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Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts

Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts


Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Ms. Mary Lu Fennell Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Ferguson Robert P. Feyer * Ms. Joan L. Fischer Kenneth and Penelope Fischer * William Fishbeck and Eleanor Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fisk Ms. Jorja Fleezanis and Mr. Michael Steinberg * Mr. Gordon B. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Foa George and Mary Ford Mr. John Fortuna Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Foster Ms. Debra Fouch Dr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Foust Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Fox Drs. Leslie and Barbara Fox * Cathy and Douglas Frank Mr. Halbert Frank Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Franks Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Frears Mr. and Mrs. Merrill B. Frick Jay Frischkorn and Annette Drago Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Froelich Gene and Patty Furst Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Gahn L. J. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. John Galnares Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Gannon Carl and Eileen Ganter Mr. and Mrs. James R. Garside Jr. Ms. Judith Gaskin Mrs. Margaret McWilliams Gates * Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Gee Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gemmen Ms. Wendy Gerber Lucy and Jim Gerlach Dottie and Bob Gerrity Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gilbo Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Girardin Dr. and Mrs. Brian Glynn Mr. and Mrs. John W. Goff Mr. Guy Golembiewski Mr. and Mrs. Dan Goodearl Dr. and Mrs. Warren F. Goodell Mr. Frank Goodman David and Penelope Gordon Sarah and Robert Gould E. H. and R. A. Graft Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Donn Gresso Dr. and Mrs. Ward Orin Griffen Nancy and Patrick Griffin Nancy Hancock Griffith * Dr. Joan Griner Mr. Rodney Groleau Mickey Grooters John and Vicki Gudritz Mr. Jack Gyr Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Haak Mr. Julian Habrowski Mr. and Mrs. John S. Haddick Mr. Curtis E. Hall Ms. Peggy McGrannahan Hall Ralph and Marietta Hamady Don and Marcia Hamilton Judy and Larry Hamilton Dorothy and Victor Han Drs. Erik and Dina Hanby * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hanna Ms. Jeanne M. Hannah Mrs. Jane Croswell Hardwicke John and Shirley Harkins Ms. Mary M. Harrison Brian and Jody Hart Mr. and Mrs. David Haven Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Heiman Ms. Terri Helton Jim and Carol Henke Carl A. Herman and Randi E. Faust Mr. Victor Herman Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Hessler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Hicks Gordon and Jeannie Hillock Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hinkamp II Denise and Adam Hoeflich Mrs. Malo Hoenke Gary Hofer and Mimi Kamp Ms. Connie Hoffman Jean Holbrook * Ms. Jill Holden Mrs. Patricia Christine Holland * Ms. Miriam Hollar Gary J. Holt * Ms. Kathryn Holtfreter Janice Honigberg and John Hedges * Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hopwood Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Hornbaker Mr. and Mrs. Steve Horne Ralph and Eileen Horowitz Robert and Darla House Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Houston Mr. and Mrs. James E. Huckle Ms. Betty Jo Hudson Ms. Marilyn Humphrey Mr. Wayne Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hurley Kim Huskey * Mr. and Mrs. David H. Irish Ginny and Bob Istnick Mr. and Mrs. Verne G. Istock * Brian and Jennifer Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Jehle Ms. Jeanne L. Jennings Steven H. Jesser Ms. Liz Johnson * Nancy Johnson and Tim Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Johnson Mr. Kenneth Neal Jones Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jorgensen Ms. Judy Jorgenson Ms. Nancy Kasperzak Mr. and Mrs. Fred Keeslar Mr. and Mrs. Tim Keilty Ms. Lauren Keinath Frederick Luety and Tomi Kent James Kerr / Kerrco Inc. Phyllis and Ted Kidd Mrs. Kathleen Kieren Ethel and Steve Kikoler * Mr. David M. Kilian Mr. and Mrs. James L. Kimble Mr. and Mrs. Howard King Mr. and Mrs. Layton E. King Jr. Drs. Robert and Ruth King Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kinzel Dorothy M. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kirshner Jr. Mr. Mark Neil Kjos * Dr. and Mrs. Steven P. Klegman Jason Klein Mr. William Louis Klingelhoffer Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Klinkner Regan Knapp and John Scudder * Matt and Deborah Knudstrup Mr. Adam Tyler Kohne * Ms. Heidi Ann Kohne * Mr. Daniel B. Kolton Ulle Koolmar Mrs. Marcia E. Korwin Drs. Richard Kosinski and Deborah Ochs Jeremy R. Kramer and Dorothy R. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Walt Kretzmann Sandra and Jeffrey Kroin * Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kuhn Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kutcipal Dan and Sheryl Kuznar Clare and Derek Kwan The Laing Family Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lakin Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lamkin Mr. George Lane Robert J. Lange * Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Langley Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Lanham Mr. Eugene H. Lapham Ms. Carol Latsch Lynn and Bud Laughlin Ann Laurence and Ross Richardson Ms. Ann Laurimore Dr. and Mrs. George Lazarus Jeong-min Lee * Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Leslie Mr. Mark Leugers Mr. Nicholas Levenstein * Dr. Kate Levin * Brad and Victoria Lewis Kristi G. and Sherman R. Lewis Richard and Sally Lewis * Mr. David A. Libengood * John Lignell, MD Jim and Cathy Linden James and Kristin Link Miss Dency A. Lippert William A. Loeb Ms. Ellie Long Cheryl Loubert Mr. Karl Love 17 Ms. Debbie Lucas Dr. and Mrs. John E. Lund Mrs. Florine Luotonen Rick and Karen Luther Dr. and Mrs. Sherwin Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Ole W. Lyngklip Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bayard W. Lyon Mr. Peter Lyon Mrs. Mary Lyons Lee MacDonald Mr. Charles MacInnis Ms. Kaye MacMillan Mrs. Jane M. Maehr Wanda and Tom Mallison Mr. and Mrs. Terry Malone Mr. Jonathan Edward Mann * Barbara and Karl Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Phil Martineau Steve and Julia Martinez Mr. John Ruder Mason * Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Mathie Mr. David Dean Matthews Mr. James Matuszak Chip and Sarah May Mr. Roger Lee May Nora and Tom McAlister Mr. Tom McCarthy Ms. Patricia Kaiser McCloud Peggy McClure Mr. and Mrs. Alan McColl Mr. and Mrs. John McConnel Jr. Mr. W. Bruce McCuaig and Ms. Helen Thomas Kathy McCune * Mr. and Mrs. Jim McDermott Janice L. McDonald Dorothy and Robert McDougall * Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee McGuire Christopher and Janel McKee Mr. Jack McKenna Ms. Helen E. McMaster Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McNulty Mr. and Mrs. R. Duncan McPherson Donald and Carol Mead Miss Mary Beth Melvyn * John and Kathleen Meredith * Ms. Mary R. Merwin Lisa and Pete Meyer Robert and Wanda Michael Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mileski Mr. Todd Millar Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Miller Toby and Heather Miller Dr. John and Elnora Milliken Mr. and Mrs. Richard Milock Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mims Mr. and Mrs. James Miner Mr. R. John Miner Dr. Carol Mitri * Dr. Scott Monteith and Kathy Baylis Monteith Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Montgomery Ms. Marilyn Mook Ms. Nancy K. Moorhead Craig and Shari Morgan * Ms. Patricia Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morris Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mosher Jerald and Carol Murdock Mr. Michael Murray Bob and Diantha Naftali Kevin Nagy and Debra Lewis Dr. and Mrs. M.R. Nair, M.D. Ms. Charlotte F. Nametz Mr. and Mrs. Randall Nelson Ms. Bonnie Nescot and Mr. Tim Barr Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Newman * Mr. and Mrs. Harold Don Newson Ms. Sabrina Newton Mr. and Mrs. James A. Nienhouse Mr. Charles G. Niquette * Mr. L. Andrew Norman Dr. and Mrs. William Northway Kimberly and Arnold Nothnagel Alan J. Nussbaum * Ms. Majel Chance Obata Rich Odell and Gretchen Uhlinger * Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Odland Mr. and Mrs. Hugh K. O’Donnell Walter and Sarel Offinger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ogur Mrs. Ralph A. Olsen Clarine Olson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ostrowski Mrs. Heather P. Owen * Dr. Gary David Paige * Jerry and Rita Palmer Mr. and Mrs. James A. Papke Paulette and Grant Parsons Professor and Mrs. William A. Parsons Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Partridge The Reverend Francis C. Partridge Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Pattengale Mr. and Mrs. Peter Payette Dr. and Mrs. Rodolfo N. Perez Jr. Elizabeth Perkett, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Burton Perry Steve Perry and Pam Howe-Perry Mr. Paul Peschel and Ms. Merrilynn Bouckaert Ms. Carol A. Peschke Barbara Ellingson Petersen * Mr. and Mrs. Alvin T. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. David R. Peterson Jon and Colleen Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Petrick Mr. Craig Richard Pettigrew * Ms. Jennifer Pettinga Jay Pettitt Ms. Sarah Pfeil Dr. and Mrs. Clark D. Phelps Mr. Peter T. Phinny Ralph Poelling and Susan Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Steven Polikoff Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Posner * Mrs. Mariette Potvin Mr. F. Verne Powell Mr. William Premo and Ms. Pam Prairie Jim and Marie Preston Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Price Mr. Dale W. Priester Ms. Janet U. Prote Donna and Larry Purcey Mr. and Mrs. John P. Racine Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James J. Radabaugh Bill Rastetter and Carolyn Weed Mr. Terrence Patrick Ratcliff * Mr. Stephen M. Rathford Mr. and Mrs. Dave Reck Richard and Leslie Redmond Jr. Ms. Elisabeth Reed Mr. and Mrs. David H. Reiser Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Remahl Mr. and Mrs. James Rich Mr. John Richards Mr. and Mrs. Dave Ricketts Mr. and Mrs. George Rinkel Ms. Ruth Rivera-Buell Ms. Mary Anne Rivers-Friese Ms. Lori Ann Robak * Ms. Karen Roberts and Mr. Michael Madden Mr. Lynn Robinette Mr. and Mrs. K. Patrick Rode Ms. Sally Rodgers Richard and Linda Roeckelein Jim and Joyce Rogers Mr. John S. Ross Jr. Ms. Suzanne Jeannette Ross * Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Ross Mr. William R. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Arnold William Roth * Ms. Cecile Joan Rothfuss * Ms. Nina P. Rozema Mr. John W. Ruckrich Mr. and Mrs. Bob F. Rudd Gary and Suzuyo Rust Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sabin Robert and Laura Sabol * Rebecca and Arthur Samberg Debra and Gary Sanborn Ms. Heidi Jo Sandling * Marc and Samantha Sandman Ms. Barbara T. Sandys Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sapak Ramin Sarafizadeh Kirk and Donna Scattergood Mr. Gary Dean Schaaf * Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schaafsma Mr. George W. Schafer Mr. John Schaff Bob and Susan Scharp Ms. Mary Schierholt Mr. and Mrs. Kurt H. Schindler Mr. Paul M. Schmuckal Mr. and Mrs. John Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schneider Nancy and James Schoensee * Ms. Joann Schoof Mr. and Mrs. Wallace B. Schroth Ms. Sarah Krier Schryver * Dr. and Mrs. John D. Schultz

Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Elizabeth Schulze * Mr. Robert L. Schuster Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Schweitzer Mary and David Sciamanna Mrs. Margaret Scott Mr. James Searls Sarah and Thomas Shaffer Jimmy and Annette Shamas Rosalie A. Sharpe Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E. Shaw * Dr. John Sheagren Ms. Laurie Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shirilla Ms. Susan L. Shirkey Mr. and Mrs. Kent Shoemaker Dr. Lisa Siddall Dr. and Mrs. Richard Siders Mrs. Mary Lou McGregor Siefken * Lisa and Allan Silverberg Hugh and Beverly Simmonds Lynell and Bill Singer Mr. Tom Skinner Barbara Skurdall and Ann Strehle Dr. and Mrs. Barry D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Smith Mr. John C. Smith Dr. Martha L. Smith Mr. Peter Gregory Sotos * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Soutas-Little Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Space Mr. and Mrs. Alan Spector * Mr. and Mrs. James Stacy Dr. Allen Caruthers Steere Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. William C. Stege Mr. Charles Stegmeir Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stehouwer Richard and Nancy Steiger Scott and Suzanne Stepan Dude and Cathy Stephenson Dr. and Mrs. Ross Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Sterenberg Donna and James Stevens Mr. and Mrs. David Stockman Victor and Marlene Stoeffler Mr. Daniel John Stolper Mr. and Mrs. David M. Stout Bruce and Jane Stowe Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Stratton Gary and Mary Street John and Nan Strickler Derek and Jerry Ann Strine Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Strom Ms. Kirsten Stromberg Mr. Nathaniel Stroup Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Stryker Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Summerfield Evy and Ross Sussman * Ms. Helen C. Swint Ms. Laura Swire Mr Patrick Szymanski and Ms. Margery Lieber Bret and Lori Talbot Ms. Alice Tang Ellen and William Taubman Ms. Lauren Taylor Richard and Marilyn Taylor Ms. June Pelton Thaden * Rosanne Tutti Thiel Ms. Nancie Thole Richard Thomas and Linda Zalewski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thompson Mr. and Mrs. John A. Thorne Drs. Tom and Charisse Tietjen * Ms. Ruth Timmerman Fred and Diane Tinsey Nicole and Kevin Tomczak Scott and Mary Tompkins * Dr. Richard Tooley Ms. Beverly G. Toomey June P. Brewer Toshalis Mr. Mark Tosiello Ms. Marana Webber Tost Mr. and Mrs. Hubert L. Toupin Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Townsend Jr. Ms. Sally Trevarthen * Randy and Valerie Trumbull Dr. Elizabeth R. Turpin Mr. and Mrs. Jared W. Twenty Mr. Bernard Tyler Durette Upton Mr. and Mrs. William VanDenburg Mr. Steven T. Vanderkuy Mr. Stephen Roger Vann * Mr. Douglas M. VanZoeren * George and Lauri Varga Susan and Steven Vegter Dr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Verbrugge Mr. David Verdier Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dougall Vick * Ms. Kathryn Vilter Ms. Carol Voigts Dr. Petra von Kulajta and Mr. Timothy Werner Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Wachtel Ms. Susan S. Wagner Mr. William T. Walborn Mrs. Nancy Waldron Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Walker Kent H. and Suzanne T. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walker Mr. and Mrs. William S. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Wall Bertram Walsh and Jean Larson Mr. Doug Walsh Mr. L. Kent Walton Mr. Jim Walworth Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Warburton Ms. Debra Waterson Mr. and Mrs. Price Watts Mrs. Ellen Elliott Weatherbee * Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Weese Pam and Mike Wehr Norman and Lucille Weichelt Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Weidenbaum Mrs. Nancy Hoffman Weidner * Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Weigel III Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weirich Mrs. Eileen Lappin Weiser * Mrs. Amy Wenn * Mr. and Mrs. David G. Wesenberg Ms. Jennifer Lynn Wesling Mr. Justin Robert West Mr. and Mrs. Tim L. Westbay Dr. Patricia Anne Wetzel * Naida S. Wharton * Hunter and Genie Whitesell * Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Wicksall Ruth K. Widrich Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wierman Joe and Glenda Wierzbicki Ms. Diane Wilbur Dr. and Mrs. David A. Wild Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Wilkinson Fred and Mickey Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wilkinson Ms. Rebecca Williams Mr. Douglas Charles Wilson * H. Bart and Patty Wilson Carol Wingard and Robert Pease Ms. Janet Wolf Dr. and Mrs. Neil W. Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolfe Barry and Donna Wolpoff David and Ann Wood Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Woods Mr. and Mrs. Randy Woods Dale and Lorrine Helm Wordelman * Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wozniak Dr. Thomas E. Wright Drs. David M. and Bernadine Wu * Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wyckoff Ms. Natalie Priest Yaw * Mr. and Mrs. John A. Yeager Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Yonan Ms. Diane Young-Spitzer Bill and Diana Zell Andrew B. Zimmerman Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Zinn Professor and Mrs. Paul William Zitzewitz Dan and Jan Zolik Jeffery Zook * Drs. John and Kaye Zwiacher FRIENDS OF INTERLOCHEN ($1 - 399) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Aaron * Ms. Holly Copeland Aaronson * Mr. Richard Abben Ms. Dolly Abbey Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Abbey Jr. Ms. Joan Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Scott Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Jerome William Abend Ms. Marilyn Aberlich Mr. Adam Abeshouse * Ken and Donna Abosch Ms. Blanche Abraham Ms. Susan Abrahams Dwain and Christina Abramowski Mr. Harry Abramowski Mr. and Mrs. Alan Abrams * Joan Wotiz Abramson * Ms. Heather Stotter Abt * Mr. Morton Jay Achter * 18 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Acosta Mr. and Mrs. Rick Acuncius Mrs. Barbara Bliss Adams * Mr. Dale J. Adams Mr. and Mrs. David Adams Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Adams Ms. Fran Adams Mrs. Frances Adams * Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Douglas Adams Mrs. Mary Lint Adams * Mr. Robert Adams Jocelyn Adelman * Mrs. Irwin A. Adler Mr. Michael Adam Adler * Wendy (Kasden) and Michael Adler * Mr. Mitchel Robert Aeder * Bruce and Rena Agins * Mr. Ron Agnello Mr. Thomas Charles Agoston * Mr. Bruce A. Ahlich Mrs. Meg Lowenthal Akabas * Professor and Mrs. James E. Akenson Mr. and Mrs. Francis Akos Katherine E. Akos * Mr. Jared Akakson Lynda and Clifford Alan Ms. Florie Alandt Mr. Mike Alanson Mrs. L. W. Alberts Mr. and Mrs. J. Blaine Alberty Mr. Donald J. Albrecht Mrs. Susan Albrecht * Mr. Tom Albrecht Edwin and Diane Alderson Ms. Christy Alexander Mr. and Mrs. William Alfera Mr. Michael J. Alfonso Ms. Lorna Alger Mr. Arega Ali * Mr. Raphael Alkema Laurette Alkidas Mary Alleman Aaron Allen and Joanna Nigrelli Chris Allen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen Mr. and Mrs. George Allen Mr. and Mrs. John R. Allen Ms. Kristina Allen Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Allen Mr. Robert Gordon Allen * Dan and Jane Allensworth Ms. Gwen K. Allgaier Rev. Dr. William and Joan Allinder Ms. Grace Pachman Allison * Dr. and Mrs. James E. Allison III Tom and April Alliston Ms. Paige Allyn Mrs. Cheryl Al-Mateen Ms. Patricia Alpers Willow Al-Shamma Kerry Alspaugh Mr. and Mrs. James W. Alstrom Prof. and Mrs. Gerald Alter Mr. and Mrs. Brett Altman Ms. Julie Alton Mr. George Alward Mr. Richard E. Amacher Mr. Brian C. Amato Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Amato Mrs. Karen Stewart Amber * Mrs. Robert H. Ambrose Tim and Joy Ambrose Mr. Joseph Ambrosi Mr. Allen Christian Ambuhl * Ms. Kristina Lynn Ament * Ms. Alicia Ames Ms. Bobbi Ames Professor and Mrs. Gordon L. Amidon Ms. Jacqueline Amos Mr. R. J. Amsterburg Ms. Gretchen Amstutz Ms. Janice Andahazy Mr. Carl Andersen Ms. Christy Andersen Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Andersen Ms. Laura Andersen R. Soren & Wallis May Andersen Mr. Alan Anderson Ms. Amy Anderson Ms. Barbara Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson Charles Anderson and Imelda Enriquez-Moreno Ms. Christine Anderson Cindy R. Anderson Mr. Daniel Lane Anderson * Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson Ms. Erin Kathryn Anderson * Prof. and Mrs. Gary Anderson Mr. Gary Anderson Mr. and Mrs. George W. Anderson John and Marsha Anderson Ms. Karen Anderson Mr. Kurt Anderson Ms. Leslie Mary Anderson * Ms. Lois Anderson Ms. Margaret Keating Anderson * M. Kent Anderson Ms. Nicole Anderson Ms. Pamala Anderson Mr. Paul A. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Anderson Mr. Richard Anderson The Reverend and Mrs. Richard A. Anderson Robert and Shirley Anderson * William C. and Vicki Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Andrasi Edward Andres and Nancy Turner Paula Andresen Ms. Virginia Andresen Mrs. Bruce Andrews Dr. and Mrs. Dan A. Andrews Ms. Kathryn Andrews Ray and Alice Andrews Drs. Thomas and Valerie Andrews Tracy Andrews Mr. Steve Andriese Larry and Sharon Andringa Mr. and Mrs. Philip Andrus Ms. Lisa Angell Mr. Ernest E. Anger Valerie Angers Ms. Tina Angley and Mr. Eric Ellingsen * Miss Patricia Jo Angood * Beth and Henry Angsten Mr. Roberto Antonio Angueira * Mr. and Mrs. Javier Anica Ms. Jacquelyn J. Ankerson Anonymous * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Anthony Ms. Emma Mae Anthony Dr. James L. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Anthony Ms. Linda Anthony Ms. Katherine B. Appel Drs. Kwabena and Jacqueline Appiah Mr. and Mrs. Richard Apple Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Appleford Ms. Rachel Applegate Mr. and Mrs. Harold Aqua Ms. Maria Arapakis Mr. Albert John Arbogast III Mr. John Archer Mrs. Katherine Judy Archer * Andrea and Robert Arends Dr. Robert R. Arfstrom Lin and Mary Arkles Mrs. Nancy Warsawer Arkuss * Glenn and Denise Arlt Mr. Dennis Armbruster Mr. Steve Armbruster Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Armitage Charles D. and Susan G. Armour Ms. Caroline C. Armstrong Fern Hodge Armstrong Dr. and Mrs. Robert Armstrong Professor and Mrs. Harvard L. Armus Mr. and Mrs. Armond M. Arney Ms. N. Kim Arnn * Mrs. Alison Higby Arnold * Fred and Sue Arnold Mrs. Gale H. Arnold Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. Arnold * Ms. Jeannette M. Arnold Mr. John Arnold Ms. Judy Arnold Judith A. Arnold Ms. Arlene Arntz Shelley & Robin Aronson in honor of Jordan Aronson Ms. Tamra Arrand Ms. F. Josephine Arrowood Ms. Alison Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arvo Mr. John Asher Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Asher Ms. Candace Ashley Mr. Charles Ashley Dr. and Mrs. John K. Ashley John and Nancy Ashton Ms. Cynthia Asiala Sharon Stewart Askew Ms. Mary Ann Asmus

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