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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

VISI Mould -

VISI Mould - Cooling Channel Layout Before we add any cooling channels into the group, lets adjust one of the tolerances in the cooling configuration setup: - Click on the CFG icon from the tool bar to access the settings Adding the Channels to the Group Cooling Simple uses segments drawn in the normal CAD environment as the layout for the cooling design. The next step is to pick the cooling layout :- Note: - In our example the cooling layout has already been pre-drawn (shown on previous page) on the layer fh-cooling for convenience. Click on to the Select All Icon. This will pick all the visible cooling elements, then click Yes at the next prompt to add the channels. Adjust the range Tolerance to 5. Note: - The integrity tolerance represents the minimum distance the endpoint of a cooling channel can be from the face of a solid. The Range Tolerance is the maximum distance the endpoint of the cooling channel can be from the face of a solid. In this example all our channels are defined exactly in position, so adjusting this parameter eliminates unnecessary checking and warning messages. Click OK to continue. Click on to the Add/ Select Channel Icon Vcamtech Co., Ltd 4

There should now be 14 channels in the list. Note: - When you use the Select All method of picking the channels, the channels may not be ordered logically in the tree. Also the green channels in the tree (7,8,12 and13) represent the vertical channels. VISI Mould - Cooling Channel Layout Take note that the after selection of the channels the system will automatically split them where they pass through the faces of other plates. Vertical channel split into 2 pieces where it passes into the fixed half insert. Now that we have a list of channels in the Cooling Tree it is important for the system to recognise which channels are associated with which faces in the model. To do this we need to Split and Adapt the channels. This can be done as follows: - Click on to the Fixed Half Cooling Group icon at the top of the tree. Now select the Split /Adapt icon. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 5

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