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Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts

Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts


Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Mr. Brad Aspey Ms. Fatima Mira Ast * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Robert Astley Mr. and Mrs. Edward Atkins Mr. and Mrs. Fred Atkinson James and Judy Atwood Jamie Atwood Mrs. Joann Sebesta Atwood * Ms. Laura Linson Atwood * Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Auch Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Aug Ms. Avery Canada Augustine * Mr. Carl Augustine Ms. Anna Austin Mr. and Mrs. David R. Austin Mr. Simon Joseph Austin * Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Auten Ms. Diane E. Averill Mary Ann Avery Mr. Ragnar Avery Mr. William Ritter Avery * Mr. and Mrs. Mike Avinger Mr. Rayman Solomon and Dr. Carol Avins * Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Awe Ms. Margaret Iva Axon * Ms. Jean Azar Mr. Kirt Baab Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Baas Ms. Jessie Evans Babcock * Mr. and Mrs. Lorimer Bacasmot Ms. Bette Bach Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bach Ms. Penny Bach Mr. Philip F. Bach * Anna and John Bachman Ms. Virginia Bachteal Mr. Rob Bacigalupi Mr. and Mrs. John Backman Ms. Judith A. Bacon Ms. Mary E. Bacon Ernie and Irene Bacsanyi Bob and Helen Badgley Ms. Julia Badura Ms. Alice Ava Baehler * Ms. Kay Baetsen Mr. Joe Bagby Susan and Joseph Bagby Bob and Nancy Baglan Edward R. and Lucile Cummings Bagley Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bagley Mr. John Francis Bagnato * Mr. and Mrs. Karl Bahle Owen and Leila Bahle Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bahle Ms. Robin McClellan Bahle Mr. Stephen S. Bahlke Mrs. Edward R. Bahr * Ms. Jo Bahry Mr. Gerald Baier Ms. Cleo R. Bailey Martha and George Bailey Mr. John Bailey Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bailey Lana M. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. Baillod Michael and Diane Bair Mr. Boyd C. Baird Dr. and Mrs. Walter M. Baird Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Baker Ms. Cathy M. Baker Mrs. Darleen Dyer Baker * Don Russell Baker, D.M.A. * Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Baker Ms. Jane Baker Ms. Marilyn Baker Martha Baker Ms. Mary C. Baker Ms. Melinda A. Baker Ms. Patricia Baker Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Baker Jr. Ms. Virginia Clayton Baker Ms. Margaret Balcom Mr. and Mrs. William R. Balcom Mr. and Mrs. David Baldwin Ms. Kathryn Copeland Baldwin * Mr. Frank Baleiko Mrs. Kathleen Bales * Ms. Melanie Bales * Mr. and Mrs. James J. Balija Thomas and Kimberly Balke Miss Alisa Carol Ball * Anne F. Ball Mr. Donald L. Ball Ms. Dorothy Ball Mr. and Mrs. Whit Ballantine Mr. Donald L. Ballard Mr. Jeff Ballast Mrs. Harold Ballen * Ms. Margaret Balogh Daniel Alan Balsam * Dr. and Mrs. Richard Balsam Frances S. Balter Ms. Kathryn Bamberg Amy Bamberger * Ms. Elizabeth Banashak Ms. Carol Banfield Mrs. Milton L. Bankoff Mr. and Mrs. David Banks Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Bannister Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Banoff Mrs. Claudia Bantel Gregory W. Baran Ms. Jennifer Joy Barbee * Mr. and Mrs. James D. Barber Mr. Larry Barber Ms. Sheila Barber Carol Barbour Martha Barbour Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Bard Mr. Kevin Bard Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bard Al Barden Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bardenhagen Mr. Steve Bardenhagen Mr. William H. Bardens Ms. Ann Bardens-McClellan Mrs. Jean Maschmeyer Bardonner (‘46) * Ms. Deborah Susan Bardwick * Mr. and Mrs. David C. Barford Mr. Edwin Douglas Barker * Ms. Hanna Nickerson Barker * John and Dorothy Barker Mr. Ross Barker Mr. Donald Barkus Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Barlekamp Ms. Fay Barnaby Mrs. Colleen Barnard Mr. and Mrs. James E. Barnard Kay and Chuck Barnell Ms. Henrietta Barnes Ms. Joan W. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. McKim Barnes Connie and Michael Barnes Mr. Miles T. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Barnes Jr. Mr. Tom Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Baron Ms. Rebecca Marlene Baron * Mr. and Mrs. Peter Barounis Mr. and Mrs. James F. Barratt * Ms. Marian Barrett Marjorie Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barrett Mr. and Mrs. George Barron Bob and Rita Barron Ms. Connie Barrow Mr. Melvin L. Barrow Mr. and Mrs. William Barrows Ms. Jeanne Barstow Ms. Laura Beth Bartell * Ms. Mary Barth Lee and Floy Barthel Mr. Keith Andrew Bartholomew * Mr. Robert Bartle Ms. Phyllis C. Bartlett Mr. Stephen W. Bartlett * Mr. and Mrs. Beryl B. Barto R. Clark and Madelyn Barto Jim and Nancy Barton Ms. Brenda Bartz Ms. Amy Barzyk Evelyn Basile Deanne and Richard Basofin Dr. Joseph Bass * Mr. Randall Jacob Tiger Bass * Mr. Roy Bassett Mr. and Mrs. George A. Basta Jr. Mrs. Marie Louise G. Bates Ms. Martha Bates Ms. Shirley J. Bateson Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Batsakis Mrs. Harriet Batson Mr. Joseph M. Battocletti Mr. and Mrs. John H. Batts Ms. Annamarie Bauer Mr. Arnold Bauer Donna Bauer Ms. Mary Bauer Ms. Patricia J. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bauer Ms. Sarah E. Baughman Ms. Sharon K. Baumann Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Baumann Mr. and Mrs. David M. Baumgartner * Jorg and Ingeborg Baumgartner Pauline A. Baver 19 Mr. and Mrs. A. David Baxter Mr. and Mrs. Reid E. Baxter Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bay Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bay Mrs. Barbara Smith Bayless * Ms. Anna Beach Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Beadle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gordon Beadle * Abby and Chuck Beale Mr. and Mrs. William C. Beals Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Beardslee Mr. and Mrs. William Beardslee Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Beardsley Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beatty Ms. Elizabeth A. Beauchamp Mr. Bryson Beaver Ms. Serena Beaver Ms. Penny Howk Beavers * Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bechtold Jr. Bill and Kathy Beck Donald and Ann Marie Beck John H. Beck * Larry and Nancy Beck Ms. Margaret Kolb Beck * Ms. Patricia Beck Mr. and Mrs. Neil Beckenstein Ms. Carole Becker Gordon A. Becker II and Patricia A. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Victor Becker Mrs. Nancy E. Becknell * Mrs. Juliet McGuire Beckwith * Mr. and Mrs. Valery Bedenko Ms. Dora A. Bedford Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bednarsh Clifford and Ruth Bedore Ms. Kirsten Lynn Bedway * Drs. Earl and Esther Beeks Mr. Gary Beeman Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Beeman Sheryl Beeman Mr. Robert H. Beemer * Adam and Allison Beers John and Margaret Beery Dr. and Mrs. Harry Begley Ben Begley and Kathleen Wills Mr. Steve Begnoche Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Behnke Mr. Ned Behrman Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Beia Mr. William Beia Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Beidler Dr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Beights Ms. Marilyn L. Belcher Dr. and Mrs. George R. Belden Mr. Wayne Beldo Mr. and Mrs. Montague Belgrave Miss Madeline Belkin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bell Mr. and Mrs. David Bell Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bell Ms. Jan Bell Mrs. Jay Bell Mr. Jeff Bell Mrs. Mozelle Sawyer Bell * Mrs. Rosemary I. Bell Ms. Sally Bell Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Bellingham Ms. Patricia Belonnay Mr. and Mrs. Mark Belovich Amy and Emily Bembeneck Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Bender Mrs. Lenora Sykes Benedict * Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Z. Benet Mr. Robert Benian Mr. Lawrence Benjamin Ms. Cecilia Benner Jim and Helen Benner Mr. Arthur J. Bennett Mrs. Betty Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bennett Mr. James A. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Bennett Mr. Louis Penvenne Bennett * Mr. Robert Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bennett Jr. Mr. Ron Bennett Mrs. Lawrence S. Bensman Annette Benson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Benson Ms. Gail Benson Mr. and Mrs. Guy R. Benson Ms. Joan Marie Benson * Mr. and Mrs. John S. Benson Ms. Peggy Benson Ms. Marilyn V. Benson Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Benson * Ken and Jennifer Bentley Terry and Rae Berden Donald Berg Mr. Gordon Berg Dr. Michael Bergeon Mr. Blair James Berger Ms. Elizabeth Berger Mr. and Mrs. Mark Berger Mr. and Mrs. Judson Bergman Cynthia Bergman and Anthony Stankevicius Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bergsma Ed and Lorraine Berk Drs. Bruce & Joanna Berkowitz, M.D. Ms. Amy Berliner Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Berman Ms. Allison Berman Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Berman Ms. Lacey Bernard Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bernbeck Pete and Mary Bernek Ms. Jean Bernius Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Bernlohr Mrs. Ivan Bernson Ms. Irene Susan Bernstein * Mr. Kenneth Bernstein * Mr. Kenneth Bernstein Mrs. Nancy Caplan Bernstein * Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Berry Ms. Barbara Ann Berry Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Berry Ms. RuthAnn Berry Mr. James Verd Berryhill Ms. Valerie Jill Bert Mrs. Nancy Zechin Berta * Warren and Barbara Berthelsen Al and Amy Berthouex Jim Bertolacini and Ann Sexton Dr. Lynn D. Bertram * Alejandro Bertuol and Patricia Garip Bertuol Dan and Sandra Besselsen Dr. and Mrs. Arturo E. Betancourt Mr. Robert J. Betley * Mrs. Bridget McKeever Bettigole * Prof. and Mrs. Clifford Bettis Mr. John Betts Dr. Marlene Bevan and Mr. Jeremy Conaway Ms. Cidney Ann Bever * Kitty Hodge Mike Beveridge Ms. Carole A. Beverwyk Ms. Meredith Bevier Ms. Tammy Bialik Mr. James Arthur Bianchi Ms. Charlene Bickel Mr. Jack Bickler Ms. Linda Bicum Ms. Gerda E. Bielitz Harriet and Stanley Bieri Mr. Thomas Bigalke W. Dean and Carol Bigelow Mr. and Professor William W. Bigler BIKEFIXCYCLINGCENTER.COM Mr. Victor Patrick Bilanchone * Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Biller Mrs. Michelle Robinson Bindeman * Mr. and Mrs. Duane Bingel Mr. Jay Bingham Richard and Wendy Bingham Mr. Wheelock Richard Bingham * Ms. Kim Biocchi Mr. and Mrs. D. Keith Birchler Mr. and Mrs. Reginald C. Bird Mr. and Mrs. William T. Birge Ms. Amy Birtcher Joanne Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Michael Biskupski Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Bittermann Jr. Mrs. Marjorie Wykes Bjork * Ms. Bonnie Black Ms. A. Christine Black Ms. Marilyn Williams Black * Ms. Rozanne L. Black Ms. Stephanie Black Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Blackburn Sr. * Mr. and Mrs. Leland Blackledge Mrs. Ronald Blackman Ms. Julie Blackshaw James and Patricia Blackwell Ms. Martha Todd Blaine * Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Blair Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Blais Ms. Celeste E. Blanch Ms. Mary Oleson Blandin Marie and Howard Blaney Ms. Deb Blashill

Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Mr. Roger Blaugh * Ms. Jo Blaugrund * Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Blazier Dr. Nancy Jo Bledsoe * Thomas E. and Edith M. Bletcher Jack and Marcy Bletstein Ms. Margo Schnee Blevin * Ms. Ann Blight Ms. Annette Block Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Block Joe and Elizabeth Blondia Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Bloom Roger and Carla Bloom Mrs. Jerry Bloom Kenneth and Susan Bloom Ms. Barbara Bloomer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gene Bloomquist * Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bloomquist Mr. Joe Blossom Mr. William Blossom * Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Blount Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Blount Dale and Joan Blount * Ms. Esther Edith Bloustein * Mrs. Dorothy Blue Mr. Eugene S. Blue Mr. Steve Bluhm Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Blum Dr. Susan Debra Blum * Toby Citrin and Phyllis Blumenfeld Ms. Allison Blythe Drs. Dean and Ellen Boal Mr. and Mrs. William Bobier Ms. Monica Parker Bocaner * Mr. Brian Bock Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bodamer Rich and Kathy Bodette Jennifer and Emanuel Bodner Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boehler Ms. A. Jean Boehm Ms. Nancy Boehm Jan Boehnlein Ms. Helen Boekelloo Ms. Barbara Boerger Ms. Carolyn Boger Mr. Mark Joseph Bogetto * Gil and Anne Bogley Ms. AnnMarie Bogner Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Bogumill Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bohl Eric and Louann Bohman Ms. Virginia Bol Mr. William Boland * Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bolden Mr. and Mrs. David Bolig Ms. Erika Bolig Ms. Amy Bolmer Ms. Julie Ann Bolthuis * Mr. Andrew Paul Bonczyk Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Bond * Mr. Timothy I. Bondy Mr. Joseph A. Boner Lloyd and Isumi Bonhagen Ms. Phyllis K. Bonhagen Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Bonney Mr. David K. Bonsall Mrs. Alice Bonta Ms. Mary Northcott Boodell * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boone Ms. Sara Booth Mr. R. Scott Boots * Eileen Marie Bora * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Borak Murray M. Borck Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Borden Jerry and Rosemary Borgen Ms. Brooke Borgeson-Gray Mr. and Mrs. Clark J. Bormann Ms. Cheri Borns Miss Priscilla Ann Boroniec Mrs. Dorothy Smith Borst * Mr. A. David Bos Mr. and Mrs. Ljubomir Bosevski Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bosgraaf Mr. and Mrs. Al Bosley Ms. Jennifer Bosma Mr. and Mrs. David Bostwick Ms. Julie Botsford and Dr. James Reznich Richard and Barbara Bott Ms. Carroll Ann Fuller Bottino Mr. Gordon Boucon Mr. and Mrs. Homer K. Boughner Martha Bouman Ms. Dianne Bourne Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hugh Bowen III Rob and Kristin Bowen Mr. Gregory Bower * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bower Mr. Ralph E. Bowermaster Tod A. Bowermaster * Catherine Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Evan Bowers Mr. John B. Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bowes Ms. Carol Bowman Jon Galt Bowman and Ann K. Bowman Mrs. Shirley Bowman Victor B. Bowman * Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bowron Gregory and Jann Boxold Mrs. Carol Boyd * Rick and Susan Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Boyd Ms. Sandra Boyd Dr. and Mrs. William Boyd Mr. and Mrs. William S. Boyd * Mr. Derek Boyer Mr. Robert C. Boyer * Mrs. Karen Taylor Boylan * Ms. Connie Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bozigian Ms. Emily Gloger Bracale * Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Brach Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brackett Ed and Jenny Bradford James Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Bradford Ms. Nancy Budd Bradford * Dr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Bradley Ms. Enid Bradley Ms. Patricia Bradley Mr. Robert W. Bradley Mr. Terry Bradley Ms. Barbara Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. David S. Bradshaw Ms. Caroline F. Brady Mrs. Marjorie A. Braem Mr. and Mrs. William F. Braeuninger Dr. and Mrs. George W. Bragle Lea Liza and Jason Brakel Miss Mara Rose Bralove * Colonel and Mrs. Harold C. Braly The Reverend James Harvey Brammer Ms. June F. Brammer Mr. and Mrs. James G. Brand Dr. Alice Brandfonbrener Mr. Mark James Brandfonbrener * Mr. David Benjamin Brandt * Kathleen Branigan Mrs. Grace Brann Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brannon Eric and Kimberly Brant Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brashear John and Viola Brastrom Mr. Carl A. Brauer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brauer Mr. Fred Braun Patricia Brauninger Janis Braun-Levine * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brausa Mrs. Maud Bray Ms. Mary Brayton Ms. Sharon Brazee Ms. Mary MacGowan Breckman * Mr. Donald Breed The Reverend and Mrs. K. H. Breimeier Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bremner Marianne Leitch Breneman * Ms. Jean S. Brenner * Ms. Marcy Jean Brenner * Ms. Renee Brenner Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bresler * Ms. JoAnna Breslin Ms. Nancy Brethauer Ms. Francine Bretschneider Ms. Susan R. Breuer Ms. Emily Brew Mr. John Brewer Mr. Robert Brewer John and Phyllis Brewster * Mr. William John Brian Jr. * Leslie J. Bricker, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. William Bridgers Ms. Elaine Bridges John and Apple Bridges Pennee Brief Mrs. Betsy Edgar Briere * Mr. and Mrs. John Briggs John V. and Sarah F. Briggs Ms. Lisa Judith Briggs * Ms. Susan Smith Briggs * Ms. Constance E. Brigham Ms. Sue Brightheart Beverly Brighton Ms. Ellen Brill Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Brimhall 20 Mr. Paul Brink Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wesley Brink * Dr. and Mrs. Steve Brisbois Dr. Elaine H. Broad Ginsberg Mr. Timothy Dale Broadway * Ms. Carol Brock Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin Broersma Mr. and Mrs. Dave Brogan Mr. Michael Solomon Broh * Dr. Roberta Brokaw * Carl and Joyce Bromberg Ms. Pepper Bromelmeier Mr. Eric T. Bronsky * Mr. and Mrs. David E. Bronson Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Brook Mr. and Mrs. Blake W. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Brooks Ms. Nancy Greenwood Brooks * Ms. Virginia Lee Brooks Ingrid and Edward Brophy Ms. Mary Brosch Stan Brossard and Pamela Petajan Mrs. Phyllis Brothers Mrs. Margaret L. Brouwer Ms. Judith Brow Ms. Barbara L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Byron W. Brown Ms. Charlotte Brown Philip Brown * Mr. Emerson M. Brown Dr. Emily Freeman Brown Faith Adler Brown * Ms. Gloria A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Brown Ms. Helen Brown Mr. Jack E. Brown Mr. Jeff Brown Ms. Joan Brown Bill and Julie Brown Lynn Brown Ms. Mary C. Brown Ms. Norma Brown Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brown Peter and Paula Brown Rex and Dorothy Elliott Brown * Bette Jo and Richard Brown Mr. and Mrs. Richmond F. Brown Mr. Rik Brown Mr. Robert Brown Mr. Robert L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown Mr. Russell Brown Mr. Stephen Brown Mrs. Viola Mitchell Brown * Wayne and Anne Brown William and Julie Brown Dona M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Browne Ms. Virginia A. Browne Ms. Eleanor Brownell Ms. Kathy Browning Mrs. Sharon Brown-Sweeney * Sara Wetherholt Brubaker Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brubaker Heather and Kirk Bruce Kathy and Jeffrey Bruggeman Mr. and Mrs. Sofyan Brugger * Mr. Richard Brunner and Dr. Jennifer Murtagh Dr. Judyth A. Bruno Ms. Donna Louise Brunsma * Ms. Fiona Preston Bryan * Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Bryson Ms. Janet S. Brzezinski Mr. Robert Brzezinski Ms. Janet Buchanan Cheri and William Buchbinder Mr. Andrew Buchholz Miss Barbara Ruth Buchtel * Mr. and Mrs. Bill Buck Gene and Lori Buck * Jack Buck Mrs. Pamela Szulborski Buck * Ms. Michelle J.K. Buckberry Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Buckingham Mr. Kim Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Scott Buckner Mr. John Budd Robert and Elizabeth Budreau Mr. and Mrs. Winston Budrow Mr. Michael Buechin Ms. Audrey Buehrer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bueno De Mesquita Mr. Roger Buffett * Dr. Thomas Oliver Buford * Mr. and Mrs. William Bugera Jr. Mr. H. Michael Buhler Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Buhrt Mrs. Jeanne Buick Mr. and Mrs. James Bulkley Mr. Bob Bullard Mr. David R. Bunce Mrs. Nora Bungard Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Bunn Lesley H. Bunnell * Mr. Alan M. Bunner Mrs. Leo V. Buntin Ms. Susan S. Burack Dr. and Mrs. John Burau Hillary Burchuk IAA 73-75 * Mr. Melvin Burcz Ms. Jackie Burden Ms. Linda C. Burgert Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Burgess Mr. Terence Burke and Ms. June McIntosh Nancie Witz Burkett * Ms. Elizabeth Ann Burkhardt * Ms. Jess and Tim Burkhardt * Ms. Barbara L. Burkholz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burleson Mr. Monte Burmeister Mr. Richard Burmeister Bethany Burns Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Burns Mr. and Mrs. H. Eugene Burns Molly Burns * Mr. and Mrs. Dick Burow Ms. Ann Joslyn Burrows Mr. Calvin Burt Ms. Ella Burton Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Burton Mrs. Ann Maner Burzyck * Mr. and Mrs. David L. Busch Mr. Michael Busch Rhonda and Robert Busch Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bush Ms. Elaine M. Bush Mr. Matthew Bush Betty and Dennis Bushey Miss Robin Bushman * Mr. M. David Bushouse * Mr. David Busse Dr. Fred Michael Busse * Donald and Jocelyn Bussies Mr. Joe Buteyn Ms. Marilyn Buteyn Mr. Carl Wendell Butler Jr. * Mr. Jerry Butler Mr. Shaun Munawar Butt * Mr. F. William Button Mrs. Heather Hirsch Butz * Mr. Douglas Carl Buurma * Ms. Carol Buxton and Mr. David Kelley Charles Buxton and Susan McKelvey Buxton Mr. and Mrs. James L. Buzzell Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Buzzell Harold and Dorothy Byers Ms. Marilyn Byers Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Byl Ms. Jennifer Byron Mrs. Laura Caballero-Hilera * Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Wall Cabell * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carrington Cabell Ms. Shaunna Cahill Dr. Charles Cahn * Susan Cahn Mr. Robert J. Cain Mr. Stanley D. Cain Mr. Don Caird Mr. and Mrs. George Cairns Mrs. Harry C. Calcutt * Mrs. Richard L. Caldwell Mr. Ronald Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. David Leighton Calfee * Mr. Stephen Joseph Calipari * Mr. and Mrs. Tom Calkins Mr. and Mrs. Michael Call Mr. and Mrs. Royal J. Call Kevin and Teresa Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Callam Mr. Phillip E. Callighan Ms. Nancy Camilleri Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cammin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Campbell Mrs. Carolyn J. Campbell Mr. Chris Campbell Mrs. Deborah Campbell * Mr. Fred Campbell Ms. Heidi Campbell Ms. Helen Campbell Mrs. Jane Campbell Mrs. Janet E. Campbell * Ms. Madelyn G. Campbell Mr. Robert R. Campbell

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