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interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

Consumable Materials

Consumable Materials Scotch Tapes and Adhesives Scotch Adhesives - bonding for every application We offer one and two component kits as well as solvent and waterbased adhesives, which are unbeatable for bonding metallic and non-metallic components and composite sandwich structures. Moreover, we have structural adhesives, film adhesives, epoxy and aerosol adhesives in our product range. Scotch Tapes - masking, sealing, insulating Scotch tapes have excellent abrasion resistance properties e.g. for repeat bake cycles, thermal insulation and sealing. Aluminium tapes offer multiple use in aircraft masking and in electroplating. Scotch Tapes protect against aggressive paint strippers, damping and friction. They have easy release surface properties for use in composite modules. SCOTCH-WELD776 (EC776) SCOTCH-WELD847 (EC847) SCOTCH-WELD1300L (EC1300L) SCOTCH-WELD1022 SCOTCH-WELD1099 SCOTCH-WELD1252 (EC1252) SCOTCH-WELD1357 (EC1357) SCOTCH-WELD1751 B/A (EC1751) SCOTCH-WELD2141 (EC2141) SCOTCH-WELD2214 (EC2214) SCOTCH-WELD2216 B/A (EC2216) SCOTCH-WELD3524AF B/A (EC3524) SCOTCH-WELD3524FST B/A (EC3524FST) SCOTCH-WELD1838 B/A (EC1838) SCOTCH-WELD3532 (EC3532) SCOTCH-WELD3917 (EC3917) SCOTCH-WELD3950 (EC3950) 28 Scotch Adhesives SCOTCH 425 SCOTCH 427 SCOTCH 434 SCOTCH 435 SCOTCH 436 SCOTCH 471F SCOTCH 950 SCOTCH 9473 SCOTCH 5423 SCOTCH 5453 SCOTCH 5490 SCOTCH 8561 SCOTCH-WELD3964 (EC3964) SCOTCH-WELD4475 SCOTCH-WELD10 SCOTCH-WELD34 SCOTCH-WELD9323 B/A SCOTCH-WELD9323-1 B/A Scotch-Weld EPX-System Adhesive SCOTCH-WELD DP 100 SCOTCH-WELD DP 190 SCOTCH-WELD DP 460 SCOTCH-WELD DP 490 Scotch-Weld Dispersion Adhesive SCOTCH-WELD30 SCOTCH-WELD40 SCOTCH-WELD100 Scotch Tapes SCOTCH 8671 SCOTCH 9713 SCOTCH 9576 SCOTCH 8815 SCOTCH 8402 SCOTCH 5480 SCOTCH 5451 SCOTCH 4956P SCOTCH 4718 SCOTCH 4116 SCOTCH 4023 SCOTCH 924 We offer many more items such as Jet-melt, Scotch-Grip, Scotch-Seal, sprayable adhesive. This is only a selection of our total product range. The majority of materials are available in small quantities. For the detailed part number or description please contact our customer service team.

Composites for Manufacturing and Maintenance Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH supplies resins, fabrics, prepregs, adhesive films, honeycombs and all related products and materials that are used for manufacturing and repair of composite assemblies and components. Adhesives adhesives & Primers primers EC2216 HYSOL EA9309.3NA HYSOL EA9321 HYSOL EA9394 HYSOL EA934NA ARALDITE AW106 + HV953U ARALDITE AW134 + HY997 ARALDITE AV138 + HV998 primer: BR127 Resins resins + Filler filler Materials materials ARALDITE LY564-1 + HY560 ARALDITE LY5052 + HY5052 HYSOL EA9390 A/B HYSOL EA9396 A/B MICROBALLOON BJO-930 Low low density Density Compounds compounds ARALDITE 252 EPOCAST 1616 EC3524 Metal metal Cloths cloths BG 80/80 (bronze) 6.3-063 (bronze) 6.3-140 (bronze) DIN4189 0,071 x 0,05 Tedlar tedlar BVF pvf film Film T GY 20 BE3 T TR 10 BG3 T WH 10 BS3 T WH 20 BS3 29 Fabrics fabrics STYLE 120 & 181 (glass) G814NT (carbon) 21237 (hybrid) Kevlar 49, St. 120 Kevlar 49, St. 285 Hot bonding equipment Prepregs EHG 250-68-37 (glass) EHG 250-44-55 (glass) VICOTEX 913/46%/ G814NT (carbon) M14/65%/796 (aramid) M14/54%/788 (aramid) M14/48%/1237(hybrid) adhesive Adhesive films Films AF163-2K WT.06 FM73M 0.06PSF FM123-5A.03PSF FM410-1.050 Composites

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interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH
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