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Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts

Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts


Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Soule Karen and David Soule Erika and John Sousa Gail South and David Halstead Ms. Jane L. Southard Mr. and Mrs. Lang Southwell Mr. and Mrs. Gordy Sovereign Mrs. Helen Spacht Dan and Jean Spagnuolo Mrs. Shirley Koblinsky Spaniel * Ms. Bonnie Spanier Bradley and Catherine Spanski Ms. Christie J. Sparkman Mr. and Mrs. Caleb G. Sparks Mr. John Sparling Ms. Holly Wren Spaulding * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knute Spaulding * Ms. Letitia A. Spearing Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Speer Mr. and Mrs. C. Lowell Spence Cathy Spencer Jeffrey and Kathleen Spencer Dr. William Ashley Spencer * Guy and Judith Sperry Malcolm and Heather Spica * Mr. and Mrs. Phillip P. Spiegelman * Mr. David Spieker * Nancy and David Spieker Glenna and Norman Spindelman * Maxine Spitza Mr. David Spitzer Dr. Alana R. Spiwak * Ms. Judy Spohn Ms. Alden Rebecca Spooner Ms. Linda Grasselli Sprankle Dennis L. Sprecher and Hillorie A. Applebaum Mrs. Marlene Kaye Spreitzer * Ms. Victoria Springer Mr. and Mrs. Steve Springsdorf Ms. Laurie Springstead Mr. and Mrs. Peter Springsteen Ms. Sherry Sproul Mr. James R. Spurr * Mr. and Mrs. Rob Squiers The Reverend and Mrs. John R. Squire Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Squires Anne and Roger Srigley Ms. Marilyn St Germain Ms. Barbara Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Stahl Jr. * Lynn and Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stainforth Betty and Jim Stallings Mr. and Mrs. Leo Stallman Ms. Marvine Cook Stamatakis Ms. Theresa Stamos Mr. Ted Stanczak Dr. Aaron C. Stander Mr. Charles Switgall Stander * Mrs. Jennifer Donegan Stanfield * Emily A. Stankus Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Stanny Mr. and Mrs. Derald Stanton Milton and Vickie Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stark Mr. Sidney Stark Jr. Fay Starr Mr. and Mrs. James D. Startt Ms. Jennifer Leigh Startt * Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stasinos John and Eleanor Staub Ms. Laura Ann Staubes Mr. Gerald Staublin Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Stauffer Lynn Steben Ms. Susan Steben Dr. and Mrs. Donald William Stechschulte Jr. Mr. Richard Stecker Dr. Harry M. Steckman Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Steed Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Steele Ms. Katherine Remahl Steere * Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Stege Dr. and Mrs. Edward Stehouwer Ms. Mary Ann Stehr Marlene and Dave Steider Louis and Janet Steigerwald Idrienne Steiman-Weidberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stein Ms. Martha Purdy Stein * Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stein Miss Martha Steinberg * Ms. Margaret Steinkamp Professor and Mrs. Donald Steinkraus Ms. Sue Steinl Mr. Cal Steinorth Terry L. Stellingworth Mr. Paul Stemmelen Mr. Todd Stempin Ms. Linda Stephan * Betsy A. Stephanic Mr. Durnell F. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Norval Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peeler Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Glen K. Stephenson Dr. and Mrs. Jim Bob Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. John K. Stephenson Mrs. Lorraine Stephenson * Mr. Robert John Stephenson * Dr. Robert L. Stephenson Dr. Donald Scott Stepita * Ms. Cathy Stepka Mr. and Mrs. Philip Steptoe Ms. Candace Sterling Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stern Mr. Guy Stern Professor and Mrs. Richard M. Stern Ms. Merrilee Stetson Ms. Diane Rose Steva * Ms. Beverly Stevens Dr. and Mrs. David B. Stevens Dr. David Mordecai Stevens * Barbara and Geoffrey Stevens Mr. Jim Stevens Dr. and Mrs. Ray E. Stevens Jr. Jerry and Ardith Stewardson Ms. Elizabeth Lucille Stewart * Ms. Jenny Lynn Stewart * Ms. Leslie L. Stewart * Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Stewart III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stewart Sheryl Stich Angelyn Stielstra Elaine and Frank Stienon * Mrs. Dorothy S. Stier * Mr. and Mrs. Perrin Stifel Ms. Kathy Stiles Mr. Scott Stillings Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Stilwill Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stimson Ms. Nancy Stires Dr. and Mrs. Mack C. Stirling Janis M. Stockhouse * Mrs. Phyllis Drown Stoetzel * Karen Henry Stokes Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Stokke Mr. Henry S. Stolar Dr. Steven E. Stoller * Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stolt Miss Deborah Kim Stone * Dr. and Mrs. Ford E. Stone Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stone Mr. John N. Stone Mr. John Peter Stone * Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Stone Ms. Nora Stone Scott and Rachel Dobrow Stone * Dr. Susan Elizabeth Stone * Mark and Ruth Stonecipher Mr. Al Storey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Storie Mr. and Mrs. Loren Stormo Mr. William Storrer Mr. and Mrs. Horace G. Storrs Mr. Ronald Story Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Stout Ms. Barbara Stow Ms. Marion Stow Rob Stow Mr. John Straatsma Alice and Don Strachan Mr. and Mrs. William Alan Strait * Ms. Anne Strand Mrs. Priscilla Strand * Mary and Steve Strassburger Ms. Nadia Diachun Stratelak * Rick and Sarah Straus Mr. Adam Strauss and Ms. Janet Jehle Cathleen and Michael Strauss * Mr. Tom Streasick Mr. and Mrs. Cassius E. Street Glenn Streiff and Cheryl Lockett Ms. Judy Strickland Dr. Luther Stripling Mr. Derrick Byron Strobl * Amy and Michael Strom Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Strong Mrs. Margaret Strong * Mrs. Tracy LeClair Strong * Russell and Marjorie Stroud Mr. and Mrs. Donald Strouf Janet and Donald Stroup Ms. Doris A. Strouse Miss Amy Elizabeth Stubbs * Mr. Bob Stuber 35 Robert C. and Julie Anne Stuberg * Ms. Beverly Stubner Phebe and Victor Studaker Robert and Susan Stuedemann Mark and Kristine Stuenkel Mr. Don Stuhldreher Mr. Paul A. Stuhr Dr. and Mrs. Michael V. Stulberg * Ms. Betty Stulz Rodney and Amanda Sturdivant * Tandy Sturgeon Mary Sturges * Catherine and Raynor Sturgis Mr. Randy and Dr. Ann Stutes Professor and Mrs. Kiranur N. Subramanian Ms. Judith Suchoski Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Sulik Mrs. Alison Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sullivan Mr. E.J. Sullivan Mrs. Helen Sullivan Mr. Leo Sullivan Ms. Lorraine D. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sullivan Mr. Ray Sullivan Ms. Ann Sullivan-Soet Mr. Aaron Sulman * Dr. Elizabeth Suminski, M.D. * Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Summers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Summers Dr. Edward Sun * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Sundal Ms. Christine Kifer Sundberg * Ms. Judith Super Mr. Bill Suppnick Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Supron Mr. Jerry Sura Don and Nancy Surber Harry and Edith Surh Ms. Lisa R. Surowitz Dr. and Mrs. David Susser Ms. Nancy Sussex Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Sutcliffe Mr. and Mrs. George P. Sutfin Mr. John Sutherland Ms. Mary L. Sutherland Mrs. Mary McIntosh Sutherland * Oral Sutliff Dr. Alton I. Sutnick * Ms. Helen Sutterfield Mr. and Mrs. Mark William Sutterlin Carolyn Lucas Sutton * Mr. Richard Sutton David Swain * Professor and Mrs. James J. Swain Mr. Vern Swain Mr. and Mrs. Peter Swallow Alan Swan David and Lynn Swan Mr. Davis Swan Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Swaney Mr. and Mrs. Greg Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swartz Mr. Lou Swartz Mr. and Mrs. W. Bruce Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Swayze Ms. Colleen Sweeney Ann and Donald Sweeney Ms. Lisa L. Swem * Dawn M. Swenson Nanci and Josh Swenson Mr. Leonard J. Swiatkowski Mr. and Mrs. Frederic M. Swinehart Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Swisher Ron Symkowiak Mr. and Mrs. Royal J. Synwolt Dr. Sheryl Szady Mr. Joseph Szymanski Mr. Michael L. Tabak * Mr. and Mrs. Renato Tafur Susan and George Tagatz * Mrs. Anna Mc Cann Taggart * Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Taggart Mr. Herbert M. Taggart Ms. Sarah Taggart Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taira Mrs. Phyllis Takayama Nanette and Steven Taller Mr. Erv Tamminga Mrs. ConstanceTanner Dr. Helen Hornbeck Tanner Drs. Almario R and Luvenia E Tantoco Susan and Phil Tarczon Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Tardani Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Tarnow * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tarsa Karin and Dennis Tartal Mort and Ruth Tatara Mr. Allen Tatman Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Taub J. M. Taup Mr. and Mrs. Caryl C. Tavener Mr. and Mrs. C. William Taylor Jr. Christopher Taylor and Eva Rosenwald * Jodee Taylor, Joe Mielke and Ian Mielke Jon Taylor * Ms. Joy M. Taylor Ms. Judi Taylor Ms. Juliet Taylor Mrs. Keysha Edwards Taylor * Mr. Larry E. Taylor Louise Taylor Mrs. Margaret B.Taylor Michael and Annie Taylor Ms. Mindy Taylor Dr. Paula A. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ross Taylor Mr. Steele A. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Steven Taylor Timothy and Celeste Taylor Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Taylor Bill Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Randall Teague Mr. Ronald Tefft Mr. Geoff Tegel Ms. Holly Tegel Mr. Svend Teglihoj Julie and Mark Teicher Dr. Jerry Tejcek Ms. Pat Tellor Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Temple Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dean Templeton * Mr. James Anthony TenBrink * Norman and Shirley Tenbrink Michael and Joan Tenbrock Ms. Jeanne M. Tennent Mrs. Neomi L. TePaske Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Terpenning Mr. and Mrs. David J. Terrell Mr. Bruce Terrin * Robert and Vickie Terry Doris H. Terwilliger Mr. Thomas Charles Terwilliger * Mr. and Mrs. Tom Teske Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Tetenbaum Mrs. Sylvia Thal Ms. Becky Thatcher Mr. Bruce Thayer Kelly, Carolyn, Alex and Quincy Thayer Mr. Jack Thebo Mrs. Portia Ruth Thede * Mr. David Theile Mr. Paco Theisen Manuel and Wandalee Then Mrs. Joyce Martin Thibodeaux * Mr. and Mrs. Cy Thiel Dale and Kathryn Thiel Mrs. Anne Hunter Thomas * Mrs. Beth Grizzard Thomas * Ms. Catherine Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Thomas Ms. Dorothy G. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Thomas Jr. Ms. Jacquie Thomas Ms. Joan Thomas Ms. Joanne Thomas Mr. John Thomas Mr. John David Thomas * Ms. Karen Schulz Thomas * Merrill Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Thomas Mrs. Oliva Thomas Ora Thomas Mr. Phillip S. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. William G. Thomas Raymond and Katherine Thomas-Hogan Caryl Thompson Casey Penzien Thompson Ms. Cathy Thompson * Cliff and Sarah Thompson Mr. and Mrs. David G. Thompson Ms. Diane Kay Thompson Mr. James C. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. James Wilbur Thompson * Ms. Karin Thompson Ms. Marcia Thompson Ms. Molly Elizabeth Thompson * Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Thompson Mr. Ronald J. Thompson Professor Sarah Thompson Ms. Margaret Thoms Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thon Mrs. Sarah Thorndike Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thornton

Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Ms. Nancy Thornton Dr. and Mrs. Frank Kedzie Thorp * Mr. and Mrs. Marc Thorson Mr. Joshua Adam Thundercloud * Mr. and Mrs. Neal Thurber Ms. Alice Elizabeth Thurmond * Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Thurmond Ms. Betty Thurstone Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Tibbits Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tiberg Mrs. Robert D. Tice Mr. Robert Tidmore Ms. Sandy Tiefenbach Mr. Richard Tierney Ms. Constance Tiffany Ms. Elizabeth Tiffany Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tillen Mrs. Dawn Tillotson Mrs. Kathryne O’Bryan Timberlake Ms. Marcie Timmins William and Sharon Timmins Mrs. Barbara S. Timock Mr. and Mrs. Roderic E. Tinney Nancy Shalvatis-Tipnis * Mrs. Judith Widman Titta * Mr. Tiong Han Tjoeng * Dr. and Mrs. Frank Lindley Tobey Jr. * Mr. Keith Tobin Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tobin Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Tobin Ms. Suzannah Lane Tobin Joseph and Patricia Tocco Mr. and Mrs. John Todd Mr. Ron Todd Mr. Samuel Todd Jr. Miss Winifred Toledo Ms. Sheila Toler Linda and Peter Tolias * Mr. and Mrs. Wolky Toll Mrs. Frances Hanslovsky Tollas Mr. James Little Tolley Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. James L. Tolley Dr. and Mrs. Dan E. Tolman Ms. Kimberly Suzanne Tolman * Ms. Patti L. Tolo Rosemary and John Tomasko Mr. Thomas Tomaszewski Mr. Jeffrey James Tomecek * Ms. Elizabeth Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tompke Mr. Bruce Toms Mr. David W. Tongue Mr. and Mrs. Steve David Tongue * Mr. Thomas M. Tongue Sr. Cameron and Jane Tonn Miss Dorothea Tooker * Ms. Marge Torongo Ms. Miriam E. Torres Ms. Susan Touscany Ms. Leslie Tousley * Dennis and Theresa Tovey Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Towne Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Towner Frances Townsend Joe Townsend and Louise Palazola Mr. Thomas H. Townsend Mr. Rod Tozer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trachok Mr. John Tracy Mr. Mike Trailer Ms. Lois Trainor Ms. Debra Trapp-Roehm * Mary and Robert Trask Ms. Nina Trasoff * Mrs. Charlotte Millbrook Trautwein * Mr. and Mrs. John W. Trautwein * Mr. Andrew Robert Travers * Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Travis Mason Showalter and Rebecca Travis Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Treadway Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Treiman Doug and Elizabeth Trembath Mrs. Mary Tremblay Ms. Valerie Tremble Ms. Jocelyn Power Trepte Ms. Stephanie Gay Tretick * Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Tretter * Laurence and Priscilla Tretyak Ms. Elizabeth Trevino * Mr. and Mrs. John B. Trezise Ben and Lynn Trichilo Laura and Steve Triezenberg * Ms. Gail L. Trill Ms. Thelma Trimble Mary Kay and Michael Trippe Mr. Matthew Joseph Trombetta * Mr. and Mrs. John E. Tropman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Troske Ms. Christie Trout Mr. Don Trout Mrs. Lorinda Troxler * Ms. Grace Truax Mr. Lee M. Trucks Mr. Thomas Trumbull Dan and Joanne Tubbs Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Tuchler Mrs. Loretta Tuck Ms. Deborah Tucker Mr. Dustin Taylor Tucker * Mr. Kenneth Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tudor Mr. and Mrs. Keith H. Tughan Jim and Genevieve Tuinstra Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Tull Mr. and Mrs. Toby Tull Ms. Elizabeth Joyce Tuma * Jared L. Tunison * Mr. Richard Tunningley Ms. Mary Turak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph William Turckes Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. John Turcotte Rusty and Barbara Turley Ms. Christina Turnage Ms. Dori Noble Turner Elena M. Turner and Abdul Aziz Said Michael, Sarah and Luke Turner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Turner Ms. Zoe Anne Turner Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Turney Donald and Louise Tuski Wallace H. and Susan B. Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. Roger John Tuuk * Mr. Bill Twietmeyer Chris Twigg Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Twigg Dr. Lynne Twining Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Twining Susan Tyburski and Paul Wcisel Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Gary Tye Ms. Alice Campbell Tyler * Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Tyler Ms. Jennifer Intravaia Tyskiewicz Mary Tyson and Noel Bufe Mr. Bryan Ulbrich Ms. Natasha Jean Ullman * Ms. Doreen Underwood Mr. Edan Unterman * Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Updegraff Mr. David F. Upton Mr. Michael M. Upton * Ms. Karen M. Urick Ms. Susan Urig Mr. Brian Ursu Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Uthe Bob and Patty Utter Mr. James Uyl Mr. and Mrs. George C. Valentine Mr. and Mrs. Nello Valentine III Mr. Steven K. Valentine Jr. Ms. Beau Vallance Mrs. Catherine Valovick Ms. Ruth A. Van Allen Ms. Suzanne Van Appledorn Mrs. Harry R. Van Cleve HS ‘38, ‘39, ‘40, ‘42 * Mrs. M. Frances Van Dalson Mr. Ken Van Dellen Mrs. Kathleen Rush Van Den Brink * Mr. Paul Van der Slice * Mrs. Marian Van Dore Ms. Jenny Van Dusen Mr. Jim Van Eenenaam Mr. Clarendon E. Van Norman Jr. * Dr. Constance Van Valer Ms. Mary G. Van Valin Ms. Laura R. Van Vlack-Ailes Mr. and Mrs. Donald Van Wingerden Mr. and Mrs. Glen J. VanAntwerp Mr. Jim VanBergen Kathy and Doug VanBronkhorst Ms. Shirley VanBuecken * Ms. Virginia V. Vance Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vande Vusse Jr. Ms. Sonya Vandekerkhof Kate VandenBroek * Mr. William Vandenburg Ms. Sylvia Vander Molen Heidi Vanderbilt-Brown * Mr. and Mrs. Eric VanderHaagen Kathy VanDerHulst Mrs. Carol VanderJagt Ms. Sonya VanderKerkhof Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. VanderKlipp Mrs. Joyce VanderLaan Mr. John H. Vanderlind Mr. Joe Vandermeulen Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. VanderMeulen Ms. Susan VanderPol Mr. and Mrs. John R. Vanderveen Mr. Russell Vanderveen The Reverend Calvin W. Vanderwerf Mr. and Mrs. Jack Vanderzouwen Ms. Gloria VanDeventer Mr. and Mrs. David VandeVusse Peter and Patricia VanDusen Mr. and Mrs. William E. VanDusen Dr. and Mrs. Arthur O. VanEck Mrs. Marilyn Norman VanGiesen * Mr. Robert VanMeter Mrs. Susan Drachman VanRaalte * Mr. James VanSickle Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. VanValzah Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas VanVechten Mr. and Mrs. Dean VanVelsen Sally VanVleck and Bob Russell Mr. and Mrs. Steve VanZoeren Mr. Tom VanZoeren Gerald and Teresa Varani Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Varble Ms. Clara Vargo Creta and Shane Vartti Margaret Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Veeder Tim Veenstra Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Vega Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Velicer * Mr. and Mrs. Jon Veliquette Ms. Gloria Veltman Elizabeth and George Venchuk Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Venditto Dr. and Mrs. William John Venema Mr. Dane K. Ver Merris * Henry and Carol Vera Ms. Lisa Vergara Mary and Lawrence Vernetti Ben Vernia and Carol Ritchie Arthur and Barbara Vernon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vetter Ms. Camille Anne Vettraino Ms. Carole Vial Pauline Viall Brady and Gaile Vibert Ms. Barbara Vickrey Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Victor Spencer and Wimolvan Vidulich Beth and Richard Vieira * Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Vigland Susan and Todd Vigland Ms. Verna S. Vigland Mr. Mark Villaire Mrs. Judith Burton Vilter * Mrs. Janse VanArnam Vincent * Thomas and Maggie Vinette Mr. David Vinocur Dr. and Mrs. Johnnie B. Vinson Ms. Marcia Viront Mr. William Virta Ms. Karen Viskochil Mr. Larry Viskochil Ms. Nancy Visscher Ms. Bonnie Visser Marianne Vivona, LLC Ms. Margaret Voelker Ms. Stephanie Vogelzang Ms. Gayle Joseph and Mr. Edward Voice Mrs. Karen Volas Ms. Eleanor G. Voldrich Thomas and Kathleen Volle Mr. and Mrs. George von der Hoff Mrs. June von der Hoff Mr. George Von Drak Ms. Vicki Von Eberstein Ms. Elizabeth von Nolting Victor von Schlegell and Louise Kountze Mr. and Mrs. Phil von Voigtlander Grant and Robin Von Wald Ralph and Margaret von Walthausen Dr. and Mrs. William F. VonValtier Dr. and Mrs. Philip F. VonVoigtlander Ms. Virginia Vork Mr. and Mrs. Brian Vos Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Vos Mrs. Louise M. Voscinar Mr. Edward G. Voss Mr. Paul Bryan Votapek * Ms. Sarah F. Voutyras Ms. Laura W. Vrana Ms. Martha Vreeland Mr. and Mrs. Don Vyse Mr. and Mrs. David Earl Wade * Ms. Elaine Wade Ms. Erin Elaine Wade * Mr. and Mrs. Brent Wadsworth Mr. Gray Wagerson 36 Ms. Elizabeth Waggoner Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wagner Ms. Elizabeth W. Wagner Mr. Hans H. Wagner Miss Jean Wagner Noreen F. Wagner Ms. Sally Wah Mrs. Nina Kaye Wain * Martin and Elizabeth Wajda Dr. and Mrs. Takeshi Wajima Ms. Pamela J. Wakefield Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Wakulat Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Walden Judge and Mrs. Scott Walden Gary and Shari Waldo Mr. Tom Walenta Ms. Laura Wales Jan and Paul Waling Kay and Dave Walker Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Fraser Walker Gail Enid and McClain Walker * Mrs. Regina Walker * Dick and Mary Walker Mr. Charles Lee Walkup * Mr. Frederick Wall Dick and Candice Wallace Ms. Carolyn Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Wallace Jr. Ms. Jacque Wallace Ms. Joan Wallace Ken, Elise and Sean Wallace Mrs. Patricia Fogle Wallace * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wallace Martha Ann Waller Ms. Victoria Wallick Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Wallinger Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Wallner Ms. Priscilla Walmsley Ms. Joanne Walrad Ms. Carol Brenneman Walsh * Ms. Nellie J. Walt Chris and Ashlea Walter Mr. and Mrs. F. Jon Walter Ms. Sally Ann Walter Marcia and Paul Walters Ms. Suzanne Walters John and Kathy Walthorn Mr. John P. Walton Ms. Judy Walton Mr. Peter Walton Robert L. and Elsie A. Walton Steve Walton Ms. Elizabeth R. Waltz Mr. William F. Waltz Janet Wander Chin-Hou and Li-Kuan Wang Dr. and Mrs. David D. Wang Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Helen Wangard Frank and Kim Wangler Mr. James Wanner Dr. Lawrence Warbasse III Mrs. Joan Warburg Ms. Barbara Wood Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Ward Gary and Linda Ward Misa Ward Mr. Robert M. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Ward Ms. Tara Ward and Mr. Mark Mitchell Mr. Thomas John Ward * Dr. and Dr. David Ward-Steinman * Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wares Ms. Sandra Warnaar Mr. Edward S. Warner Mr. and Mrs. James M. Warner Mr. Robert Warner Ms. Sharon Warner Steven C. Warner Mr. Eric Warren Mr. James David Warren Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Warren Ms. Judith Warren Mr. Lynn James Warren and Suzanne Warren * Dr. Nancy Warren Todd and Deborah Warren Mr. and Mrs. William L. Warren Ms. Jackie Warriner Terrell Warrington Mr. Michael Alan Waschevski Mr. William Washabaugh Ms. Alexis Lee Wasserman * Ms. Sara Michelle Wasserman * Mr. and Mrs. Haruka Watanabe Mrs. Joan Tiger Waterman * Mr. Dale Watermulder * Jack and Joy Waters

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