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Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts

Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts


Annual Report Planning Interlochen 2020 While we will continue to focus on and innovate within our programs on campus, what is clear is that Interlochen must work hard to be well poised to accommodate these future needs: • Build brand awareness, increase visibility and leverage the programs of Interlochen off-campus and with greater numbers of people to enhance Interlochen’s visibility and its value as an institution. • Take communication technology to a world-class level to provide virtual and distributed learning channels for performances, educational experiences and engagement. • Create a more diverse Interlochen, with greater emphasis on world music and culture, exchange programs at home and abroad, and a more diverse faculty, staff and student body. • Build, strengthen and create new partnerships and collaborations with arts organizations around the country and the world. Throughout its history, Interlochen has been a leader in arts and education. Institutions lead when they combine experience and intuition, careful observation, good questioning, pragmatism and the ability to dream and manage complexity in a way that allows it to weather any challenge, competitive trend or new genre. Being able to see a clear vision as an institution is a precious commodity. In fact, the more situations an institution faces and the more experiences it must deal with, the better prepared it will be to lead through the uncertainties of the future. While this report for the 2007-2008 year is very much about the growth and achievements of this year at Interlochen, we are just as concerned with how this year relates to all those that come after. We owe you no less in our thinking and planning. ... greater emphasis on world music and culture 9

Annual Report Statement of Financial Position May 31, 2008 May 31, 2007 ASSETS: Cash and cash equivalents $ 11,417,280 $11,579,986 Investments, at market value Accounts receivable, net of allowance of $556,000 64,246,956 59,428,269 in 2008 and $493,000 in 2007 147,380 39,793 Gifts receivable 2,546,847 2,384,384 Prepaid expenses and other receivables 467,503 338,515 Inventories 1,216,068 1,242,955 Land, buildings, and equipment, net 39,687,435 38,421,329 Other assets 1,338,897 825,083 TOTAL $121,068,366 $114,260,314 LIABILITIES: Accounts payable—trade $ 448,240 $ 369,257 Accounts payable—construction in progress 675,784 140,597 Accrued liabilities 2,302,153 2,732,816 Tuition deposits and other 8,243,649 8,037,280 Annuities payable 621,494 329,309 Bonds payable 26,300,000 26,300,000 Total liabilities 38,591,320 37,909,259 NET ASSETS: Unrestricted 52,716,757 48,594,106 Temporarily restricted 9,215,396 8,753,632 Permanently restricted 20,544,893 19,003,317 Total net assets 82,477,046 76,351,055 TOTAL $121,068,366 $114,260,314 10

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