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Appellant's Brief - Florida State University College of Law

Appellant's Brief - Florida State University College of Law

adversarial testing. 55

adversarial testing. 55 Given that the receipt of the March 27, 1988, letter shortly after it was postmarked was never contested by the State or by witness Sreenan, further pursuit of the matter at the evidentiary hearing would have been cumulative and redundant. Yet for reasons that are not apparent (but are consistent with Judge Bagley’s efforts to obtain extra-record depositions), Judge Bagley relied upon non-record information regarding the internal procedure within the State Attorney’s Office for incoming mail. 56 Clearly, Mr. Riechmann was denied due process when Judge Bagley went outside the record to consider information that had not been submitted to the crucible of an adversarial testing. The order denying relief must be vacated and remanded for new proceedings consistent with due process 55 In fact, prosecutor Sreenan in her testimony acknowledged receipt of the letter before trial (PC-R2. 1353- 56). She recalled receiving the letter. She testified that in light of the letter, “My recollection is that we did nothing” (PC-R2. 1355). She also testified that she did not advise Mr. Riechmann’s counsel that “Smykowski had made inquiries of [her] whether [she] could provide assistance in making arrangements for his daughter” (PC-R2. 1359). 56 Had the State showed any effort to argue that its internal procedure for date stamping documents established that the document was not received until six months after it was postmarked, Mr. Riechmann could have developed and presented facts regarding the regularity of the internal procedure and its propensity for breakdown. 70

efore a different judge. ARGUMENT IV MR. RIECHMANN WAS DEPRIVED OF HIS RIGHT TO A CONSTITUTIONALLY ADEQUATE ADVERSARIAL TESTING WHEN THE STATE WITHHELD EVIDENCE WHICH WAS MATERIAL AND EXCULPATORY IN NATURE AND/OR KNOWINGLY PRESENTED FALSE OR MISLEADING EVIDENCE AND/OR ARGUMENT AT HIS CAPITAL TRIAL. A. Introduction The United States Supreme Court has held that “the suppression by the prosecution of evidence favorable to an accused upon request violates due process where the evidence is material either to guilt or punishment, irrespective of the good faith of the prosecution.” Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83, 87 (1963). In Hoffman v. State, 800 So. 2d 174 (Fla. 2001), this Court stated: This argument [that the defense should have figured out that exculpatory evidence existed] is flawed in light of Strickler and Kyles, which squarely place the burden on the State to disclose to the defendant all information in its possession that is exculpatory. In failing to do so, the State committed a Brady violation when it did not disclose the results of the hair analysis pertaining to the defendant. However, in order to be entitled to relief based on this nondisclosure, Hoffman must demonstrate that the defense was prejudiced by the State’s suppression of evidence. 71

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