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NAT 6/08 - THL

NAT 6/08 - THL

Implementing brief

Implementing brief alcohol intervention in primary and occupational health care insufficient training, too small resources, confusion about the target group of BI, lack of simple guidelines, uncertainty in the justification of BI – have been tackled and mainly overcome during the present two projects The importance of the present projects in implementation of brief alcohol intervention is smaller than what could be interpreted by the progress; we owe a lot to what has been done earlier. As far as we know this is the first project assessed according to the criteria by STAKES. The quality of the present two projects can be judged as relatively good. They used all the expertise gathered from collaboration in the WHO study group and PHEPA. The main explanation, however, to their success is, that they started at the right time and used updated knowledge on the topic; brief intervention and implementation. Fu- REFERENCES Aalto, M. (2001): Prevalence and brief intervention of heavy drinkers in primary health care: Lahti project study. University of Tampere Aalto, M. & Pekuri, P. & Seppä, K. (2001): Primary health care nurses’ and physicians’ attitudes, knowledge and beliefs regarding brief intervention for heavy drinkers. Addiction 96: 305–311 Aalto, M. & Pekuri, P. & Seppä, K. (2002): Primary health care personnels’ activity in intervening in patients’ alcohol drinking: a patient perspective. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 66: 39–43 Aalto, M. & Pekuri, P. & Seppä, K. (2003): Primary health care professionals’ activity in intervening in patients’ alcohol drinking during a three-year year intervention im- 512 NORDIC STUDIES ON ALCOHOL AND DRUGS V O L . 2 5. 2 0 0 8 . 6 ture surveys will show how big, if any, the progress is in light of quantitative measures. It may be that the final goal, decreasing alcohol consumption, may never be seen if the primary preventive measures in Finland remain un-effectively used. Even in that case it can be speculated that without these practices risky drinking would have been more common. Kaija Seppä, M.d. Professor of addiction Medicine Medical school university of tampere department of Psychiatry tampere university hospital tampere, Finland e-mail: Martti Kuokkanen, M.d. Project coordinator city of helsinki Finnish institute of occupational health helsinki, Finland e-mail: plementation project. Drug Alcohol Depend 69: 9–14 Antti-Poika, I. & Karaharju, E. & Roine, R. & Salaspuro, M. (1988): Intervention of heavy drinking--a prospective and controlled study of 438 consecutive injured male patients. Alcohol Alcohol 23 :115–121 Ballesteros, J. & Gonzales-Pinto, A. & Querejeta, I. & Arino, J. (2004): Brief interventions for hazardous drinkers delivered in primary care are equally effective in men and women. Addiction 99: 103–108 Bertholet, N. & Daeppen, J.B. & Wietlisbach, V. & Fleming, M. & Burnand, B. (2005): Reduction of alcohol consumption by brief alcohol intervention in primary care: systematic review and meta-analysis. Archives of Internal Medicine 165: 986–995

Ehkäisevän päihdetyön laatukriteerit. [Quality criteria on alcohol and drug - related preventive projects]. Stakes working papers 3/2006 Heather, N. (ed.) (2006): WHO collaborative project on identification and management of alcohol-related problems in primary health care. World Health Organization, Geneva Hulscher, M.E.J.L. & Wensing, M. & van der Wejden, T. & Grol, R. (2005): Interventions to implement prevention in primary care (Review). The Cochrane Collaboration, John Wiley & Sons Kaner, E.F.S. & Beyer, F. & Dickinson, H.O. & Pienaar, E. & Campbell, F. & Schlesinger, C. & Heather, N. & Saunders, J. & Burnand, B. (2007): Effectiveness of brief alcohol interventions in primary care populations. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2007, Issue 2 Kuokkanen, M. & Heljälä, L. (2005): Early identification and brief intervention for risky drinkers in Finnish occupational health services. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health (SJWEH) Suppl. 1: 35–37 Kääriäinen, J. & Sillanaukee, P. & Poutanen, P. & Seppä, K. (2001a): Brief intervention for heavy drinkers: an action project for health care implementation. Alcologia 13: 67–73 Kääriäinen, J. & Sillanaukee, P. & Poutanen, P. & Seppä, K. (2001b): Opinions on alcoholrelated issues among professionals in primary, occupational, and specialized health care. Alcohol Alcoholism 36: 141–146 Mäklin, S. (2005): Päätöksenteko valtakunnallisessa hankkeessa. Mini-interventioprojekti. [Decision making in the national brief intervention project]. University of Tampere Nilsen, P. & Aalto, M. & Bendtsen, B. & Seppä, K. (2006): Effectiveness of strategies to implement brief alcohol intervention in primary health care – a systematic review. Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care 24: 5–15 Rogers, E.M. (2003): Diffusion of Innovations. New York: Free Press Salaspuro, M. & Alho, H. & Autti-Rämö, I. & Eskola, K. & Holopainen, A. & Lönnqvist, J. & Mäkelä, R. & Poikolainen, K. & Roine, R.P. & Saarnio, P. & Seppä, K. & Teirilä, J. & Vorma, H. (2005): Alkoholiongelmaisen hoito. Käypä hoito – suositus. Duodecim 121: 788–803 Seppä, K. (1992): Intervention in alcohol abuse among macrocytic patients in general practice. Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care 10: 217–222 Seppä, K. (ed.)(2008): Mini-intervention jalkauttaminen terveyskeskuksiin ja työterveyshuoltoon. Teoriasta toimivaksi käytännöksi. [Implementation of brief alcohol intervention to primary and occupational health care. From theory to active practice]. Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriön selvityksiä 2008:10 Sillanaukee, P.A. & Kääriäinen, J. & Sillanaukee, P. & Poutanen, P. & Seppä, K. (2002): Substance use-related outpatient consultations in specialized health care; an underestimated entity. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 26: 1359–1364 Statistical yearbook on alcohol and drugs. STAKES 2008 Suokas, A. (1992): Brief intervention of heavy drinking in primary health care; Hämeenlinna study. Academic Dissertation, University of Helsinki Whitlock, E.P. & Polen, M.R. & Green, C.A. & Orleans, T. & Klein, J. (2004): Behavioral counselling interventions in primary care to reduce risky/harmful alcohol use by adults: A summary of the evidence for the U.S preventive services task force. Annals of Internal Medicine 140: 557 – 568 Österberg, E. & Babor, T. (2004): Alkoholipolitiikan kuluttajaopas (Alcohol - no ordinary commodity). Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) Implementing brief alcohol intervention in primary and occupational health care NORDIC STUDIES ON ALCOHOL AND DRUGS V O L . 25. 2008 . 6 513

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