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Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts

Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts


Annual Report The Year in Pictures 1

Annual Report Jeffrey S. Kimpton, President Sometimes reflecting on the past is the most powerful lens to understand the present and look into the future. This year I received two invitations: one to celebrate my 40th high school reunion, and the other to give the commencement address at my university alma mater. In the process of reflecting on what happened to me in that eight-year span of time more than 40 years ago, I realized that those two experiences were truly seminal in creating a foundation for me and my life’s journey. The teachers and experiences I had are far more important to me now. That is perhaps one of the paradoxes of life, and it is why the decisions that students make early in life are so important to think through carefully. They really do matter. Institutional leadership requires that same reflection – looking at history as a filter to ask questions that will define the experiences offered in the future. What is important is that those experiences always contribute something of great value over time to those who are touched by an organization, in any generation. Defining program quality or innovation today is important in order to have the foundation for institutional excellence tomorrow . It is my privilege to report on the state of affairs at Interlochen Center for the Arts, to share news of progress made and challenges identified as we face a rapidly changing landscape in the worlds of arts, culture and education. Over the past five years, Interlochen has set clear goals for growth, analyzed our programs and business processes for quality and efficiency and made changes to strengthen them, and invested in our communications technology to better compete in the 21st century. We have also invested time and energy in planning for the future. Each of these steps has engaged the Interlochen community in new ways, generating support from families, alumni and friends, launching a remarkable series of new programs and initiatives, implementing much-needed capital improvements, and increasing scholarship funding to bring the next generation of young artists to Interlochen. As this Annual Report for the fiscal year 2008 (June 1, 2007 – May 31, 2008) will attest, the directions we have chosen and the steps we have taken have galvanized the interest and support of our extended Interlochen community. We are happy to report that this past year for Interlochen has been an exceptional year of growth and achievement. In a time of economic uncertainty, Interlochen has just experienced the best year programmatically and financially in the history of the organization. The following pages will detail some of the achievements and successes of this past year. The Interlochen community – students, faculty and staff, administration, volunteers, alumni and friends – deserve great credit for their role in these successes. We are grateful for their efforts, proud of their achievements and delighted by all they have allowed Interlochen to accomplish. We are mindful of the challenging times facing our country financially and politically. But sometimes, during times of adversity, people make extraordinary commitments to those organizations that have proven that they have the flexibility, quality and spirit of innovation to take their history and traditions in new directions. Such is the case with Interlochen. We are blessed and grateful for the support and commitment demonstrated by our 95,000 alumni, parents, family, friends and many generous patrons. You have all contributed to our success this year. You are all essential to our continuing success into a vibrant future. With deep appreciation, Jeffrey S. Kimpton President 2

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