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interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

Consumable Materials

Consumable Materials Coatings Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH is your approved supply source for primers, topcoats and specialty coatings from AkzoNobel. Primers Wash Primers Metaflex FCR Primer Metaflex 1001 Conventional Primers Aerodur Barrier Primer 37045 Aerodur CF Primer 37047 Aerodur Primer S15/60 Aerodur Primer S15/90 (yellow) Aerodur Primer S15/90 (green) Aerodur Primer S15/90 37214 Epoxy Primer 37002 Epoxy Primer 37035A (green) Epoxy Primer 37052 (green) Epoxy Primer 37063 (white) Epoxy Primer 37076 463-12-8 Fluid Resistant Primer 454-4-1 Integral Fuel Tank Coating 10P4-2 10P4-3 10P4-9 10P4-19 10P8-10 Primer 7 E 1147 Primer 611 CF High Solids Primers Aerodur HS Primer 37092 Aviox Primer 37098 Aviox CF Primer 37124 Alumigrip 4144 Epoxy Primer 10P20-44B Epoxy Primer 10P20-44M 10P20-13 10P20-14 Low IR Primer 10P3-2 Zinc-Dust Primer 10P30-1 HS Fuel Tank 10P30-5 10P8-11 10P8-12 Waterborn Primers Aerowave 2001 Aerowave 2002 Intergard 10206 Intergard 10207 10PW20-4 10PW22-2/-7/-8 Topcoats Conventional Topcoats Aerodur Finish C21/100 Aerodur Finish C21/100 UVR Aerodur Finish SGL Aluminium Alumigrip Clearcoat HF A 130 gloss HF A 132 matt HF A 133 semigloss Aerodur Clearcoat UVR Aeroflex S15/69 443-3-1000 Epoxy High Solids Topcoats Aviox Finish 77702 Aviox Advanced Mica Series Aviox Advanced Special Effects Aviox Clearcoat UVR Eclipse PU Finish IR 67279 Aerobase Aerodur 3001 Aerodur 3002 Aerodur 5000 Intergard 10208 Alumigrip 4200 Alumigrip Basecoat Alumigrip Clearcoat 646/656/666-58-Series 446/456/466-21-Series HS 446-22-Series HS gloss 456/466-23-Series HS gloss/matt 683-3-2 Series 422XT-Series gloss/semigloss/matt Waterborn Topcoats Aerowave 3003 Aerowave 5001 Intergard 10212 Intergard 10220 Intergard 10222 This is only a selection of our total product range. The majority of materials are available in small quantities. For the detailed part number or description please contact our customer service team. 14 Specialty Coatings High Heat Coatings High Heat Resistant Paint S21/8 Pyrosil 7G800 Mat Black Pyrosil 7G800 Mat Clear 463-6-4 High Temp EP Coating 64-C1-2 Insulative Coating 68-C3-1 Insulative Coating Conductive Coatings Laminar X-500 8_B-6A Pyroflex 7D713 10P2-3 Cabin Coatings Aerodex WB Aeroflex S15/69 Wing Coatings Aeroflex G12E25 Aeroflex HS113F01 Aeroflex HS113F02 10P30-2 HS Aluminized Abrasion Resistant Coatings Aerodur ARC 23-T3 Series Miscellaneous Aerodur Non Slip Aviox Non Slip Aviox SGL Aluminium Fillers/Surfacers Aerowave Filler Aerowave Pinhole Filler Laminar X-500 8-W-5A 28-C-1 Pinhole Filler Poly Surfacer A/B Polystop LP Filler Primer Surfacer EP II 20P20-3 Sandable PU Surfacer 467-9 Composite Surfacer Alumigrip 10P30-8 Solvent Cleaners Solvent Cleaning 96100 Solvent Cleaning C28/15 Solvent Cleaning 98068 Solvent Cleaning 95028 C3/41 M600 Aerodex WB Gun Cleaner Antistatic Degreaser 005014

Coatings PPG Aerospace’s high performance coatings are specialized in meeting the needs of the hightech industry. Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH provides PPG Aerospace coatings in litre and gallon cans for maintenance, repair and overhaul. Materials mostly available ex stock: Coatings 0986/2620 4125/2047B707 4125/6407 4232-0303 4355/3600 5425/0000 5478/0000, Celoflex 6345/0000 6346/0000 N39/1794 N53621 N56582/T508 N58479 N59676 CA 8000/0000 CA 8200/0000 PU 66 5440/0000 PU 66 5441/0000 PU 66 5447/0000 PU 66 5461/0000 PU 66 5462/0000 Primers 4123/3600 4355/3600 7630/3600 7641/3600 CA 7002 F566-4200 F565-4010 F580-2080 N54628 P99 PR143 PR205 PAC33 Product Range Thinners 0433/9000 0434/9000 0470/9000 0480/9000 0491/9000 0580/9000 0841/9000 N38/4056 N39/3010 N39/3091 N39/3111 N39/3259 N39/3460 N39956 T17 T74 T115 T124 T209 T230 CA 8000C1 CA 8000C2 15 Hardeners 0613/9000 0628/9001 0701/9000 0707/9000 0730/9000 0735/9000 0736/9000 0778/9000 0841/9000 ACT 143 ACT 205 CA 8000B F275-160 N37678 N39/1184 N39/1327 N39/1401 This is only a selection of our total product range. The majority of materials are available in small quantities. For the detailed part number or description please contact our customer service team. Activators ACT34 ACT65 ACT68 ACT93 ACT121 ACT143 ACT205 Consumable Materials

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