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interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

Consumable Materials

Consumable Materials Specialty Adhesives and Polymer Coatings Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH is your ONE STOP SOURCE for polyester and tooling systems. ADTECH Plastic Systems, manufactured by CASS Polymers, satisfy the specialized needs of the high-tech industry. The product range of the set-fast polyester filler paste materials consists of both room temperature and high temperature putties for gel coat and mold repair, pattern and model changes, filling surface porosity as well as adhesive and bonding applications. Polyester Systems P10 P-14 P-17 BPO CreamHardener MEK-P Tooling Systems Mold Repair Materials Gel-Coat Repair Filler Ultra Filler High Heat Resistant Filler Polyester Hardeners Polyester Hardener Peroxide Hardener ADTECH is one of the industry’s leading suppliers of epoxy tooling systems. The product line consists of over 150 products developed solely for rigorous tooling applications. ES-201PC ES-204 ES-204SC ES-215 ESG-215 ES-218 ES-221 ES-224 ES-225 ES-229 Epoxy Surface Coatings Room-Temp. Surface Coating Room-Temp. Abrasion Resistant Surface Coating Room-Temp. Silicon Carbide Filled Surface Coating Resin – High-Temp. Graphite Filled Surface Coating High-Temp. Surface Patching Series Room-Temp. Sandable Surface Coating High-Temp. Surface Coating High-Temp. Abrasion Resistant Surface Coating High-Temp. Aluminium Filled Surface Coating High-Temp. Aluminium Filled Surface Coating 22 P-15-3 P-15-3 P-49 P75 P77 P78 EC-415 EC-426-2 EC-433 EC-439 EC-440 EL-301 EL-302PC EL-302PC-2 EL-315 EL-316 EL-323TC EL-325 EL-325-1 EL-336 EL-337 ELB-338 Fairing Materials Micro Ultra Filler Reducer Resin High Heat Resistant Filler Vinyl Ester Fairing Paste High Heat Resistant Filler / Fairing Compound High Heat Resistant Filler / Fairing Compound Epoxy Casting Resins Ultra High-Temp. Aluminium Filled Casting System Room-Temp. Impact / Abrasion Resistant Casting System High-Temp. Aluminium Filled Casting Series High-Temp. Base Resin High-Temp. Base Resin Epoxy Laminating Resins Room-Temp. Laminating System Room-Temp. Laminating Series Epoxy Hardener Ultra High-Temp. Laminating System Ultra High-Temp.Tool Infusion Epoxy Room-Temp.Tooling Compound High-Temp.Tooling Compound High-Temp.Tooling Compound High-Temp. Laminating System High-Temp. Laminating System Room-Temp. Compound Bond Coating

Silicone Adhesives Dow Corning's high-performance silicone materials focus on the specialized needs of the high-tech industry. Dow Corning high-performance silicones may be applied by: • Pouring • Spraying • Casting • Brushing • Troweling • Caulking gun Dow Corning silicones will bond with almost any surface such as: • Metals • Plastics • Ceramics • Resins • Glass These products are all designed to withstand harsh environmental influences and to meet the demanding and constantly increasing performance requirements of the aerospace industry. DC 1-2577 DC 3-6077 DC 3-6548 DC 3-6891 DC 4 DC 7 DC 11 DC 20 DC 170 DC 176-16 DC 184 DC 186 DC 200** DC 210** DC 340 DC 510** DC 567A/B DC 577 DC 145/RTV 145 DC 730/RTV 730* DC 732/RTV 732* DC 734/RTV 734* DC 736/RTV 736* DC 738/RTV 738* DC 744 DC 996 DC 997 DC 1200 OS Primer Product Range Registered trade mark of Dow Corning Corporation. DC 1201 DC 1204 DC 3110/RTV 3110 DC 3120/RTV 3120 DC 3140/RTV 3140 DC 3145/RTV 3145* DC 3402C DC 7091/RTV 7091* DC 7093/RTV 7093 DC 7096/RTV 7096 DC 90-006*** DC 92-007 DC 92-023 DC 93-006-1 * Different colours available · ** Different viscosities available · *** Different curing times available This is only a selection of our total product range. The majority of materials are available in small quantities. For the detailed part number or description please contact our customer service team. DC 93-006-6 DC 93-067*** DC 93-076*** DC 93-500 DC 94-011 DC Q3-6077 DC Q4-2805 DC Q4-2817 DC S 2260 Silastic 9161 RTV Silastic E RTV Silastic J Silastic J5 Silastic N9162 23 Consumable Materials

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