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MyCells® - Platelet Rich Plasma harvesting kit : from ... -

MyCells® - Platelet Rich Plasma harvesting kit : from ... -


PRP Platelets EGFKGF PDGFILGF TGFβ Stem Cells Stem Cells CD34+ Stem Cells Stem Cells Stem Cells Stem Cells 28

PRP Injection Platelet Aggregation & Activation EGF CD34+ PDGFILGF CD34+ TGFβ EGF CD34+ PDGFILGF EGF TGFβ PDGFILGF TGFβ Stem Cells Collagen, ADP (basic membrane) Stem Cells Stem Cells Stem Cells 29

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MyCells® - Platelet Rich Plasma harvesting kit : from ... -
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