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Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts

Annual Report to Donors 2008 - Interlochen Center for the Arts


Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Waters Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Waterstripe Mrs. Dorothy Pashegoba Watkins Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Watkins Charles and Glenda Watling Mr. and Mrs. George Watson Mr. and Mrs. James Watson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Watson Ms. Wynema Watson Ms. Bette L. Wattles Dr. and Mrs. John H. Way Mr. Jon Wayne Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wade Waynick Ms. Mary Weadock The Honorable Elizabeth Weaver Harris and Carol Ann Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Kennard Weaver Ms. Wendy L. Weaver Chris and Paula Webb Mr. Chad Weber Ms. Kathy Weber Mr. and Mrs. Michael Frederick Weber * Norman Weber Ms. Nancy Lynne Webster * Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Weddle * Mrs. Eva Moore Wedel * Ms. Anna M. Weese Mrs. Nanette Pou Wehe * Mr. John Wehmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Phil Wehrenberg Kristina Weidenfeller Frank Weikel and Jane Whitney Ms. Bertha M. Weil Mr. Michael Weil Mr. and Mrs. Morris Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weinberg * Mr. Joshua T. Weiner Mrs. Judith Weiner * Mr. and Mrs. Ken Weiner * Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weir Carol Weis Mrs. Jane P. Weis Mr. Peter Norman Weis * Ms. Susan Weis Mr. Harvey L. Weisberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weisberg Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Weise Mrs. Arleen Chern Weiss Ms. Jill Halperin Weiss * Dr. and Mrs. William G. Weiss Jr. Doug and Evie Weist Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Weitz Mr. and Mrs. Dan Welburn Mr. Edward M. Welch Mr. and Mrs. John T. Welch Ms. Momoko Soma Welch Mr. Dan Welcher Mr. Frederick Weldy * Mr. Jack H. Wellbaum * Dr. Amy Goodman Weller * Mr. Dan Wellman Ms. Flora Wellman Mr. Timothy Neil Wellman Jim and Carolyn Wells Mr. and Mrs. William Wells Joanne and Frank Welsh Nancy and Marshall Wendell Mr. and Mrs. Max Wendell Dr. and Mrs. John Wendt Mrs. Mary C. Wennerstrom Mr. Thomas R. Wentworth * Ms. Susan Wernecke Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Werner Seymour and Joan Werner Chris and Holli Werp Linda and Peter Werthmann Mrs. Catherine M. Werts Dr. Thomas H. Wertz Mr. Jeffrey James Wescott Bill and Judy Wesling Mr. and Mrs. Tyrus Wessell Jr. Sarah and Zack Wessels Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. West * Ms. Pam West Ms. Wendi J. Westbrook Candice and James Westerfield Mr. Peter Westerman Mrs. Ardith Westie Mr. and Mrs. Richard Westmaas Mr. and Mrs. Steve Westphal Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Wetherbee Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Wetherbee Ken Wetmore Richard and Carol Wetters Ms. Ann Wettlaufer Mr. Dale Whalen Mr. John Whalen James L. and Susan B. Whaley Mr. Philip Matthew Wharton * Ms. Susan Wheadon James Wheat * Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wheat Mrs. Shirley Wheatley Ms. Bonnie Barbara Wheaton * Ms. Marsha Wheaton Mr. Andrew Greene Wheeler * Mrs. Cheryl L. Wheeler Bill and Ann Wheeler Mr. Gilbert H. Whelden Jr. Miss Juliet Irene Whinston * Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Whipple Major David Edward Whitacre * Leslie and Jim Whitaker Ms. Barb White Mr. Bill White Ms. Caroline A. White * Mr. and Mrs. David G. White Haley White Mrs. Janice Bares White * Ms. Katherine Elizabeth White * Melissa Hutto White * Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. White Mr. and Mrs. Stuart White Mrs. Susan S. White * Ms. Diane Whiteford Mr. Roy Whitehill Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Whiteside Marsha and David Whitestone Mr. George Whitefield Mr. Steven Moore Whiting * Ms. Amy Whitlatch Dana L. Whitley * Mr. and Mrs. Doug L. Whitley Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiberg Mr. Kenneth Wickham Jr. * Marti and Tim Wicksall Mr. George M. Wickstrom Peter and Ruth Wiebe Ms. Susan Wiegand * Mr. and Mrs. Kent Michael Wiejaczka Nancy Hampel and Larry Wieland Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Wiener Ms. Laura Wiesen Jane and Mark Wightman Ms. Mary Wiklanski Mr. David Wilcox Mr. George Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wilcox The Honorable and Mrs. Kurtis T. Wilder Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Wilder Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilder Mr. Dean E. Wiley Nancy H. Wiley Mrs. Roxana Lindborg Wiley * Mr. Tim Wiley Mr. Jerry Wilhelm John and Leslie Wilhelm Mrs. Angela Zerban Wiliford * Jan and Bradford Wilkins Dr. Pamela A. Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wilkinson III * Mrs. Linda Sue Wilkinson Ms. Mary Sue Wilkinson Mr. George Willaert Ms. Lynette Willcock Mr. and Mrs. Carl Willers Mark and Virginia Willette-Green Ms. Angela Williams Mrs. Beth T. Williams Billy and Rosemarie Williams Ms. Christine A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. David Williams Donald and Cecelia Williams * Mr. and Mrs. Glen P. Williams Mr. and Mrs. James H. Williams Ms. Jan Williams Dr. and Mrs. Lyman Williams Mr. and Mrs. John H. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Williams Richard and Lamar Williams Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Williams Robert and Ruth Alice Williams Sam and Bette Williams Thomas and Marjorie Williams Mr. John Edward Williamson * Ms. Jonell Williamson Ms. Bonnie Willings Mr. Donald E. Willis * Mr. and Mrs. Lyle B. Willis * Don and Karin Willman Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Willoughby Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hugh Willoughby * Judith and David Wills 37 G. and A. Wills Mr. Michael Wills Mrs. Theodore R. Wills Dr. Ian Alexander Willson * Mr. Philip J. Willson Mrs. Phyllis Ann Sogg Wilner * Mr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Wilson Mr. Curt Wilson Ms. Deanna Wilson Mrs. Elizabeth W. Wilson * Mrs. Emily Wilson Mr. James R. Wilson Ms. JoAnne S. Wilson Julie Wilson The Reverend and Mrs. Paul F. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson Mr. Richard Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wilson Rosa M. Wilson Ms. Roxanne Wilson Ms. Sandra Wilson Mr. Steven B. Wilson Sue and Robert Wilson Tim and Gwen Willson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson Mr. William Wilson Ms. Lois S. Wilson-Crabtree Ms. Emily Wilson-Tobin * Ms. Glory E. Wiltjer Edwin and Lisa Wiltse Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wiltse Bill and Karen Wiltsie Harold and Kay Winchell Carol Winegar Dr. Sally Jo Winek * Mr. Thomas Winemiller Mr. and Mrs. John Winfield Mrs. Beryl Winkelman Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Winkelman Mr. Edward E. Winkler Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. William H. Winn Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Winslow Mrs. Marjorie Winter-Gindorff * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Winters Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Wiper Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Wirick * Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wise Ray Wise and Katy Joseph Dr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Wise Dr. Jessica Wiskus * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Wisniewski Mr. John Finley Witherspoon Jr. * Ms. Elva Witler Mr. Terry Witt Mrs. Miriam Diamond Wittert * Ms. Marion Wizner Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wodkowski Mrs. Carol Humm Wojcik Mr. Dan Wojes Ms. Katherine Rose Wolf * Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Wolf Mr. Christopher Penty Wolfe * Ms. Shirley A. Wolfe Twala Wolfe Dr. and Mrs. Willard Wolfe Mrs. Heidi Chisholm Wolfgang * Mrs. Wendee Wolf-Schlarf Barbara Delman Wolfson Mr. and Mrs. Carvel Wolfson Mrs. John D. Wolszon Dr. Daniel Ralph Wolter * Mr. and Mrs. David A. Wolter * Mrs. William D. Wolter Charles and Katherine Wolterink Mr. Randall Wolthuis Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Wood Marla and Jeff Wood Michael Wood and Sandra Whitney Mr. Roderick Wood Mr. Stuart Wood Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wood Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woodard Dr. and Mrs. James S. Woodburne Mr. Gary Woodcock David and Suki Woodhouse Mr. Bill Woodrow Ms. Barbara Marie Woodruff Mr. Jonathan Woods and Ms. Lisa Maneval Leonard and Michelle Woods Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Woods Ms. Ann Woodward Ms. Mary Eileen Woodward Ms. Susan Woodward Thomas D. Woodward Ms. Aimee C. Woody * Mr. Brian Gordon Woolcock * Fred Woolf Mrs. Mary K. Woolford Ms. Amy L. Wordelman * Dr. Peter D. Wordelman * Ms. Joann Worden Thom Working * Ms. Sharon Shay Workman Ms. Joy Elizabeth Worland * Ms. Nan Worthington Mrs. Ruth Worthington Dr. Ruth Ann Worthington Mr. Forest Wortman Ms. Kerrie Wosek Joseph and Katherine Wren Mr. Alan Wrenn and Ms. Sally VanderWall Ms. Alice E. Wright Mrs. Annette Morin Wright * Benjamin Wright and Miriam Bolkosky * Mr. Charles Wright Mr. Hugh D. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wright Mr. and Mrs. Marshall W. Wright Ms. Peggy Wright Ms. Pier Wright Steve Wright Mr. and Mrs. Chester T. Wrucke * Ms. May Lynn Wrzesinski Mr. Ernst Wuckert Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wuertemberger Mr. William E. Wuerthele Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Wuest Mr. and Mrs. James J. Wujkowski Mr. Richard Wulf Mr. Rolf Wunderlich Charlie Wunsch and Barb Tholin Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wunsch Ms. Cheryl Wyatt Mr. and Professor Henry Wyatt Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Wyatt Mrs. Robert C. Wyatt Ms. Wendy Jo Wyatt Mr. and Mrs. George Wyklige Ms. Kanako Kyle Wynkoop * Ms. Laura Susan Yaker * Mr. and Mrs. Kogo Yamaguchi Mr. and Mrs. Taro Yamasaki Mrs. Cheryl Gonzales Yancey * Ms. Evelyn Yankle Bruce Beebe and Nancy Yarbrough Ms. Melissa A. Yard Mr. Peter Burt Yarrow * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Yasin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Yeager Ms. Esther C. Yeates Kenneth and Carole Yerrick Mr. Stephen Yettaw Mrs. Jill Schechinger Yeutter * Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Yingling Stacy and Julian Yochum Vern and Esther Yoder Jim and Joyce Yonker Mr. and Mrs. Frank York Barbara and Atsushi Yoshida Mr. and Mrs. James A. Yoshida Ms. Anna Young Ms. Barbara Young Ms. Bonita Young Ms. Carol Young Ms. Cynthia Young Mr. and Mrs. David S. Young Elizabeth L. Young * Ms. Eva I-Hua Young Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Young Jr. Ms. Karin Young Mr. Kenneth Young and Ms. Karen Austin Ms. Kristin Young Miss Phyllis J. Young Mr. Ralph Young Steve and Linda Young Ms. Jennifer Youngdahl-Griffin * Ms. Doris McNabb Youngquist Mrs. Betty Yount * Mr. and Mrs. Allan Yuen Ms. Virginia Yukins Mr. Jeffrey Yung and Ms. Nicole Rachmaninoff * Dr. and Mrs. John Oliver Zachman Mr. and Mrs. James L. Zacks Margaret and Jim Zagacki Lise Zahn Mr. David Arthur Zaiss Dr. and Mrs. Louis R. Zako Barry Zalph * Mr. William Zamrowski Elden and Carole Zang Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Zapczynski Mr. Philip David Zawisza * Debbie and Edison Zayas Stephanie and William Zech Mark and Eileen Zelenak

Annual Report Thank You, Annual Donors Ms. Jessica Zelinski * Beverly A. Zelt, M.D. Mr. Mark Zemanek Ms. Lyrl R. Zemke Ms. Emy Johnson Zener * Mr. Douglas K. Zernow Mr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Zetterberg Mrs. Judith Gail Zettle Hang Zhang Garth and Kathleen Ziege Dr. Moritz Matthew Ziegler * Mr. Robert Martin Zielinski * Mr. and Mrs. Werner Zielke Karen and Maris Ziemelis Mrs. Laura J. Zientek Mrs. Christine Zimmer * Mr. Robert Zimmerer Mr. Ben Zimmerman Jr. Mr. Curt Zimmerman Frank W. Zimmerman * Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Zimmermann Ms. Robin Christine Zimpel * Ms. Kay Zins Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Zirbel Dr. and Mrs. Hilbert Ziskin Mr. William Zito Mrs. Margaret R. Zobel * Mr. and Mrs. William R. Zoerhof Ms. Rishauna Mari Zumberg * Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zwemer Sara Zivian Zwickl and Timothy P. Zwickl * Ms. Catherine S. Zwink GIFTS IN HONOR Gifts were given by donors in honor of the following: Joy Ammerman The performance and teaching excellence of Tom Bara Anne and Sterling Berry Steve and Patricia Blessman’s support of Interlochen Ellen and Dean Boal’s 50th Anniversary Bill and Emily Boyd’s Golden Wedding Anniversary Jennifer Watson and Sean Brenner Michael Burkholz and Alex Burkholz Dr. Shoshana R. Dobrow Peter Dreux FIM Group Cubby Fox Edward Friedman Mary Gonzales Thomas Graham and Ruth Evelyn Graham Cassel Grubb Bruce Holland-Moritz Gareth Hughes’ friends Andy Johanos Helen and Frank Kowalsky Ken Larson Marc and Angela Levenstein John and Tim Lewis Nicholas Levenstein Katherine Cooke and Michael Lowenstein Philip Mason Rhys VanDemark and Kathleen McGookey Rowan Moss Donna V. Neal Danielle Newmark’s Bat Mitzveh Jeff and Sylvia Norris Gloria Parsons Dr. Lawrence M. Probes’ 55th Birthday Dale, Kathy, Kelly, Mike, Sarah and Ryanne Prost Peggy Randolph Wayne and Toni Rapier’s 53rd Anniversary Lillian Roberts’ 100th birthday James Royster’s 70th Birthday The marriage of Mindy Segal and Herman Rubin David Satchell, M.D. Robert and Florence Schermerhorn Allie Schulz, ‘06 Bill Sears Elaine Parker Shaw Kristen Shirkey Isabel F. Smith Synthia and Sharla Steiman Amy Stevens Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Townsend Cynthia Urquhart Dottie Everett and Bill Wagner Geralyn and Katie Waters Del Weliver and his years of service to Interlochen and the people who came through the Music Library Evelyn White Leslie and Jeff Zacks GIFTS IN MEMORY Gifts were given by donors in memory of the following: Sara Johnson Adair Patricia Michaels Altman Juanita Anderson Milton T. Anderson Lanene Aspey Philip Bach Carolyn and L.J. Bert Ernie L. Brooks Geraldine Brown Loren Cady Thomas H. Cardinal Lillian J. Cassie Jerome F. Cerny William Cerny May Chase Gladys and Bernard R. Cohen Michael Thomas Collins Endrene Crampton Richard Cubbage John S. Doctor Vladimir Dukic Robert Entwisle Joe Epstein Andrew Epstein Bryan and Eleanor Favorite Frederick Fennell Julia Fisher Ed Frohlich Greg Guth Lucille Haff Lisa Marie Hamm Jim Harvey Herbert Hintze Jim Honchell Gareth B. Hughes Edward Jamrok Donald Johanos Naomi Kanter Leo Kepfmueller Dr. John Kitzmiller Robert Knipple Robert Kuhl Mel Larimer Helen Lillya Guylene Litle Miriam Luby Kathy Mason John and Terry McLaughlin Jane Mook David and Steven Moore Mary Mose Thom Mose Kelly Muzzi Alan, Wayne and Mark Nall Ronald Nawrocki Robert Paige Thomas Paulos Elizabeth Perrin Seming “Sam” Pitcher Ramona Dahlborg Pitts Louise Reading Victoria Reizian Jim Root Natalie Root Pearl Roth Harvey Silets Jonathan Silets Laura Sondee Louis Steigerwald Raymond Suchner Roy Taghon James H. and Pauline Toy Gretchen Votruba Robert Edward Waterstripe Dorothy Wade Watson Yvonne Whiting Henry Widrich Michael Evans Wilson Boyd W. Yard CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS AND GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Allen-Heath Memorial Foundation Allstate Giving Campaign The R.B. Annis Educational Foundation Anonymous Arizona Community Foundation Armrod Charitable Foundation Atlas Building Axa Foundation Ayco Charitable Foundation Robert W. Baird & Co Foundation Inc. Edmund F. and Virginia B. Ball Foundation, Inc. Batt Family Foundation 38 The Belsky-Doyle-Polikoff-Troubh Family Fund Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Bonisteel Foundation BP Fabric of America Fund Broadsword Solutions Corporation Bryson Foundation LTD. Burdick-Thorne Foundation Busby Memorial Education Fund Ruth Haney Campbell Charitable Foundation Joel & Joy Campbell Family Foundation CASERVE Foundation Central Carolina Community Foundation Chase Howard & Jacqueline Chertkof Foundation The Chicago Community Foundation Citigroup Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc. The Cleveland Foundation Jack, Evelyn & Richard Cole Family Foundation The Columbus Foundation Community Foundation For Southeastern Michigan Gregory and Wendy Supron Charitable Fund/Community Foundation of New Jersey The Community Foundation Corporation for Public Broadcasting Corson Family Foundation, Inc. Crystal Mountain Resort Allen B. Cutting Foundation Dayton Foundation Depository Inc Delta Omicron International Music J. P. Dermody, Inc. DeRoy Testamentary Foundation Charles DeVlieg Foundation Diehl Foundation Alden and Vada Dow Fund The Driker Family Foundation Eilber, Inc. Emerson O.B. & Elizabeth Falls Foundation Fidelity Bank Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Financial & Investment Management Group First Artists Management The Herrington-Fitch Family Foundation Inc Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation Edward E. Ford Foundation The Benson & Edith Ford Fund Fremont Area Foundation Frey Foundation FTM Industries, Inc. Fund For Change Generations Fund The Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation Goldman Sachs & Company The Goodale Fund Grand Haven Area Community Foundation Grand Rapids Community Foundation The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Inc. The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Hagerty Classic Insurance Agency Harlan Foundation Philip S. Harper Foundation Harris Rebar, A Division of Harris Steel Limited Hartland Insurance Group, Inc. Harvey Family Trust The Pierre and Margaret Heftler Foundation The David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation Inc The Home Depot, Inc. Howard Miller Company Huntington National Bank Sandra James Music Foundation Jewish Community Endowment Foundation Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland The Jewish Community Foundation Jewish Federation of Delaware Inc. JustGive The Kline Family Foundation Kohne Family Limited Partnership Kuehn Foundation W. & J. Larson Family Foundation Charles W. Loosemore Foundation Madison Community Foundation Mary Mae Foundation Maine Community Foundation The Mallory Foundation Mariel Foundation The Mead Foundation Janis and Alan Menken Foundation Merrill Lynch Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs Michigan Humanities Council Midland Area Community Foundation Monterey Fund, Inc. Morgan Stanley & Co Inc Morley Foundation The Mosaic Foundation National Philanthropic Trust Northwestern Bank Northwestern Michigan College Olson-Kulka Foundation Oppenheimer Foundation The Pauls Foundation Pepsi Cola Bottling Group The Pinkerton Foundation Plante and Moran The Ralph L. and Winifred E. Polk Foundation Herbert & Elsa Ponting Foundation Ed & June Prein Foundation T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving Milton M. Ratner Foundation Rite-Hite Holding Corporation River City Foundation Irving and Dorothy Rom Charitable Foundation Ruch Family Foundation Sara Lee Bakery Sara Lee Foundation Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving The Seattle Foundation Seven Woods Foundation Hamer and Phyllis Shafer Foundation Shaker Family Foundation The Elizabeth, Allan and Warren Shelden Fund Siebenthaler Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation William E. Slaughter, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Smith Barney Spartan Stores Inc The Spartanburg County Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation Steelcase Foundation Target Foundation Target Stores Temple-Inland Foundation Pharoah Thompson Foundation Jerry & Marcia Tubergen Foundation The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust United Jewish Foundation United Way of Greater Rochester United Way of Tri State Washtenaw United Way Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Wachovia Securities LLC Walker Foundation Weatherwax Foundation Naida S. Wharton Foundation The Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Yamaha Corporation of America R M Young Company Avedis Zildjian Company BUSINESSES AND ORGANIzATIONS A.F. Groenke Agency, Inc. Air Way Automation, Inc. Alfie Embroidery Allegany Allergy and Asthma Aquafina Gardens & Imports Bardenhagen Berries Becky Thatcher Designs, Inc. Belle Tire Corporate Headquarters Bingham Insurance Services Birdlip Bay, Inc. Blackburn Funeral Home Comfort Care 24/7 Conscious Budget and Debt Reduction Copyrite Printing Inc. Day Is Done Foundation Delmar Baptist Church Dove Song of Interlochen Edgewater Place II Elks Golf League Farwell Area Women’s Club Flachsbart & Greenspoon, LLC Ford Bubala and Associates G-5 Electronics, LLC The Garden Club of Barrington Gateway Travel Service General Federation of Women’s Club MI Glen Craft Villas Grand Traverse Musicale Grandpa’s Garage Grant’s Office Systems, Inc. Great Lakes Environmental Center Grobbel Environmental Planning

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