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Aviation in Nottinghamshire - UK Airfields - Richard E Flagg

Aviation in Nottinghamshire - UK Airfields - Richard E Flagg

9 Langar Grid Ref: Sheet

9 Langar Grid Ref: Sheet 129 SK740335. 10 miles SE of Nottingham Opened: March 1940 Squadrons: 207 Sqn, 435 th & 441 st TCG of 9 th USAF, 1669 HCU, RCAF Maintenance Unit, A.V.Roe Aviation in Nottinghamshire No 7 Aircraft: Manchester / Hampden / Lancaster / Horsa / DC-3 / C-53 / Waco glider / Hadrian glider / Halifax / Hurricane / Spitfire / Bristol Freighter / Beechcraft Expeditors / assorted Avro airframes including Shackletons. Nationalities: Commonwealth, American, Canadian Things of note: Unusual in that it had a dual military and civilian use from 1942. A.V.Roe ceased operations in 1968, with this company undertaking major servicing activities on aircraft like Shackletons. Current status: Currently an active airfield for parachuting with the British Parachute School being based here, and a public viewing area is accessible. Some original buildings survive and have an industrial use, including part of the former A.V.Roe facilities. Memorial on site (see page 34 for more information)

Newton Grid Ref: Sheet 121 SK670410. 7 miles E of Nottingham Opened: July 1940 No 8 Squadrons: 103 Sqn, 150 Sqn, 16 Polish SFTS, 302 (Poznaski) Sqn, 1524 BAT Flt, 12 Group Comms, East Midlands UAS, ATC, 644 Gliding School. Aircraft: Battle / Wellington / Oxford / Tiger Moth / Magister / Anson / Harvard / Chipmunk / Bulldog / assorted gliders. Nationalities: Commonwealth, Polish Things of note: Established during the expansion period and having retained grass runways throughout its use. In some sources it is reported as being the largest grass airfield in the East Midlands. Used as a location for filming many TV programmes after its closure in March 2001. Current status: Many of the original buildings survive for a variety of industrial uses and some of the accommodation quarters are privately owned. Aviation in Nottinghamshire 10

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