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NAT 6/08 - THL

NAT 6/08 - THL

Large scale

Large scale implementation of early identification and brief intervention in Swedish primary health care – will it be successful? lity of computerized self-report of alcohol habits: a patient perspective. Alcohol and Alcoholism 34 (4): 575–80 CAN 2007. Drogutvecklingen i Sverige 2007 (Drug Trends in Sweden 2007). Centralförbundet för alkohol- och narkotikaupplysning: rapport nr 107. Stockholm Dawson, D.A. & Li, T.K. & Grant, B.F. (2008): A prospective study of risk drinking: at risk for what? Drug and Alcohol Dependence 95 (1–2): 62–72 Eriksson, G. & Spak, F. & Andersson, C. (2000): Riskbruk av alkohol kartlagt på vårdcentral. Sekundärprevention av alkoholproblem hos primärvårdspatienter. (Risk drinking surveyed at a GP unit. Secondary prevention of alcohol problems in primary care patients). Läkartidningen 97 (10): 1133–1139 Eurobarometer (2003): Health, food and alcohol safety. Special Eurobarometer 186–, [Online: opinion/index_en.htm] Folkhälsoenkät 2007 – Hälsa på lika villkor? (Public Health Survey 2007 – Health on equal conditions?) Online:http://www.fhi. se/upload/Folkhälsoenkäten/AlkoholCannvanor_nat2007.pdf] Forsberg, L. & Ahlberg, J. & Möller, M. & Hjalmarsson, K. & Andréasson, S. (2003): Randomized study of alcohol screening at a surgical emergency unit: Effective method for uncovering risky alcohol use especially in young women. Läkartidningen 100 (21): 1882–1885 Funk, M. & Wutzke, S. & Kaner, E.F. & Anderson, P. & Pas, L. & McCormick, R. & Gual, A. & Barfod, S. & Saunders, J. (2005): World Health Organization Brief Intervention Study Group. A multi-country controlled trial of strategies to promote dissemination and implementation of brief alcohol intervention in primary health care: findings of a World Health Organization collaborative study. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 66 (3): 379–88 Geirsson, M. & Bendtsen, P. & Spak, F. (2005): Attitudes of Swedish general practitioners and nurses to working with lifestyle change, with special reference to alcohol consumption. Alcohol and Alcoholism 40 (5): 388–393 486 NORDIC STUDIES ON ALCOHOL AND DRUGS V O L . 2 5. 2 0 0 8 . 6 Göransson, M. & Magnusson, Å. & Bergman, H. & Rydberg, U. & Heilig, M. (2003): Fetus at risk: prevalence of alcohol consumption during pregnancy estimated with a simple screening method in Swedish antenatal clinics. Addiction 98 (11): 1513–20 Göransson, M. & Magnusson, Å. & Heilig, M. (2006): Identifying hazardous alcohol consumption during pregnancy: implementing a research-based model in real life. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 85 (6): 657–62 Hedberg, C. & Hallberg, H. & Urwitz, V. (2000): Patienten ges underlag för beslut om sina alkoholvanor. (Patients receive a basis for their decisions concerning their alcohol habits). Läkartidningen 97 (1–2): 48–50 Holmqvist, M. & Bendtsen, P. & Spak, F. & Romelsjö, A. & Geirsson, M. & Nielsen, P. (2008): Asking patients about their drinking. A national survey among primary health care physicians and nurses in Sweden. Addiction Behavior (33): 301–314 Johansson, K. & Bendtsen, P. & Åkerlind, I. (2002): Early intervention for problem drinkers: readiness to participate among general practitioners and nurses in Swedish primary health care. Alcohol and Alcoholism 37(1): 38–42 Johansson, K. & Bendtsen, P. & Åkerlind, I. (2005): Advice to patients in Swedish primary care regarding alcohol and other lifestyle habits: how patients report the actions of GPs in relation to their own expectations and satisfaction with the consultation. The European Journal of Public Health 15 (6): 615–20 Johansson, K. & Åkerlind, I. & Bendtsen, P. (2005): Under what circumstances are nurses willing to engage in brief alcohol interventions? A qualitative study from primary care in Sweden. Addiction Behavior 30 (5): 1049–53 Kaner, E.F. & Lock, C.A. & McAvoy, B.R. & Heather, N. & Gilvarry, E. (1999): A RCT of three training and support strategies to encourage implementation of screening and brief alcohol intervention by general practitioners. British Journal of General Practice 49 (446): 699–703 Karlsson, A. & Bendtsen, P. (2005): Acceptabi-

lity of a computerized alcohol screening at an emergency department – a patient perspective. Addiction Behavior 30: 767–776 Karlsson, A. & Johansson, K. & Nordqvist, C. & Bendtsen, P. (2005): Feasibility of a computerized alcohol screening and personalized written advice in the ED: opportunities and obstacles. Accident and Emergency Nursing (13): 44–52 Kristenson, H. & Ohlin, H. & Hultén-Nosslin, M.B. & Trell, E. & Hood, B. (1983): Identification and intervention of heavy drinking in middle-aged men: Results and follow-up of 24–60 months of long-term study with randomised controls. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research (7) : 203–209 Miller, P.M. & Thomas, S.E. & Mallin, R. (2006): Patient attitudes towards selfreport and biomarker alcohol screening by primary care physicians. Alcohol and Alcoholism 41(3): 306–10 Montin, M. & Viklund, M. (1987): Det går att arbeta med alkoholfrågan – sammanfattande rapport om projektet Alkohol, Länssjukvård och Primärvård. (We can work with the alcohol question – report for the project Alcohol, County Medical Care and Primary Health Care). Rapport nr 8. Landstingsförbundet Nordqvist, C. & Wilhelm, E. & Lindqvist, K. & Bendtsen, P. (2005): Can screening and simple written advice reduce excessive alcohol consumption among emergency care patients? Alcohol and Alcoholism 40 (5): 401–408. Epub 2005 Jun 13 Nordström, A. & Winberg, J. & Persson, S. (1998): Resultat av primärvårdsstuide on alkohol: 17 procent av männen, 8 procent av kvinnorna troliga högkonsumenter. (Results of a Primary Health Care study on alcohol: 17 percent of men, 8 percent of women were probable heavy consumers). Läkartidningen (95): 4739–4743 Norstrom T. (red.) (2002): Alcohol in Post-war Europe: Consumption, drinking patterns, consequences and policy responses in 15 European countries. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell Persson, J. & Magnusson, P.H. (1989): Early intervention in patients with excessive consumption of alcohol: a controlled study. Large scale implementation of early identification and brief intervention in Swedish primary health care – will it be successful? Alcohol 6 (5): 403–408 Persson, S. & Nordström, A. & Winberg, J. & Mattson, B. (1997): Alkoholpreventivt arbete i primärvården – några erfarenheter från Umeå. (Alcohol preventative work in Primary Health Care – some experiences from Umea). AllmänMedicin 18: 219–222 Rogers, E. (2003): Diffusion of innovations. New York: The Free Press Rogers, E. (2003): Lecture “How innovations come to be adopted” ICTAB 10th meeting in Heidelberg, Germany, September 2003 Romelsjö, A. & Andersson, L. & Barrner, H. & Borg, S. & Granstrand, C. & Hultman, O. & Hässler, A. & Källqvist, A. & Magnusson, P. & Morgell, R. & Nyman, K. & Olofsson, A. & Olsson, E. & Rhedin, A. & Wikblad, O. (1989): A randomized study of secondary prevention of early stage problem drinkers in primary health care. British Journal of Addiction 84 (11): 1319–27 Rosenqvist, P. (2001): Hinder för ett framgångsrikt arbete med alkoholproblematik inom primärvården. 11 intervjuer med allmänläkare i Blekinge. (Barriers for a successful work with alcohol in Primary Health Care. 11 interviews with GPs in Blekinge). Karlshamn: Blekinge FoU-enhet. Meddelande från Blekinge FoU-enhet 2001: 4 RP 2007/08: 110. En förnyad folkhälsopolitik (A renewed public health strategy) RP 2000/01: 20. Nationell handlingsplan för att förebygga alkoholskador (National action plan to prevent alcohol injuries) RP 2005/06: 30. Nationell alkohol- och narkotikahandlingsplan (National alcohol and drug action plan) Salaspuro, M. (2001): Behandling av alkohol- och narkotikaproblem. En evidensbaserad kunskapssammanställning (Treatment of Alcohol and Drug abuse – an evidence-based review). Stockholm: Statens beredning för medicinsk utvärdering, rapport 156/I Socialstyrelsen (2005): Hälsofrämjande hälso- och sjukvård? En kartläggning av hälsofrämjande och sjukdomsförebyggande insatser. (Health promoting health care? A survey of health promoting and preventive efforts), Stockholm Socialstyrelsen (2007): Nationella riktlinjer för missbruks- och beroendevård. Väg- NORDIC STUDIES ON ALCOHOL AND DRUGS V O L . 25. 2008 . 6 487

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