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interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

Consumable Materials

Consumable Materials Molykote Range Molykote lubricants represent a highly specified range of dry bonded coatings, silicone and nonsilicone greases. Molykote products have the ability: • to prevent spring fracture • to minimize friction losses • to prevent corrosion and fretting corrosion • to provide dry lubrication Molykote is available as: • Paste • Grease • Anti-Friction-Coating Molykote products are available in tubes, cans and aerosol cans. Molykote 44 / DC 44 Molykote 106 / DC 106 Molykote 111 / DC 111 Molykote 33L / DC 33L Molykote 55 O-Ring / DC 55M Molykote M 55 Plus / DC M 55 Plus Molykote 33M / DC 33M Molykote 3400A / DC 3400A Molykote 3402C / DC 3402C Molykote 7348 / DC 7348 Molykote 7409 / DC 7409 Molykote 7414 / DC 7414 Molykote A / DC A Molykote BG 87 / DC BG 87 Molykote BR 2 Plus / DC BR 2 Plus Molykote D 321 R / DC D 321 R Molykote DX / DC DX 10 Molykote is a registered trade mark of Dow Corning Corporation Product Range Molykote FS 1292 / DC FS 1292 Molykote FS 3451 / DC FS 3451 Molykote FS 3452 / DC FS 3452 Molykote G-n Plus / DC G-n Plus Molykote G-Rapid Plus / DC G-Rapid Plus Molykote HSC Plus / DC HSC Plus Molykote L13 / DC L13 Molykote Longterm 2Plus Molykote Longterm W2 Molykote M 30 / DC M 30 Molykote M 77 / DC M 77 Molykote P 37 / DC P 37 Molykote PG-602 / DC PG-602 Molykote Powder Z / DC Z Powder Molykote Powder-Spray / DC Powder-Spray Molykote Supergliss / DC Supergliss Molykote Omnigliss / DC Omnigliss Molykote TP 42 / DC TP 42

Cleaning Corrosion Protection / Paint Stripping Crack Detection As distribution partner of Chemetall, Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH offers highly specialized surface technology for the aviation and high-tech industries. Chemetall is your specialist for cleaning, paint stripping, corrosion protection and crack detection. Ardrox 1260 Cleaning Multifunctional, sprayable Ardrox 1900C Multi-purpose aircraft cleaner Ardrox 6025 Foaming concentrate Ardrox 6085 Water-based, heavy-duty Ardrox 6366 Turbine cleaner Ardrox 6376 Immersion cleaner Ardrox 6427 Alkaline interior cleaner Ardrox 9 PR 5 Solvent cleaner Dinitrol AV980 Biodegradable neutral cleaner Paint Stripping Ardrox 2302 For resistant lacquer systems Ardrox 2314 RFU Alkaline paint stripper Ardrox 2814 Acid paint stripper Ardrox 2865 Neutral paint stripper Corrosion Protection Corrosion Protection Ardrox 3210 Mid-term corrosion protection liquid Ardrox 396/1E8 Oily mid-term corrosion protection Ardrox 3966 Temporary, water displacing, 1-2μm Ardrox AV8 Strongly penetrating, water displacing first coat for Ardrox AV 100 Ardrox AV15 Strongly penetrating, water displacing Ardrox AV25 Film thickness 25μm Ardrox AV30 Film thickness 30μm Ardrox AV40 Heat resistant Ardrox AV100D 2 part long-term corrosion protection Aerospace Technologies Ardrox 800/3 Crack Detection Magnetic Test Fluids For white light, ready to use Ardrox 8530 For fluorescent light, ready to use Framagneto No.3 For white light, liquid, concentrated Framagneto No.1 For fluorescent light, concentrated Ardrox 907 PB Penetration Test Penetrant red Ardrox 920 A Penetrant fluorescent Ardrox 9 VF 2 Penetrant red Ardrox 985 P Penetrant fluorescent Ardrox 996 P 2 Penetrant red Biopen P6F Penetrant fluorescent Ardrox 9 PR 5 Penetration cleaner red Ardrox 9 PR 12 Penetration cleaner fluorescent Ardrox PR 10 Penetration cleaner red Ardrox 9 D 4A Developer fluorescent Ardrox 9 D 2 Developer red Ardrox 9 D1 Developer red and fluorescent Ardrox 9 D 4E Developer red sprayable This is only a selection of our total product range. The majority of materials are available in small quantities. For the detailed part number or description please contact our customer service team. 11 Consumable Materials

Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH
interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH
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