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interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH

Vendor Parts Repair of

Vendor Parts Repair of Composite and Metal Structures – ANITA Hot Bonding Equipment The increasing use of composites in manufacturing industry also is giving rise to the need for repair and manufacturing tools. Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH and GMI AERO answer this need with the ANITA bonding consoles as well as a complete line of accessories, e.g. curing heating blankets, thermocouples, thermocouple welders, temperature calibrators for ANITA consoles, printer paper rolls and ink cartridges, a.o. ANITA Hot Bonding Equipment – The ANITA EZ09 The ANITA bonding consoles are the most versatile and performing equipment designed for the advanced bonding operations in composite structure repair. They are recognized worldwide by MROs and aircraft constructors as the most appropriate equipment for the repair by bonding of high performances aircraft structures. Advantages: • Simplest to use • The smallest device - portable • Very sophisticated functions behind the ‘curtain’ • Very easy repair process • Usable for large repairs (70 x 70 cm up to 1 m2 blanket) • Backed by many complementary features The ANITA EZ09 Hot Bonder is certified and approved by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, ATR, Dassault, Eurocopter, Bell Helicopters and Israel Aircraft Industries. Numerous airlines and repair stations use the GMI products for composite repairs. Please contact our regional sales offices and distribution centers for detailed information about the main functions and technical specifications of the ANITA hot bonding equipment. 32

Heating Blankets and Accessories The ANITA can drive, without any other circuit tuning, various heating systems like • Heating blankets • Radiant panels • Hot air blowers • and much more Heating Blankets GMI AERO designs and manufactures heating blankets suitable to heat a composite part. The challenge is to get flexibility and homogeneity performances to achieve appropriate curing of the whole patch. GMI's blankets meet these specifications together with long life duration. The heating blankets are manufactured in a wide range of dimensions and sketches, e.g. rectangles, ovals, rounds, radome shaped, stretchable. Very large blankets are also conceived under three phase voltage and specific power amplifiers are available. Interturbine and GMI can assist you to adapt the heating blankets to your specific needs. General Specifications • Silicone rubber heaters • Maximum raising temperature: 260°C (500°F) • High temperature up to 350°C (600°F) is also available • Thickness: 1.4mm (0.55 inch) • Lead output in a tab to guarantee no dead area in the total heating area • Lead length: 500mm (20 inch) • Leads with connectors mounted to be compatible with ANITA Bonder cables All blankets can be configured to order. Please contact Interturbine's regional sales offices and distribution centers to change the specifications. 33

Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH
interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH
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