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NAT 6/08 - THL

NAT 6/08 - THL

Alcohol prevention

Alcohol prevention activity in Swedish primary health care and occupational health services Marika Holmqvist linköping university department of Medical and health sciences, se-581 83 linköping, sweden e-mail: Ulric Hermansson swedish national institute of Public health, Östersund, sweden e-mail: Preben Bendtsen linköping university department of Medical and health sciences, se-581 83 linköping, sweden. e-mail: Fredrik Spak department of social Medicine, institute of community Medicine the sahlgrenska academy at Göteborg university, sweden e-mail: Per Nilsen linköping university department of Medical and health sciences, se-581 83 linköping, sweden. e-mail: REFERENCES Aalto, M. & Pekuri, P. & Seppä, K. (2001): Primary health care nurses’ and physicians’ attitudes, knowledge and beliefs regarding brief intervention for heavy drinkers. Addiction 96: 305–311 Aalto, M. & Pekuri, P. & Seppä, K. (2003a): Obstacles to carrying out brief intervention for heavy drinkers in primary health care: a focus group study. Drug and Alcohol Review 22: 169–173 Aalto, M. & Pekuri, P. & Seppä, K. (2003b): Primary health care professionals’ activity in intervening in patients’ alcohol drinking during a 3-year brief intervention implementation project. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 69: 9–14 Allery, L.A. & Owen, P.A. & Robling, M.R. (1997): Why general practitioners and consultants change their clinical practice: a critical incident study. BMJ (Clinical research ed.) 314: 870–874 Ames, G.M. & Grube, J.W. & Moore, R.S. 502 NORDIC STUDIES ON ALCOHOL AND DRUGS V O L . 2 5. 2 0 0 8 . 6 (2000): Social control and workplace drinking norms: a comparison of two organizational cultures. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 61: 203–219 Anderson, P. & Kaner, E. & Wutzke, S. & Wensing, M. & Grol, R. & Heather, N. & Saunders, J. (2003): Attitudes and management of alcohol problems in general practice: descriptive analysis based on findings of a world health organization international collaborative survey. Alcohol and Alcoholism 38: 597–601 Anderson, P. & Kaner, E.F.S. & Wutzke, S. & Funk, M. & Heather, N. & Wensing, M. & Grol, R. & Gual, A. & Pas, L. (2004): Attitudes and managing alcohol problems in general practice: an interaction analysis based on findings from a WHO collaborative study. Alcohol and Alcoholism 39: 351–356 Angelöw, B. (1991): Det goda förändringsarbetet: om individ och organisation i förändring [Making good changes at work: about individuals and organization in transition]. Lund: Studentlitteratur. Beich, A. & Gannik, D. & Malterud, K. (2002): Screening and brief intervention for excessive alcohol use qualitative interview study of the experiences of general practioners. BMJ 325: 1–5 Bendtsen, P. & Åkerlind, I. (1999): Changes in attitudes and practices in primary health care with regard to early intervention for problem drinkers. Alcohol and Alcoholism 34: 795–800 Boman, U. & Hradilova Selin, K. & Ramstedt, M. & Svensson, J. (2007): Alkoholkonsumtionen i Sverige fram till år 2006. [The alcohol consumption in Sweden until 2006]. SoRAD, Stockholm universitet Brodie, D. & Williams, J. & Owens, R. (1997): Research Methods for the Health Sciences. Amsterdam: Harwood Academic Publishers Cantillon, P. & Jones, R. (1999): Does continuing medical education in general practice make a difference? BMJ 318: 1276–1279 Davis, D.A. & Thomson, M.A. & Oxman, A.D. & Haynes, R.B. (1995): Changing physician performance. A systematic review of the effect of continuing medical education strategies. Jama 274: 700–705 Deehan, A. & Templeton, L. & Taylor, C. &

Drummond, C. & Strang, J. (1998): Low detection rates, negative attitudes and the failure to meet the “Health of the Nation” alcohol targets: findings from a national survey of GPs in England and Wales. Drug and Alcohol Review 17: 249–258 Fauske, S. & Wilkinson, D.A. & Shain, M. (1996): Communicating alcohol and drug prevention strategies and models across cultural boundaries: preliminary report on an ILO/WHO/UNDCP [International Labour Office/World Health Organization/United Nations International Drug Control Program] Interagency Program. Substance Use & Misuse 31 (11-12): 1599–1617 Frankfort-Nachmias, C. & Nachmias, D. (1996): Research Methods in the Social Sciences. London: Arnold Funk, M. & Wutzke, S. & Kaner, E. & Anderson, P. & Pas, L. & McCormick, R. & Gual, A. & Barfod, S. & Saunders, J. (2005): A multicountry controlled trial of strategies to promote dissemination and implementation of brief alcohol intervention in primary health care: findings of a World health organization collaborative study. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 66: 379–388 Geirsson, M. & Bendtsen, P. & Spak, F. (2005): Attitudes of Swedish general practitioners and nurses to working with lifestyle change, with special reference to alcohol consumption. Alcohol and Alcoholism 40: 388–393 Hermansson, U. & Helander, A. & Brandt, L. & Huss, A. & Rönnberg, S. (2002): The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test and carbohydrate-deficient transferrin in alcohol-related sickness absence. Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research 26 (1): 28–35 Hermansson, U. & Helander, A. & Huss, A. & Brandt, L. & Rönnberg, S. (2000): The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) and carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT) in a routine workplace health examination. Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research 24 (2): 180–187 Hermansson, U. & Knutsson, A. & Rönnberg, S. & Brandt, L. & (1998): Feasibility of brief intervention in the workplace for the detection and treatment of excessive Alcohol prevention activity in Swedish primary health care and occupational health services alcohol consumption. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health 4 (2): 71–78 Holmqvist, M. & Bendtsen, P. & Spak, F. & Rommelsjö, A. & Geirsson, M. & Nilsen, P. (2008): Asking patients about their drinking. A national survey among primary health care physicians and nurses in Sweden. Addictive behaviors 33 (2): 301–314 Johanson, M. & Larsson, U.S. & Saljo, R. & Svardsudd, K. (1995): Lifestyle in primary health care discourse. Social science & medicine 40 (3): 339–348 Johansson, K. & Bendtsen, P. & Åkerlind, I. (2005): Advice to patients in Swedish primary care regarding alcohol and other lifestyle habits: how patients report the actions of GPs in relation to their own expectations and satisfaction with the consultation. European Journal of Public Health 15: 615–620 Kaner, E.F.S. & Heather, N. & McAvoy, B.R. & Lock, C.A. & Gilvarry, E. (1999): Intervention for excessive alcohol consumption in primary care: attitudes and practices of English general practitioners. Alcohol and Alcoholism 34: 559–566 Kuokkanen, M. & Heljälä, L. (2005): Early identification and brief intervention for risky drinkers in Finnish occupational health services. Scandinavian Journal of Work Environment & Health 31 (1): 35–37 Kääriäinen, J. & Sillanaukee, P. & Poutanen, P. & Seppä, K. (2001): Opinions on alcoholrelated issues among professionals in primary, occupational, and specialized health care. Alcohol and Alcoholism 36: 141–146 Leifman, H. (2003): Vilka dricker mer alkohol i Sverige? [Who are drinking more alcohol in Sweden?] SoRAD, Stockholm universitet Leifman, H. & Gustafsson, N.K. (2003): En skål för det nya millenniet. En studie av svenska folkets alkoholkonsumtion i början av 2000-talet. [A toast to the new millenium: a study of the Swedis people’s alcohol consumption at the beginning of the 2000s]. SoRAD, Stockholm universitet McAvoy, B.R. & Kaner, E.F.S. & Lock, C.A. & Heather, N. & Gilvarry, E. (1999): Our healthier nation: are general practioners willing and able to deliver? A survey of NORDIC STUDIES ON ALCOHOL AND DRUGS V O L . 25. 2008 . 6 503

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