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Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts

Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts


Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Mr. and Mrs. Mark Riecken Ms. Toddy Rieger Ms. Michelle Riehl Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Riemenschneider Mr. Michael Riethmiller Constance and Lawrence Rifkind Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Riggins Mr. Thomas Laurence Riis Ms. Trish Riley Mr. Jack Rillema Mrs. Elizabeth S. Rimpau Drs. William and Christine Rinck Shirley and George Rinder Steven and Rona Rindt Ms. Virginia Rineer Ms. Katherine Rines Ms. Kim D. Ringler * Ms. Allison M. Ringold Mr. and Mrs. Blake Ringsmuth Mr. and Mrs. Dean Ringsmuth Ms. Helene Rioux Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Risenmay Mr. and Mrs. John Risk Mr. Barry Riske Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Ristine Mrs. Beverly J. Ritchie Mr. William S. Ritchie * Mr. and Mrs. Raphael John Rittenhouse * Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rittinger Ms. Georgia Rivers Mr. James Allen Rives * Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Rizik Jr. Dan and Lesa Rizzolo Mr. and Mrs. David Roach Ms. Kristin S. Roark * Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Roat Ms. Rebecca Robak and Mr. Seth Lipkin * Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Robb Ms. Lorie Robb Richard and Janet Robb Mr. and Mrs. James Robberts Ms. Jean Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Roberts Mr. Carl Anderson Roberts * Mr. and Mrs. John E. Roberts Jr. Ming-I Huang and Jon Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Ken Roberts Mary Agnes (Graham) Roberts * Ms. Shirley Roberts Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Roberts Ms. Cynthia Elayne Robertson * Mr. and Mrs. David H. Robertson Anne and John Robertson Ms. Sara Robertson Mr. Jim Colando and Dr. Shirley Robertson Ms. Nancy Robins * Ms. Ann Robinson Denauvo Robinson and Janis King Robinson Dr. Jane A. Robinson Mrs. Marilyn Robinson * Mrs. Patricia D. Robinson Mr. Richard Allen Robinson * The Honorable Ernest M. Robles and Ms. Linda L. Curtis Michael and Libby Robold Mr. and Mrs. John M. Roche Mike Rocheleau and Camille Garber Mr. and Mrs. George L. Rock Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rock Dr. Maxine Lieberman Rockoff * Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Rockwood Ms. Kristin Rockwood Ms. Judy Rodes Mr. and Mrs. Nelson D. Rodes Mr. and Mrs. James Rodgers Norm and Lyla Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Rodgers Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beardslee Rodgers Ms. Carol Elizabeth Rodland * Ms. Elizabeth Sarah DeLisle * Mrs. Betty Ann Roe * Ms. Mileta Maria Roe * Mr. Wayne Ellis Roe Jr. * Ms. Amy Roemer Mr. and Mrs. Dwight E. Roepenack * Mr. Dan Rogalny Ms. Ann Rogers Ms. Carolyn Rogers Ms. Elizabeth Rogers Mr. James R. Rogers Mrs. Eugene D. Rogers Mollie Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rogers Drs. Jeffrey Rogg and Terri Pearlstein Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roggow Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Rohl William Rohrer and Jill Wellings Mr. and Mrs. William Rohweder Mr. Mark Roi Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Rojas Ms. Rosemary Rokita Dr. Phyllis Hope and Mr. Alan Rolfe Mr. Brad Rollings Ms. Marybeth Rollings Mr. Edward Rom and Ms. Martha Christensen Mr. John H. Romani Denise Romanik Mr. Michael Romanow Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Romanski Ms. Maria Romeo Mr. Thomas Holden Ronayne Mrs. Joan Roney Mr. Marvin Roney Lauren Rongo Ms. Judy Rood Michael and Sharon Root Ruth Rootberg * Robert and Berry Roper Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Rorich Ms. Sarah Serrell Rorimer * Jim Rosborough Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rose Mr. Dan Rose Mr. Gordon William Rose * Mr. Leslie Rose Ms. Lisa Rose Mrs. Peggy M. Rose Ms. Sharon Rose Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Karl Roseman * Dr. Raye Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Kent J. Rosenau Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rosenberg Mary and Craig Rosenberg Geri Pinzur Rosenberg * Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rosenberg Ms. Marci Daniels Rosenberg * Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Rosenberg Mrs. Carol Rosenberger Michael and Anne Stair Rosenbloom * Drs. Alvin and Dorothy Rosenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Rosenfeld Ms. Ann Rosenthal Ms. Debra Rossen Rosenthal * Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Rosi Penny and Bob Rosi Cantor Jessica Roskin * Mr. Ronald J. Roskoski Mr. Anthony L. Rosner * Mr. Martin Rosol Ms. Barbara A. Ross Mrs. Carol Ross Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Ross Ms. Kim Ross Miss Laura Ann Ross * Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Ross Mr. Nathan Ross Mr. Patrick A. Ross * Dr. Robert David Ross * Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Ross * Annetta Hamilton Rosser * Anne Rossheim * Mr. Jim Rossi Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Rosso Jr. William Rosso and Susan Drake-Rosso Jane J. Dickson and Gary R. Rotenberg Mr. and Mrs. T. Christopher Roth John and Barbara Rothhaar Andrea Rothney Dr. Sharon Rothstein * Mr. Joshua Rothwell Merrill Rotman Mrs. Toby M. Rotman Ms. Barbara Rotter Ms. Ruth Rounds Ms. Virginia Rountree Dr. William M. Rouse Jr. Ms. Becky Roush Mr. LeRoy Rouster Ms. Wendy Rovinsky Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rowan Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Rowe Ms. Faith Rowean Ms. Mary E. Rowley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rowley * Mrs. Joan Nadler Royals * Mr. and Mrs. Jon Royer Ms. Carol Roznoski Dr. Elizabeth Ruben Gale Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. Bennett S. Rubin Mr. and Mrs. David Rubin Ms. Banna Rubinow * Dr. Stuart Rubinow * Donald and Norma Rudert Mr. Robert Lynn Rudnick * 33 Ms. Amelia Rudolph * Mr. Jim Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. W. William Rudolph Ms. Lisa Spiegelman Ruebeck * Dick and Flo Ruehe Ms. Linda Ruelle Mr. Richard M. Ruemenapp Mr. and Mrs. Duane C. Rufenacht Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ruffley Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Rugg Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Ruggeri Jr. * Mr. Ibanda Ruhumbika * Mr. and Mrs. John Rulison Ms. Jennifer Rundio Mr. and Mrs. Pug Rundio Ms. Marilyn A. Runge * Mr. Jim Runstrom Ms. Colleen M. Runyon Mrs. Diane D. Rusch Ms. Elizabeth Erin Russell * Mr. James T. Russell Mr. Jerry and Dr. Linda Russell Ms. Joyce Russell Ms. Julie D. Russell Mike and Kelly Russell Mr. Paul Lewis Russell III * Ms. Mitzi Ruswick Ms. Michelle Ruszel Ms. Sarah Rutkowski Bill Rutledge and Janet Weber Ms. Deborah Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Ryan Ms. Kristen K. Ryan Ms. Madelyn Ryan Ms. Rosemary Ryan Mrs. Deborah Walker Ryckman * Ms. Kathleen L. Rymal Ms. Margaret Rymal Patine and Byuong Ryu Gi-Yung and Eun-Young Ryu Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sabel Ms. Marilyn Sable Ms. Norma Jean Sackett Mr. and Mrs. Emil Safford Mr. Donald E. Sagasser Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Sage Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sagerman Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Sague Ms. JoAnn Sahs Ms. Marguerite E. Sailor Mr. Jim Sailors Mrs. Ellen Dietrich Sajdak * Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon C. Salathiel Mr. Enrico Salerno Ms. Mary Salerno Mr. Ed Salesky Mr. and Mrs. William J. Salisbury * Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Salo Dr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Salon Elizabeth Saltmarsh Ms. Shirley A. Saltzman Don and Anita Samardich Stanton and Dorothy Samenow Ms. Glenda Samuel Mr. Edward R. Sandell Ms. Lynn Sanders * Mr. Stanley Sanders Robert and Mary Louise Sandla M. James and Jennifer J. Sandling Mr. and Mrs. Bernd W. Sandt Mr. Clarence E. Sandy * Jim Sanford Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Sanford Dr. and Mrs. Steve Sanford Mr. Walter Sanford Ms. Sophia Teresa Santillan * Roy C. Saper * Mr. and Mrs. John Sargent Frances Petty Sargent Ms. Stacy Ann Sarna * Dr. and Mrs. Arnold F. Sarya Gwen Sarya Mrs. Doris Posner Sasson * Ms. Jane Ellen M. Saums Mr. and Mrs. H. Jerry Sawicki III Keith and Brigette Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Sawyer Mrs. Ruth Diller Sawyer * Mr. Sewall Sawyer Ms. Kathy L. Sax * Ms. Deborah Saxton Ms. Elizabeth M. Saylor Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Saywitz Paul and Harrell Scarcello Roy and Gail Schaberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Schaeffer Ms. Margaret G. Schaeffer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schaeffer Durel Schafer Ms. Betty Appel Schaffer * Mr. David S. Schaffer Don and Wylie Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. David J. Schaffner Ruth and Wendell Schaller Mr. Scott Schalon * Mr. David Mark Schane * Barbara and Donald Schardt Dr. and Mrs. William C. Scharf Dr. and Mrs. John Charles Scharfenberg Mr. Rudolph Scharschmidt Casey Schaub Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schaub Miss Theresa F. Schaub Al and Marilyn Scheck Ken Scheffel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scheffler Estelle Elizabeth Scheibner Mr. Dale Scheiern Mr. and Mrs. Alan Scheimer Ms. Betty Schelling Dr. Ruthanne Schempf * Kathy Scherer Lisa Schermerhorn Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Scherr Linda and Tom Scheuerman Mrs. Janice L. Schierhorn Ms. Carol Schifman Janie and George Schildge * Mrs. Corinne Schillin * Ms. Deanna Schimke Marilyn Schimpf Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Schlachter Ms. Lenore Schlack Ms. Gretchen Schleicher Myles L. Schlicher Mr. James E. Schlueter Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Schmalenberg Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Schmansky Mr. Ray Schmekel Ms. Virginia M. Schmid Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schmid Bruno and Karen Schmidt Frederick J. and Janice A. Schmidt John and Lois Jean Schmidt Ms. Krisanne M. Schmidt Mr. Kurt Schmidt Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Schmidt Ms. Robyn Schmidt Dr. Allan B. Schmitt * Dr. Ruth Schmitter Mrs. Carol Ann Schmuhl * Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schnack Ms. Barbara Schneider Chris Schneider Mr. Dale Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Don Schneider Dr. Ellen M. Schneider * Eric and Therese Schneider * Mr. and Mrs. Gesualdo C. Schneider Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Schneider Mr. and Mrs. John A. Schneider John and Judy Schneider Ms. Julie Saecker Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schneider Mrs. Victoria Lea Schneider Mrs. Leonard M. Schnitzer Mr. Edward Schocker Mrs. Ann Lillya Schoelles * Robert and Mary Scholl Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schollett Ms. Suzanne Scholtens Mr. Caleb Schoolcraft Mr. and Mrs. John C. Schooley Ms. Suzanne Podolsky Schoomer * Mr. Carl Cannon Schott * Ivy and Sarah Schram Mrs. Vern C. Schranz Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Schray Marilyn Schriner Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schrock Band at the Beach/Dell Schroeder * Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Paul Schroeder * Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Schroeder Sydney Schroeder Ms. Doris M. Schrop Dr. and Mrs. Norman Loren Schryer Mrs. John Schueler Ms. Marie Schuelke Mr. and Mrs. James J. Schueller Mr. Jamie Lou Schuette * Dave and Sue Schuler Susan and Bradley Schulman Mr. Gerald Schultz Mr. John C. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schultz

Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Ms. Martha Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schultz Dr. Richard and Lynn Schultz Judy and Richard Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Roger Schultz Ms. Virginia Schultz Mr. Andrew Schulz * Mrs. Dorothy Schulz Mrs. Dorothy H. Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Schulz Kenneth and Rosemary Schulz Dr. and Mrs. Wesson E. Schulz II Ms. Karen Schumacher Mr. Melvin M. Schuman Holly Schurg Ms. Laurie Schutza Dr. and Mrs. David M. Schuurmans Master Sergeant Lawrence R. Schwab * Ms. Doris Schwaderer Mr. James Schwantes Mr. James Schwartz John and Sarajane Schwartz Max J. and Gail Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Schwartz Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Schwartz Wendy and Richard Schwartz * Mrs. Sharon Schumer Schwartz * Mr. Gerard Schwarz * Ms. Patricia Schwarz Mr. Fred Schwarze Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Schweikert Ms. Barbara Schwendemann Mr. and Mrs. Dick Schwikert Ms. Dorothy Scobbie Mr. and Mrs. James Scollin Ms. Teresa Jean Scollon * Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Scott Ms. Christy Scott Mr. David Scott * Janice and David Scott Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Scott Ms. Helen Scott Mr. and Mrs. James P. Scott Mr. and Mrs. John Scott Mr. Jon Stewart Scott * Ms. Kathleen Scott Ms. Marie Scott Dr. Patricia J. Scott Ms. Ruth Ann Scott Ms. Stephanie Scott Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Marvin Scott S. Samuel and Mary N. Scoville Ms. Amber Scramlin Ms. Sharon Scranton Mr. Sid Scrimger Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Scully Mr. and Mrs. Barnabas Seaman Ms. Joan H. Searby Mr. and Mrs. Hal Seaton Brandon and Lindsey Seaver Mr. Jon M. Sebaly Mr. William Sebastian Ms. Deborah Elizabeth Secan * Linda Jackson and Skip Sedky Mr. Donald Seebohm Mr. Andreas and Dr. Susanne Seeger Ms. Lenore Seelye Ms. Susan M. Segal Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. Segel Mr. Adam Segerlind Ms. Hannah Yurista Seidel * Mr. and Mrs. James E. Seidel Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Seidel Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Seider Mr. and Mrs. David M. Seiferth The Reverend Richard R. Seifferly Ms. Kathleen Seitz Mr. and Mrs. William R. Seitz Mr. Richard Sejnost Steve and Marie Selander Mrs. Nicole D. Selby Mrs. Sandra Perrin Selden * Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Selig Kami and Mark Seligman Mr. Robert Selinsky Miss Mary Ellen Selk * Mr. Philip Seney Mr. Jim Senn Anne Serafin Stephen R. Serene * Mrs. Jeanne S.Servis Mr. and Mrs. Don Setterbo Roy and Marion Severs Ms. Nancy Lee Seward * Ms. Gina Marie Sexton * Mrs. Patricia J. Seybold Ms. Luann Seymour Ms. Mary J. Sgro The Reverend Harry Frederick Shaefer III * Penni Shafer Mr. and Mrs. George W. Shaffer Caroline de Mauriac and Terry Shaffer Sally Shafroth and James Guthrie Mr. and Mrs. Scott Shagin Web and Sue Shaker Ms. Jane Shambaugh Ruth M. Shanberge Mike Shand * Mr. Jim Shane Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Shane Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shane Mr. Howard Shanken Amy Hertz and Robert Shankman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shankwiler Ms. Ann Shannon Mr. and Mrs. G. Jerome Shannon Mr. Jim Shannon Ms. Barbara Shapiro Ms. Deborah Seider Shapiro * Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Shapiro Mrs. Judith Basch Shapiro * Ms. Kris Ann Shapiro * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shapiro Mr. Stephen Sharf Ms. Suzanne Shark Lorraine Sharnowski Ms. Lee Sharp Ms. Megan Loraine Sharp * Ms. Mary Sharry Ms. Laura Elliott Shaw Michael and Sally Shaw Mr. William Shaw Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Shawger Ms. Charlotte Shea Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Shea Patricia and Scribner Sheafor Dr. Gordon Shecket * Ms. Mary Sheehan Ms. Clarissa Sheehan-Rojas * Matthew and Eileen Sheerin Lu and Leo Sheetz Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shefferly Chuck Sheldon Ms. Gena Sheldon Ms. Kathy Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Shelton Mrs. Elizabeth Worth Shelton * Dr. Mark R. Shelton * Ms. Evlyne Sheltrown Mr. Timothy Shepard and Ms. Andra Georges Kent and Lauri Shepherd Susan and Steven Shepherd Ms. Suzann Sherk Ms. Luanne Sherman Prof. and Mrs. Bradley Sherrill John and Sheila Sherwin Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Sherwood Dr. Donald J. Shetler * Sarah M. Shetler Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H.C Sheu Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Shields Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Shields Mr. Arthur L. Shilling * Mr. Bert Nathan Shimabukuro * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shimmons Mr. E. W. Shineman Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Shinneman Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shipp Ms. Alicia Diane Shively Mr. C. Dwayne Shoemaker Mrs. Mary DeLano Sholkovitz * Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Sholl Catherine Magill and Charles Sholtz John and Gerri Shook Ann M. Shore Kathleen M. Rathford Mr. Ronald Shoskey Ms. Nancy Shotwell Daniel and Anne Shoup Ms. Dorothy Shreve Mr. John R. Shreves Ms. Janet Shroyer Mr. John W. Shroyer * Judith Firestein Shroyer * Mr. Michael Shubeck Carol and Steve Shuckra Mr. John Shuell Christine and Duane Shugart Mr. John H. Shuler Jr. * Ms. Paula Shuler Ms. Sharon Shultz Valerie and Stephen Shultz Mr. Eric Shumaker * Heather and Rick Shumaker 34 Mr. Peter H. Shumar Professor and Mrs. Anson D. Shupe Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shurte Dick and Posy Shuster Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Sica Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Siciliano Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Siciliano Mr. Neil Sickterman Mr. and Mrs. Allan Siefert Mr. and Mrs. William Siegmund Karen and Robert Siekas Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Siemers Donna and Rick Sienicki Ms. Heather L. Sievers Mr. Karl Sievertsen Ms. Sonja Siewert Mr. Cl. Miller Sigmon Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Signori Mr. and Mrs. Albert Silber Mr. Marc L. Silberberg * Ms. Lore Silberman David and Sally Silden * Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Silk Ms. Donna Lyn Silverberg * Mrs. Donna Silverman Mr. Mark Jay Silverman * Richard and Carol Silverman Mrs. Selma Silverman Mr. Scott Lee Silvian * Ms. Kristelle Bach Sim * Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sima Ms. Lois Simard Mr. and Mrs. David Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Howard Simmons Mrs. Harry L. Simon Ms. Mary G. Simon * Ms. Jodi Simpson Mr. John L. Simpson Mr. Peter D. Sims Mr. and Mrs. David Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Singer Tyler Sipe Ms. Sue Sipple Mr. Robert Sippola Rob and Dorothy Sirrine Bill and Margo Sirrine Mrs. Leah L. Sirrine-Adams Mr. and Mrs. Anatole Siry Cheryl Sisk and Doug Gage Mr. Jeffrey Sitko Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sitko Dr. James Sitterly * Betsey Sivec Mr. Roy H. Sjoberg Rick and Carolyn Skendzel * Professor and Mrs. Walter J. Skiba Miss Sheryl Lee Skifstad * Mike and Luveda Skimin Ms. Jacqueline Skinner Mrs. Jennifer Anderson Skinner * Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Skinner Mr. and Mrs. James G. Skipper Ms. Ann Skoff Mrs. Marilyn Skold Ms. Kristin Skornia Ms. Ann E. Skory Mr. and Mrs. Arnold G. Skowronski Mr. James A. Skura Mr. Sydney Anthony Skybetter * Ms. Elizabeth Constance Slack * Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Slack Mrs. Gail Wilson Slanaker * Ms. Toni Slater Sean Slavko Ms. Marcia Slawson Mr. Steven Slawson Ms. Laura Slayton Ms. Barbara Sleder Ms. Kath Sleder Ms. Christine M. Sleeman Kenneth and Lucille Sleger Ms. Teri Kywoik Slick * Mr. and Mrs. John S. Slimm James and Geraldine Slis * Mr. and Mrs. David Sliwinski Ms. Anne Cochran Sloan Mr. Bob Sloan Ms. Nancy C. Sloan Mr. Robert Sloffer Mr. Richard Slutsky Mrs. Alyson Wolens Slutzky * Mr. Jim Sluyter Mr. and Mrs. Louis Slyker Mr. and Mrs. Hamish Small Mr. and Mrs. John H. Smedley Mr. Gary Smejkal Mr. Mike Smelt Mrs. Helen H. Smeltzer Mr. Frank Smiddy Mr. Barry T. Smith Ms. Bonnie Smith Ms. Brenda Smith Mr. and Mrs. Bud Smith Ms. Caren Smith Mr. Carl Smith Ms. Christina Marie Smith * Mrs. Christine C. Smith Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Conway J. Smith Bonnie and Dan Smith Ms. Doreen Smith Dr. Edward Shiang-Lin Smith * Ms. Elisabeth Smith Mr. Eric Smith Mr. Evan Smith Drs. Garth D. Smith and Judith V. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Harlan M. Smith Mr. J. Richard Smith Mr. James Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Smith Ms. Joelle Smith Ms. Joy Smith Ms. Julie Smith Ken and Kay Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith Mrs. L. Roger Smith Larry L. and Corliss L. Smith Professor and Mrs. Leigh Smith Mrs. Linda Van Sickle Smith * Mrs. Lisa LaPlace Smith * Mark and Ann Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Smith Dr. Mark Allan Smith * Drs. Mark and Ann Smith Ms. Mary Smith Ms. Mary A. Smith Mrs. Mary Clagett Smith * Ms. Mary Lou Smith Miss Patricia Beach Smith Ms. Paula Smith Ms. Paula Vene Smith * Randy Smith and Paula Gale Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Smith Rick and Chantelle Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Smith Mrs. Ruth O. Smith Sara Smith Sherwood B. Smith and Suzannah L. Tobin Mr. Stuart Smith Mr. Thomas Smith Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Smith Mr. Timothy E.A. Smith Jan Smits Ms. Theodora Smokler Dr. Jan Arden Smucker Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smucker Ms. Wanda Cecelia Smyt Mr. John Snedeker Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Sneed Mrs. Loretta DeJulian Snider Mr. Ray Snider Rufus Snoddy Mr. John Snow Mr. Gerald Snowden Ms. Barbara Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Harold Z. Snyder Ms. Jane M. Snyder Ms. Janna Snyder Dr. Linda June Snyder * Mr. Loring Snyder Ms. Tamra Duford Soares * Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Soden Mr. Arnold Soderholm Ms. Joan Sohn Ms. Pat Sohn Mrs. Anson Solem Mr. Bud Solem Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Solomon Ms. Maggie Soltman Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Somers Dr. William J. Somerville Mr. James L. Sommerman Ms. Lisa Joy Sommers * Ms. Ellen J. Somsel Sally A. Somsel Ms. Jill Kathleen Sonke * Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sonnemann Mr. and Mrs. David Sopscak Ms. Holly Sorensen Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Sorensen Mr. Nathan Revo Sorenson * Mr. Sam Soskin Jacob and Jean Sosna Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Sosnowski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sothard Ms. Cynthia Georges Sotiriou *

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