite dish, and: a 12 month in‐home warranty for faulty workmanship relating to the Service Contractor’s provision of the Services and any other after‐installation services the Service Contractor may offer. 4.40 While the cost of services provided under HAS incorporates the warranty services required to be provided by service contractors under the deeds, the after‐care costs may be embedded in any number of cost elements depending on the commercial/pricing decisions made by the service contractor. DBCDE does not incur any separate or additional costs associated with the service contractors’ provision of after‐care and warranty services. 4.41 Both service contractors are required to provide DBCDE with reports on the number and types of enquiries received in relation to after‐care and warranty issues under the deed. The 85 326 HAS installations delivered under the Scheme to 1 March 2012 have given rise to 38 after‐care and warranty enquiries. Of these, 25 related to one service contractor, and 13 related to the other service contractor. 4.42 Most after‐care and warranty enquiries related to customers’ use of the STB and remote, or issues regarding missing channels that are able to be resolved over the telephone or by an installer performing a STB re‐scan. 76 Around 90 per cent of after‐care and warranty enquiries are resolved over the telephone. The remaining ten per cent of enquiries result in an installer being assigned to attend a customer’s home to (most frequently) re‐scan equipment. 4.43 There would be merit in DBCDE continuing to analyse post‐installation service issues (including complaints) as this will help to identify specific 76 Re-scanning involves an installer tuning and testing the STB to ensure all local digital television channels available in a customer’s area are available for viewing. ANAO Audit Report No.55 2011–12 Administration of the Digital Television Switchover Household Assistance Scheme 97

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