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interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

Composites Bonding

Composites Bonding Adhesives The strength of the Loctite ® Hysol ® product range is its ability to bond many substrates including metals, glass, ceramic, wood and most plastics. The Loctite ® Hysol ® range comprises one and two component epoxy resins that offer improved clarity, less odour, better flow, high strength and great durability. They are approved and specified by engineers and designers worldwide for a wide range of bonding applications, from aerospace to electronics industries, from maintenance to original equipment manufacturers. Close attention to environmental issues means they can be shipped and used in markets worldwide without compromising performance. Hysol EA 901 Hysol EA 9203 Hysol EA 929NA Hysol EA 9309.1NA Hysol EA 9309.2NA Hysol EA 9309.3NA Hysol EA 9330 Hysol EA 9321 Hysol EA 9340 Hysol EA 9394 Hysol EA 9390 Hysol EA 9396 Hysol EA 934NA Hysol EA 956 Hysol EA 960F Frekote ® Mold Release Coatings Loctite Frekote release coatings have been specially formulated to provide the maximum number of release agents on a wide range of surfaces, including: • Prepreg and thermoset epoxies • Rotational molded thermoplastics • Natural and synthetic rubbers • Silicones and urethanes Hysol ® Product Range Two-part epoxy paste adhesive Adhesive bonding primer Two-part epoxy paste adhesive Two-part epoxy paste adhesive High peel strength epoxy paste adhesive Toughened two-part paste adhesive Toughened two-part paste adhesive Strength retaining paste adhesive General purpose epoxy adhesive Strength retaining paste adhesive Good wetting characteristics, high shear moduls Excellent strength properties Compressive strength adhesive Low viscosity paste adhesive for laminating and injection Smoothing and fairing low-density paste adhesive Frekote ® Loctite ® Anti-Seize 30 Loctite Anti-Seize (former Felpro) A Company Service Temperature 200°F / 93°C 300°F / 149°C 200°F / 93°C 200°F / 93°C 180°F / 82°C 180°F / 82°C 250°F / 121°C 180°F / 82°C 350°F / 177°C 200°F / 93°C 350°F / 177°C 300°F / 149°C 77°F / 25°C 77°F / 25°C Felpro C5-A ® copper based protects metal parts from rust, tested to MIL-A-907 or Loctite 39893 ® solid film lubricant (former Felpro C-200 ® ) or Loctite 39895 ® moly dry film (former Felpro C-300 ® ) ® ®

Adhesives and Epoxy Resins Huntsman offers a great range of adhesives for composite bonding, metal bonding, multi-purpose bonding, performing high temperature and shock resistance, elasticity and flexibility. AV 119 AV 121N AV 121N-1 HY 991 AV 138M HV 998 AV 144-2 HV 997 AW 106 HV 953U AW 134 Araldite ® HY 994 AV 123-1 AW 2101 HW 2951 AW 2104 HW 2934 AY 103-1 Araldite 252 Araldite 255 Araldite 420A/B Araldite 501 Araldite 2000 ® Can sizes are mainly 1 kg 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2024, 2026, 2027 Can sizes are 2KG (Araldite 2011-2015) and 500G (Araldite 2020), cartridge sizes are 50ML and 200ML (Araldite 2011- 2015) and 400ML (Araldite 2013, 2018, 2021, 2022, 2027). RenLam LY 560 RenLease QZ 5111 Epibond 1544A/B Epibond 1559A/B Epibond 156A/B Epibond 1590A/B Epocast 1511A/B Epocast 1610-A1 Epocast 1617A/B Epocast 1618D/B Epocast 1619A/B Epocast 1620D/B Epocast 1636A/B Epocast 1652A/B Epocast 50A-1/ 946 Epocast 50-A1/946 Epocast 52A/B Redux 403 Uralane 5774A/C This is only a selection of our total product range. The majority of materials are available in small quantities. For the detailed part number or description please contact our customer service team. 31 Composites

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