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Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts

Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts


Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Ms. Sheila Campbell Mr. Thomas Campbell Dr and Mrs. Mark Campbell-Olszewski Mr. and Mrs. John Clement Canada Ms. Marybeth Elizabeth Cancienne * Mr. Scott B. Candey Mrs. Eleanor Canfield Ms. Deborah Cannella Ms. Jacqueline Cantalupo Mr. Richard Cantley Mr. Christopher Thomas Cantwell John and Kathleen Cappellucci Mr. and Mrs. Julian Capps Mr. Christopher Michael Caproni * Mr. and Mrs. Tom Capua Jose and Denise Cara Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Carabell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Carbone Mr. Fieldon Carden Ms. Barbara J. Cardinal Ann Carey Dr. Archibald Carey Jr. Susan Carey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Carey Christopher and Gretchen Carlin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carlin Dr. Jan D. Carline Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Carlisle Mr. Allan M. Carlson Carol A. Carlson Ms. Esther Carlson Mr. John Carlson John N. and Gail E. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Carlson Dr. and Mrs. Eric D. Carlson * Pat Carlson Robert and Victoria Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Carlson Laura and Gary Carmickle Mr. James Carmody Ms. Linda Carmon Ms. Andrea Hall Carnahan * Mr James Carnes and Ms Susan Gray Ms. Naomi Carnes Ms Cindy Carney Mr. and Mrs. David C. Carney Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Carney Mrs. Virginia R. Caro Ms. Carol Carpenter Mr. James Carpenter and Ms. Rebecca Reynolds Mr. James Carpenter Ms. Kathleen E. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Carpenter Ms. Linda Carps Dana Carr Lynette Alison Carr * Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Carrick Mr. Raymond Carrie Grant and Terry Carrithers Dennis and Margaret Carroll Mrs. Kyle McCreight Carroll * E. Timothy Carroll Mrs. Susan B. Carruthers Dr. and Mrs. Layne E. Carson Dr. Robert Carson * Mr. Robert A. Carstens Donald and Marjorie Carter Dr. Gregory S. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Cartwright Mr. and Mrs. Milton Blouke Carus * Mr. and Mrs. John H. Carver Ms. Sarah Potter Carwell Ms. Rosemary Cary Ms. Julia L. Casa Ms. Jessica Gabrielle Casale * Ms. Elaine Case Mr. and Mrs. Tom Case Dr. Karen Casebeer Mr. and Mrs. John Casey Barbara Cash Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cashman Mr. Bernard Caspar Travis Casper and Sylvia Reyes-Casper Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Cassard Nick Cassell Ms. Ruth Aurand Casserly * Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Cassie Ms. Stacey Elizabeth Cassis Ms. Ann Casteel Mr. and Mrs. John W. Castle Ms. Iraida Castro Terry and Marlene Caszatt Ms. Jessica Rose Cattelino * Mr. Charles Cauchy Wendy Caulkins Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cavallaro Mr. and Mrs. James Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Mel Caviezel Ms. Angela Rae Caviness Sue and Dan Caviston Ms. Rebecca Erwin Cawley * Rudy and Mildred Cechanek Dr. Joseph Stephen Ceo * Dr. Jan Cerro Mr. Henry Cetola The Reverend and Mrs. Albert A. Chaffee Ms. Julie Chai Mr. David Michael Chalick * Ms. Autumn Chalker Mr. Mark Challis Mr. Bryan Dean Chamberlain * Douglas and Linda Chamberlain Ms. Sue Champion Miss Jennie Mae Chan Mrs. Maggie Claire Chandler * Dr. and Mrs. Michael Chang Mr. and Mrs. Tai-yih Chang Mr. Ted Chanock Marcy Chanteaux * Gillian M. Chao Ms. Elizabeth A. Chapelle Ms. Jennifer Chapin Ms. Marie Chapla Mr. Benjamin G. Chapman Mr. Gary Howard Chapman Gil and Idalene Chapman Jeannine and Steve Chapman * Reuben and Mary Ann Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chapman Ward Chapman and Judith Fullerton Mr. and Mrs. Randall Charbeneau Paul and Carol Charette Ms. Nancy Ford Charles Mr. and Mrs. James Charter Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Charters Virginia Chase Pat Chatas Mrs. Amy Chatfield Sandra Chavez Mr. and Mrs. Dorn Checkley Mr. Thomas Alan Chelko * Mr. and Mrs. Chang-Tsai Chen Mr. Craig Cheney Howard and Jane Cheney Kenneth and Janice Cheng Mr. and Mrs. James Cherof Mr. Glen Andrew Cherry * Mr. Bob Childers Mr. and Mrs. William S. Childress Mr. and Mrs. K. Ross Childs Ms. Phyllis Childs Mr. and Mrs. Tim Chilen Janice and Gregg Chilton Michael Chin and Karen Makoff Ms. Ann Chinn Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Chirgwin John and Beth Chisholm Ms. Deborah S. Chodacki James and Abi Chodosh Mr. Pak Yeung P. Choi * Ms. Remy Jean Choi * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chormann Ms. Margaret K. Chorney Ms. Carla Carol Christensen * Mr. and Mrs. Steven Christensen Mr. Tom Christensen Mr. Graeme Christianson * Mr. and Mrs. Iain T. Christie Ms. Peggy Christie Carol Worstell Christopher Norman and Laura Christopher Judith and Stanley Christopher Mr. Donald Christopherson Christine and Jon Christopherson Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Christopherson Thach Chu and Kiem Truong Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chudecke Dr. and Mrs. Mark Chuey Mr. Roy B. Church Will and Marijke Church Mr. William Merton Church * Mr. Robert Churchill Ms. Miriam Ciesla * Ms. Julia Cieslik Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ciminera Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cindric Jr. Mrs. Lilias Wagner Circle * Ms. Jill Ciszewski Mr. David F. Clapp Ms. Rosie Clapp Leeann Clapper Mr. Bernard Clark Betty R. Clark Ms. Cheryl Clark Dr. Diane M. Clark 21 Ed and Sandy Clark Mr. and Mrs. James E. Clark Mr. Jeff Clark Mr. John T. Clark Ms. Kristine Olsen Clark Ms. Patricia Clark Mr. Robert Clark Mr. Robert G. Clark Ms. Sandra Roxanna Clark * Mr. Thomas Clark Mrs. William E. Clark Dale and Daisy Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Gary Grant Clarke Professor and Mrs. Norman J. Clary Mr. and Mrs. Dale Claudepierre Donald R. Clauser * Ms. Susan D. Clearfield Gregory and Kathleen Cleary * Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cleary Mrs. William J. Cleaver Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cleland Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Clement Jr. Ron and Elaine Clement Mr. John Brinckerhoff Clements * Mr. Paul Clemo Robert Cleveland Mr. Joshua Randall Clevenger * Ms. Elizabeth Williams Cline * Dr. Jean Cline Dr. and Mrs. Warren W. Cline Dr. and Mrs. R. Paul Clodfelder Mr. William Gregory Cloon Dorothy and Robert Clore Ms. Patricia Clous Mr. James Clousing Mrs. Patricia Clow * Ms. Helen Cluff Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Clulo Mr. Thomas Clune Ms. Christine Clute Margaret and Thomas Clutts Mr. Andrew Jonathan Clyne * Caroline Coade * Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Coan Mr. Dennis Coburn Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cochran Mrs. Barbara Cochrane Sara Cockrell Mr. and Mrs. Leo Coco Mike and Marci Coco Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Cody Ms. Phyllis Coe Ms. Tracy Coe Michele and Alfred Coffey Doug and Sue Coffin Carolyn Fisher Cogan * Ms. Priscilla Cogan and Mr. Clarence Duncan Mr. Richard B. Cogdal * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coggeshall Mr. and Mrs. Al B. Cogswell Ms. Marsha Ann Cohan * Miss Alison Faye Cohen * Mrs. Elizabeth Ross Cohen * Ms. Janet M. Cohen Dr. Jeffrey Cohen Karen Couf-Cohen and Family * Mr. and Mrs. Norton Cohen Sarah and Don Cohen Stuart Cohen and Susan Hartman Ms. Ellen Cohn Ms. Jessica Simonson Cohn * Ms. Lois G. Cohrs Marjorie May Colburn Ms. Ann Cole Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cole James Cole and Elizabeth Ruchhoft Mrs. Joyce Colburn Cole * Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Cole Robert and Susan Cole Mr. and Mrs. William John Cole Mr. C. A. Coleman Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Carl Richard Coleman Ms. Fran Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Coleman Ms. Terese Freedman Coleman * Mr. Michael T. Coler Mr. Charles Coley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coley Mr. Harry Colfer Mr. Craig Collier Ms. Marion T. Collier Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collier Mark Howell and Rosali Collier Jerome and Susann Colligan Mr. Charles F. Collini Alicia Campbell Collins Betty Anne Collins Beth Collins Dr. and Mrs. John M. Collins Dr. and Mrs. John W. Collins Ms. Kathleen Gail Collins * Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Collins Mr. William Collins Scott and Daria Colner * Mr. David C. Colyer Ms. Eileen Hanson Combs * Mr. George C. Comden Dr. Joseph Comella Mr. Harold Comer Ms. Peg Comfort Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Comin Ms. Eleanor Lea Comings Ms. Jane R. Comings Ms. Catherine Louise Compton * Mr. Charles A. Compton Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Compton Pam Comstock Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Conard Ms. Jane Conard Ms. Candie Conat Dr. Elaine Marie Coney * Mr. Rodney V. Conklin Mrs. Joann Conley Judith Conn Dr. Robin Leigh Connell Mrs. Theda Connell Mr. and Mrs. Dean Conners Mr. and Mrs. Jack Michael Conners Michael and Jeremy Connolly Ms. Kathleen A. Connor Douglas Conover Mr. James Conrad Ms. Lisa Conroy Mrs. Donna Conte Mr. and Mrs. William Contrera Mr. Craig Convissor Mr. and Mrs. William A. Conway Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Conyers Mrs. Ruthmary Coohon Dr. David A. Cook * Doug and Sally Cook Mr. and Mrs. James O. Cook Mr. James R. Cook Ms. Karen Cook Ms. Michelle Cook Ms. Ronda V. Cook Timothy Dowd and Kathy Cook-Dowd Mr. and Mrs. George W. Cooke The Reverend and Mrs. James C. Cooke Jr. Michael E. Lowenstern and Katherine Cooke * Kay and Richard Cooke Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cooley Mark and Patricia Coolidge Ms. Linda Coon Mr. Michael Cooney Michael and Jean Coonrod * Mrs. Anne M. Cooper Ms. Colleen R. Cooper Mr. Gary Cooper Darlene and Jim Cooper Mr. James H. Cooper Joan Cooper * Mr. and Mrs. John G. Cooper Kirby A. and Joan M. Cooper Matt and Krista Cooper Ms. Lynn D. Cooper Mr. Richard Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cooper Ms. Simone Thubet Cooper * Mr. William Cooper Drs. David Copeland and Irene Townsend Mr. Michael Copeland Sam Copeland and Marilyn Schneider Michael and AnnCoppola Mr. Jeffry Corbin Ms. Lucille Corbin Ms. Julie Cordano The Reverend and Mrs. Darowin E. Cordes * Mrs. Mary Halm Cork Mrs. Betty M. Corn Glen Cornblath and Marci Koblenz-Cornblath Mary and Robert Cornelison Mrs. Martha Miller Cornell * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Corning Ms. Deborah Corpus Mrs. Gaylia A. Correll Mr. Luis Cosme Dr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Cossman Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Cote Ms. Melody M. Cote Mr. Andrew Allen Coulson * Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coulter

Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Laurie and Melzar Coulter Alice Counts Mr. Mike Courtade John E. Courter Ms. Virginia Courter Carol and Howard Cousineau Ms. Mary Couture-Dobie Mary Couture-Dobie Dennis and Ann M. Couturier Terry Coveyou Ms. Janet Coville Drs. Philip and Carolyn A. Cowan Mrs. Virginia Langmack Cowan * Carolyn B. Cowart-Vivona and Alexander Vivona Jr. * Mr. Tom Cowell Mr. and Mrs. David Cowperthwaite Mrs. Ila Mae Ingalls Cox * Nancy and Jim Cox Ms. Phyllis Cox Mrs. Barbara Coye Ms. Becky Coykendall Mr. and Mrs. Ted Crabb Mr. Brent Craig Mr. Daniel Craig Mrs. Kathleen Craig Mr. W. Scott Craig and Ms. Carol Bawden Mr. and Mrs. Larry Crain Chris Cramer Drs. John and Gisela Cramer Dr. Mark Cramer Dr. Sharon F. Cramer * Ms. Barbara Crampton Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Crampton Phyllis Crandell Mr. Frank Crane Jeff and Glenda Crane Mr. and Mrs. John Crane Mr. and Mrs. James W. Cranick Mr. and Mrs. Crary Mrs. Joan Craven Mr. Frederick Craver Mrs. Keith B. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arthur Crawford * Susan and Chuck Crawford Ms. Dorothy Crawley Mr. Kurt Creamer Charles and Carol Creasser Mr. and Mrs. Herb Crew Michael and Joan Crick Ms. Donna J. Crimm Mrs. Nancy Mireau Crisp Ms. Kathleen Crispell and Mr. Thomas Porter * Ms. Clerissa Lenora Criswell * Mr. and Mrs. David M. Crockett Mrs. Allison Hoyt Croessmann * Dr. James E. Croft * Mr. George P. Croll Ms. Mary Cronin Mrs. Barbara Doll Crook * Mr. Bob Crosby Alexander and Katherine Crosett Ms. Carol Cross Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cross Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Cross Ms. Janet Sue Crossen * Mrs. Leila Crossen Mrs. Robert J. Crossen Ms. Celeste Crouch Mr. and Mrs. David L. Crow Walter L. and Carole A. Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Tom Croxton Steve and Lisa Crump Mr. and Mrs. Steven David Crump * Mr. and Mrs. Bryant G. Cruse Jules and Kathy Crystal Dr. and Mrs. John F. Csicsko Mrs. R. M. Cuddohy Ms. Barbara Finkelstein Cullen * Ms. Elizabeth A. Cullen * Mr. and Mrs. James P. Cullen Dave and Judy Culler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cullinan Jr. Ms. Barbara Cullman Mr. Brent Culp Ronald and Karen Culp Ms. Allyson Culver Mr. Timothy Culver Mr. and Mrs. David Cummings Ms. Rachele Cummings Mr. Bryce Allen Cunningham Ms. Judy Cunningham Cara and Thomas Cunningham Lori and Randal Cupp Jeremy and Wendy Curcuri Mr. Patrick Curley Mr. Chad Barrett Curlow * Mr. and Mrs. James Curlow Ted and Marcia Curran Mr. and Mrs. George Currier Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Currin Ms. Martha Ann Curtis * Ms. Kathy Curtiss Charles and Joni Cushing Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cutlip Mr. Timothy Cypher Mr. Gregory Czach Mrs. Sharon B. Czapiewski Mr. Thomas Czarny Mrs. Mary Ann Richter Czechowski Mr. Thomas Czerwienski Ms. Michelle Czerwonka Ms. Sally Czeszewski * Mr. and Mrs. Andor Czompo * Mr. and Mrs. Horst S. Daemmrich Jan Dafforn Ms. Linda Dahl Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Dahlke Mr. Richard Daigh Dr. and Mrs. Paul Maclyn Dainer * Ms. Elsie Dakota Bill Daley Mrs. Marina Morrison Dallago * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Dall’Olmo Ms. Natalie Dalschaert * Mr. and Mrs. Albert Raymond Dalton * Mr. Allan Dalzell William L. and Nancy K. Daman Mrs. Gerald D’Ambrosio Susan and David Dameron Ms. Linda D’Amico Mr. Jonathan Damon Barb and John Dancer Ms. Marilyn Dane Mary and Michael Danielson Janine R. Danko * Mr. and Mrs. John R. Danly Peter and Carol Danly Ms. Susan M. Danz Mr. Robert M. Danzig * Mr. Daniel Jonathan Darby * Ms. Pamela Z. Darling Mr. and Mrs. Frank Darlington Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Darnton Ms. Mildred Darnton Reverend C. Darocy and Mrs. C. Darocy Ms. Vionne Darsee Mr. James Dashner Mr. James Datema Mrs. Sharon Crosby Dauer * Ms. Anna vonUnwerth Davenport * Mr. and Mrs. Keith Davenport Mark P. and Constance S. Davenport Mr. Clare David Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davidek Mr. Stephen J. Davidson Mr William Davidson Ms. Amy Korman Davies * Mr. Douglas Davies Ms. Pearl Annette Davies * Mrs. Catherine Burd Davis * Dr. Chad Joseph Davis * Mr. and Mrs. Don Gordon Davis Ms. Erica Renee Davis * Mary Kay and Gary Davis Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Davis Gene and Sandra Davis Miss Hazel A. Davis * Mr. and Mrs. Jason Davis Mr. and Mrs. John A. Davis Ms. Kathryn Davis Mrs. Kerrie Davis * Mr. Kirk W. Davis * Matthew and Deborah Davis Mr. Michael M. Davis Mr. Paul Davis Dr. and Mrs. R. Dale Davis Ms. Rebecca Davis Robert and Pia Davis Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Davis Ms. Shelagh Davis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Davis Ms. Victoria Blair Davis * Mrs. Abby Israelow Davison * Ms. Joan Dawson * Dr. Nancy Martens Dawson * Mr. Robert Dawson Patrick and Sharon Day Mr. Robert Day Ms. Suzanne P. Day Rande and Kirsten Daykin * Anne and Candido de Leon Ms. Lauren Main de Lucia * Renee Dean Stephanie & Alan Dean 22 Ms. Anita J. Dean Mr. Larry L. Dean Ms. Olga Dean Ms. Sharon Dean Dr. Frederick R. Deane Mr. R. Gary Deavel Mr. and Mrs. Elwood E. deBessonet Mr. and Mrs. Walter Debler Jon and Mae DeBruyn Mr. and Mrs. Mario deCarolis Mrs. Alice Fitch Deck * Ms. Rachel Decker Mr. John S. Deeming Mr. Ray Deeren Ms. Deb Deering Mr. Donald Deford Mrs. Barbara Larson Degler * MaryAnn and Dan DeGood Chris and Katherine DeGood * Ms. Lillian DeGraaf Mr. Thomas DeGrow Mr. Peter DeHaan Ms. Sue DeHaan Ms. Laura Deibel Carol and William DeJong Mrs. Victoria Christie Deken * Ms. Joyce E. Delamarter Mrs. Heather R. Delaney * Mrs. Amy Poore DeLap * Ms. Liz DeLaRossa Ms. Dorothy Delehanty Mr. and Mrs. Luis Delgado Elizabeth Dell and Mark Waddle Mr. Stanley Dellinger Mr. John Delong Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. DeLonge Mr. Charles Delorey Ms. Jean Ann Winking DeLuca * Mr. Joe Deluca Ms. Claudia DeMarco Mr. Dennis DeMarco Mr. and Mrs. Serkis Demirjian Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeMonchaux Griff and hope DeNeen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Deneen Mr. David Denison William Denison * Mr. Bill Denk Rabbi Michelle D. Pearlman and Dr. Drew Denker * Mrs. Carol Richardson Dennis * Mr. Joseph Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Bryant W. Dennison Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dennison Ms. Judy Denoyer Ms. Sandra Denton Ms. Jenny Denyer Michael & Joyce Deren Joan M. Derengowski Dennis and Peggy DeRidder Mrs. Patricia Gayle Dermody * Mr. Bill DeRoche Dr. and Mrs. Bob Derryberry Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Desjarlais Mr. John Desmond Mr. John A. DeSpelder Jennifer Desser * Rev. and Mrs. Richard J. Detweiler Ms. Anna Detz Mrs. Joyce Dubrow Deutelbaum * Ms. Michelle DeVellis * Dr. and Mrs. T. Clifford Deveny Mr. William DeVos Mr. David DeVries Mr. and Mrs. Gerritt W. DeVries Hollie and Pat DeWalt Ms. Nancy DeWeese Ms. Joan Dewey Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Dewey Mr. Steve DeWinter Gayle and Ronald D’Haeseleer Ms. Judy Gail Diamond * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Diamond Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dickel Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Clifton Dickinson III * Mrs. Gloria Dickson * Dr. Elaine Macklin Didier * Ms. Kathleen Emily Dieck * Lynn Diedrich Pat Diegel Donald and Catherine Dierkes Mr. and Mrs. David Dierking Mr. Thomas Dierwa Mr. and Mrs. William L. Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. Vance W. Diggins Joseph C. Dilger Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Dill Ms. Cynthia F. Dillon Ms. Mary Dillon Mr. Tom Dillon David and Jennifer DiLoreto Ms. Marydell Dilworth Mr. and Mrs. David L. Dimick Mrs. Loretta Brunk Dimitruck * Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dimmick Ms. Sally A. Dinger Mr. David Howard Dingle * Mr. Don Dinkmeyer Mary Louise Dinon Mr. Victor W. Dinsmoore Ms. Marjory Dinwiddie Drs. Heather Dion and Stephen LaMont * John and Cheryl Dionne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Dionne Virginia M. Dirschka Karen Dischner Ms. Maria Distefano-Post Cheryl Dix Mr. Bruce Dixon Mr. James R. Dixon Mrs. Louise Dixon * Ms. Wanda Dixon Mr. and Mrs. John Doane Dennis Dobrowa and Holly Kowalske Ms. Shirley Dobson Ms. Beth Susan Dochinger * Bud and Nancy Dockter Mr. and Mrs. George G. Dodd Ms. Mary Lou Dodge Miss Eleanor A. Doersam Mrs. Rosemary Jantzen Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Earl Doig Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Dole Mrs. Virginia Kaspar Dolezal * Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dolkart * Donna and Alan Dolwick Ms. Mary Dominick Mr. Wendell Domon Mrs. Jeanne V. Donahue John and Kathy Donahue Ms. Julie Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Will Donahue Ms. Cheryl Donakowski Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Donakowski Ms. Carole Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. James Donaldson Ms. Marian A. Donley Mr. Kevin Donnellon Ms. Karen Alice Donnelly Dr. George Donoian Professor Kevin Donovan Ms. Sallie A. Donovan Jan Doran and Barbara Solomonson Mrs. Helen Marie Dorcey Mrs. Patricia Ternes Dore * Mr. Harry Dorman Gayla Dornbush Jeri Dorr Mr. Robert P. Dost Mr. Drew Dostal Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dostal Mrs. Nancy L. Dotlo Mr. Victor Dotson Mrs. Jaclyn Sehrt Doty * David Dougherty and Julie Emry Mrs. Janice Dougherty * Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Douglas * Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Douglas III Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Douglas Mr. B. P. Douglass Ms. Eleanor Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Douthit Ms. Dorothy Jean Douthit * Elaine Douvas and Robert Sirinek * Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dover Daniel and Kathleen Dow * Dr. Roberta Dow Mr. Ray Dowd Mr. Doug Downer Eugene and Deanna Downie Mrs. James Downward Mrs. Margaret Reid Downward Ms. Alice M. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Doyle Mr. Preston Dozier Alexis and Nathan Drabek * Mr. Steve Dragoo Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Drake Ms. Madeline Drake Miss Mary Jane Draper Mr. and Mrs. Richard Draper Mr. James Draze Bryce and Paula Dreeszen Ms. Dawn Christina Dreisbach * Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Drelich Joe and Marilyn Dressel

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