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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd


Cooling Channels VISI Mould - Cooling Channel Layout Make sure that you have opened the starter file, this is a more complete version of the tool you have been working on in the previous exercises. It is important that you open this file in order to complete the cooling exercise. The first task we need to perform is to subtract all the cavity / clearance solids from the model to create actual holes. To do this, follow the next steps: - Apply the subtraction on all the solids in the model. Select All. This will detect all the cavities to be removed. Before we begin to insert cooling channels it is necessary to activate the relevant layers to make the task easier: - Activate only the Layers shown below. Holes removed from solid Resulting display – the black lines represent the proposed cooling channel layout. Make sure fh-cooling is the current layer Vcamtech Co., Ltd 2

VISI Mould - Cooling Channel Layout Now let’s begin to create the cooling channels. For this circuit we will use the Cooling Simple from the mould drop down menu. The default ‘Cooling Simple’ interface will now appear. Click the Add Group icon, this will create a new cooling group. A New cooling group should be added to the cooling tree. Next modify the name of the group. Click into the Name box and rename the group as shown. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 3

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