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interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

Consumable Materials

Consumable Materials Degreaser and Corrosion Protection Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH is your stockist for LPS products. Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH is contract distributor for LPS products and offers a wide range of degreasers, corrosion protectors and lubricants. All products are available in 300ML spray-cans, 5LI and 25LI cans as well as 205LI drums. LPS-3 HardCoat LPS-1 LPS-2 LST Penetrant Heavy-Duty Silicone Instant Super Cleaner II Zero Tri PreSolve F-104° Precision Clean A-151 Work Place GRD LPS Electro 140° CFC Free NoFlash NU MR-450 MR-550 MR-650 MR-750 MR-850 Corrosion Protection Heavy-duty rust inhibitor Corrosion inhibitor with a hard transparent film Lubrication and Penetration Grease free lubricant Multi-purpose lubricant Penetrant Perfect for elastomer and plastic surfaces Industrial Degreaser Powerful degreaser Ideal metal cleaner High-performance degreaser on citrus base Quickly evaporating cleaner and degreaser Multi-purpose cleaner on water basis Flash point above 140°F Cleaning towels Heavy grease and grime remover Contact Cleaner for Electrical Equipment Contact cleaner Eliminates dirt from electrical components Non-flammable precision cleaner Mold Releases Zinc stearate mold release Mold release with Krytox Foodgrade mold release Silicone mold release Lecithin mold release This is only a selection of our total product range. The majority of materials are available in small quantities. For the detailed part number or description please contact our customer service team. 12 ®

ALEXIT®-BladeRep Coating System Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH is your approved supplier source for ALEXIT ® products. ALEXIT ® products for wind turbine blades are approved by major wind turbine manufacturers. They have been successfully tested under real market conditions and have completely fulfilled the requirements of this industry for more than 10 years. With ALEXIT ® BladeRep, Mankiewicz provides a high quality and durable product line to satisfy the requirements of the blade maintenance market. It includes a comprehensive repair system consisting of four products - profile filler, pore filler, leading edge protection and topcoat - allowing applicators to select the most efficient product for each repair application. All ALEXIT ® BladeRep products are two component, polyurethane-based and are designed for the long-term protection of objects exposed to extreme environmental stress. Application range ALEXIT ® BladeRep Profile Filler 3 • Solvent-free, two component polyurethane • Surfacing / profiling filler • Non porous filler used for fairing GRP substrates • Cures to an easily sandable surface ALEXIT ® BladeRep Pore Filler 6 • Solvent-free, two component polyurethane • Fills pin holes and scratches • Repairs minor areas of damage on GRP substrates • Seals the surface • Cures to an easily sandable surface ALEXIT ® BladeRep LEP 9 • Solvent-free, two component polyurethane • Specially designed to protect leading edge areas • Excellent abrasion and erosion resistance • Elastic and flexible coating • Designed as an efficient alternative to common LE-Tape ALEXIT ® BladeRep Topcoat 12 • UV resistant • Abrasion and chemical resistant • Designed specifically for blade coating • Meets or exceeds OEM standards • Available in all standard OEM colors 13 Aera of application 12 ALEXIT ® BladeRep Topcoat 12 9 ALEXIT ® BladeRep LEP 9 6 ALEXIT ® BladeRep Pore Filler 6 3 ALEXIT ® BladeRep Profile Filler 3 0 EP Laminat / Process Coat

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